Mostly SSDD's, and a little Useful, in a lot of Coco

High y’all. Since I’m almost starting up again, it seemed a new diary would be in order.

A little tune to kick it off… I’m still a geezer!

Last month, my plantsitter killed all but one of my keeper SSDD’s while I was lounging around at the beach. Luckily, she was in veg and I was able to get some cuttings. Unluckily, it had been about 3 months since I had a cutting root, and that was out of about 40 I’d taken since Dec :frowning:

I’d had good luck before with just setting cuts in a cup of water, or coco, but the mojo was gone, solid gone. So I figured I’d try a clone bucket I’d made a few years ago for peppers, if I could find it.

I did, and it was nasty… squirrels had chewed up the lid, and the tubing and emitters were gunked up pretty good… but the cheapo pump still pumped :slight_smile:

After scrounging up some cleaner tubing and an irrigation tee, blowing out the emitters, drilling out a new lid, buying new collars, and running a bit of bleach through, it looked like it might work.

It did!

First root showed in 10 days, and after 16 days every single cut has some sort of roots… huzzah!

I also had some of Bodhi’s Herer Hashplant and @PlantShepherd 's BCSC NL#5’s seeds burning a hole in the vault, so I dropped 3x of each.

The HHP’s all germinated, but one is a bit runty.

2x of the three NL’s germed, so dropped 3x more a week later. 1x of those made it. I’m not sure what was up with that, but it’s ok because I usually get at least one gal out of 3… and the later one has caught up nicely.
NL #5

The new gang.
JH HP's & NL's

They are all between 4 and 5 nodes right now. The last seeds I ran got 48 hrs of dark when they hit 6 nodes, which seemed to make them show sex about a week and a half, or two, earlier than what mine usually take. So, I’m going to do that again… wish I could remember who to tip my hat to for that tip.

The mother of these cuts, the lone survivor from the apocalypse, went into a 2 gallon airpot, w/coco and perlite, a few weeks ago. She’s been vegging, and sort of getting shaped under a 315.

This cut of SSDD seems to fill out the nicest when they get flipped right around 2’. With just over 5’ from floor to the lights, I can usually manage her stretch, too. She’s almost there.

SSDD F1 (1)

SSDD F1 (2)

Krinkle cut on her leaves seems to be an SSDD trait.
SSDD F1 Crinkle

So since there’s nothing blooming in this usual bloom space, I’ll let her finish vegging under 240QB’s and a 315.

It’s a pain in the rear to raise and/or lower those lights, so I just lower the plants as they reach for their full feminine puchritude :slight_smile:

On another note, I’m still waiting for reports on the Alunas… I’ll put them up in the other thread, but they seem to be very likeable :yum:

Thanks for looking in, and watch your noggins :slight_smile:


Heyyyyy there Pops! So great to hear you got some cuts to root!! My buddy uses a bucket cloner… I Like them because they dont take as much water. Do you run it 24 on or do you use a cycle timer?

Wow looking great in here! :seedling::green_heart::sunglasses::v:

Pulling up a hay bale!



I only tried one Herer HP but got a disappointing HP pheno, interested to see what you find here. There’s definitely greatness in this line. Nube’s review on breedbay is what sold me and pushed me into buying a pack… Glad to hear you were able to save your SSDD as well!


I’ll hang around in the corner watching


Looking good! Maybe a bit overwatered with the droopy leaves but not seeming to be suffering at all. Taking up a virtual spot over here on the client side


Off to a good start… :+1:

I’ll park over in the corner and start the bong.



Haaay Sonny! Quite a surprise when the first one showed :star_struck: I took a cue from you, and split the tips, too :slight_smile: The pump ran 24/7… tbh, I had no idea I could cycle, do you do that? And the less water thing is right on. I have a 64 station EZCloner someone gave me, it was total pita, but that’s where I got the emitters, lol!

There’s plenty of straw bales to go around, but that hay is for my dinner!


When I first went underground, my clone angel gave me an alleged Jack Herer cut. It was great weed, and smelled like freshly dug carrots… sweet, earthy, delicious. I stupidly lost it, so I am very interested in this. And, @nube 's review only added to my interest. Nice to see you here :slight_smile:

Nice to see you paps, but be careful, there’s wolf spiders in the corners!

Thanks Tom! This cut is extremely lazy, droopy and floppy, like me :slight_smile: I went to airpots and coco a while ago just to avoid my proclivity for overwatering!

Thanks @Gpaw… there’s hemp wicks in that corner next to the fire extinguisher…those hay bales go up fast, lol!

Thanks for stoopin’ in LZ! Saw you play at '69 Atlanta Pop Festival… blew my horseshoes off!
Hope @Gpaw brought the big bowl, lol!


Oh new thread parking my chair for this, I’ve had decent success with clones in a cup or water bottle but thinking it’s time to make my life easier and make a cloner after seeing yours and @DJSF success with them, glad the ssdd was saved a few of my ssdd bx has that crinkle to them too and that herer hp sounds awesome can’t go wrong with a classic like jh much love good vibes and happy growing to you @HorseBadorites :v::heart::seedling:


I do run a cycle timer on my cloner… it’s especially nice for the smaller volume cloners if you are dealing with the pump heating up the reservoir water too much. Looks like yours did just fine though, in the middle of summer!! I usually run the pump for 12-24 hours constant on Day 1 and then switch to the cycle timer. I seem to have settled into 10 seconds on/ 3.5 minutes off.

This is the cycle timer that I am using:

☆sonny, sittin on a straw bale, smoking some sensimilla!


WATCH IT…gonna get crowded, I’m coming through!! Man, it got crowded QUICK, must be the EXCELLENT choices for this Run. Better luck on this phase, and even BETTER LUCK picking a plantsitter next time. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@HorseBadorites I have some Blue Sunshine pollen with your name on it if you want some!


I use that same timer with my cloner. 30s on, 30s off


Thanks for peeking in @DesertHeartGardens ! The funny thing is, I’ve had success with every cloning method I’ve tried (well, except for that danged EZCloner :frowning: )… and then poof, nothing roots… just a knack I have, lol!

Glad you brought your own chair, those bales can get a bit prickly!

Ya know, I didn’t even think about heat… arggggh something else to worry about, ha! I like that timer.

mmmmm, I’ll be with you in a minute :slight_smile:

Nice to see you buzzin’ in @misterbee … after you flit around the crawl, we’ll go outside and you can fill up in the pollinator garden!

Thanks @VAhomegrown the Blue Sunshine sounds delicious, I may take you up on that, or even better, when these cuts grow up a little, I’ll send you some more, and you can dust them. I’m not much of a breeder :frowning:


Me either lol but I’d def be happy to take some cuts and sprinkle some dust on them. I think a couple other people who have your cuts are planning on doing the same. Your cut will def be preserved!


Hey Horse! Sorry to hear about the plant losses, but I’m stoked you’re growing out some NL5! I know they will do amazing with you behind the wheel! Positive vibes my friend! :v:


Me too, brotherman! I want to check this NL stuff out. I’ve always heard about it, but I don’t think I’ve ever had any :slight_smile:


I think you are going to like it! I’m partial to the stanky phenos. :+1:


It’s really cool to see her getting around… I’m really anxious to see how all the projects with her pan out, too.

I’ll definitely shoot some your way.

I like stank :yum:


I’ll follow along.
Good luck with your grow!!!


Could be risky… watch out for road apples, lol!

Thanks man, I’ll take all I can get :slight_smile:

Upcanned 4x of the SSDD clones into yogurt cups and coco a few days ago… they are still alive! Moved them into the clone box, and under T-5’s on 16/8
Clone Box w- SSDD Clones

SSDD F1 Clones (2)

I’m keeping the other 4x in the bucket just in case.

The NL’s and Herer HP’s hit 5-6 nodes… well except for that HHP runt :frowning:

They’ve gone into Veg Tent #1 for 2x light cycles without light. Hoping they show sex a little sooner.
Veg Tent #1

Veg Tent #1 (1)

The tent has seen better days. With Gorilla tape, crawlspace liner, and sticky backed velcro, who needs zippers? Ha!
Veg Tent #1 (2)

The SSDD F1 hit 2’ +/-, so she got flipped to 10/14. Only 70 more days!
SSDD F1 (3)

SSDD F1 (4)

After being incredibly disappointed at not winning a Rositek squisher in the raffle, I found a used one.

Didn’t look like it was used at all, but hay?

I’m new to this stuff, so I’m sure I can do better, but I did ok, I think.


I like it :yum: