Under the Floorboards V 3.0

Hay OG’ers, thanks for letting me in the door!

I’m a geezer, 74, with a perpetual going in our crawlspace. It’s not actually a crawlspace, there’s about 6’ from the dirt floor to the bottom of the first floor joists. So no real crawling, just bending, unless I run into a turd pipe or HVAC duct. Then it’s mostly a lot of moaning.

The space is semi-conditioned, about 1100sq’, crammed with tools (construction and garden, I was a contractor), mechanicals, and probably a few blacksnakes… keeps the rodents down. Pretty much what makes a 'dirty" grow space… great for testing!

It also suits me. Since I’ve retired, I’ve become way less tidy :slight_smile:

I’ll get into particulars later, if anyone’s interested, but I know y’all are in it for the pics, so to kick off the new year, here’s a few of my keeper Sunshine Daydream that was chopped today.

She’s the gooiest one yet, the hairs on my arms were sticking together from brushing against her. Went from a sweet berry floral smell, to a super sour, acrid one in the last two weeks.

I’ll be trying to get some female seeds from clones soon, and I’m going to need some help there. I haven’t been successful before.

Happy New Year to all y’all, and hope this year is better than the last one!


Nice setup @HorseBadorites! Best of luck with your grow!


Thanks SAK… I’ll take any luck, any day!


Looks great @HorseBadorites. 74 years young and still growing I love it.

Plenty of folks on here that can help you with your reversal. Hope to see more pics posted here :v:


Thanks BB, I don’t know about the young part, but I am still growing… dropped my first bean in 1970! Finally had to move indoors in 2010 :frowning:

I was hoping to lure in some folks who could help with the femming.

There will be more pics, I can’t help myself :slight_smile:


Beautiful looking plant 🪴 :heart_eyes: :ok_hand:


Thanks, man… I mostly just left her alone, LOL!


What type of nutrition you feeding?


Megacrop V.2 one part. RO water. Coco/perlite medium.

I have to add some Soluble Ca in early veg, more in transition to flower. I like CA, I use gypsum when I start seeds, and dust the rootball at every upcan. Mykos at the same time, too.

I only use their P/K in veg for the roots, when I’ve tried it in bloom, it’s not pretty. I’m sure it’s me, but it’s still not pretty.

I have to add a little KSO4 in bloom, or I get crispy margins.

I try not to go over 1.45ec for bloomers, 1.35 for veggers. 0.75 for hazy types.

pH 5.6-6.2. Lower for the veggers, higher for the bloomers. IDK why the difference works, but the gals just look better. I’m not too fussy about a certain pH, kinda let it slide around.

All drain to waste.

I like the MC, I think they use pretty clean inputs, higher quality salts, and they’ve got that geezer with a butt hanging out of his mouth on the bag!

Thanks for looking in!


Fantastic man. I’m using MegaCrop 5-12-26 (partA) & Part B this grow ,) can’t wait to start feeding my Seedlings.


I will be watching this.
There are alot of people that know lots about femming here, in time they will come and help you out!


I’ll be interested to see how like that one, ok two part. It took me a bit to get used to the V.2, I liked the V.1!
I’m sure you have away to do your seedlings, but in case you haven’t done them with MC…I’ve found MC really easy by just giving them 1/4 (0.3)ec 5.6 pH when I first put them into cups. I make a gallon at a time, and when that’s done 1/3rd, 1/2, 2/3rds etc… And like I said, always add a bit of Ca, lo!

Are you in mud or coco, or something stranger?


Using HP Promix Mycorrhizae, added some Rock Dust to it. That’s it so far.


That was serious rabbit hole for me, with no bottom, lol! Coco made things fun again!


Haha I’ve never tried coco, once I started with HP Promix Mycorrhizae I never looked back, I treat it like soil and it does me good lol

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A perimeter net… that’s cool!

Sounds like I better park over in the corner and take notes :+1:



Hay @Gpaw, thanks for crawling in… gotta have somewhere to hide from the grandkids!

Think of it more as a fishnet stocking!

Try not to hit your head on the duct manifold, your notes will make more sense, lol!


Hay Horse… been awhile, good to see ya active here. 2scoops must have left the barn door open again?



Ha, small world @GCBudz! Nice to see another familiar face. I went back to check on the barn, might even get 2scoops to stop by… he never was good at closing the door, lol!



So only one bloomer left, at the moment. Another SSDD sister. She’s 33 days from flip.

I did a little better job on pruning her, so trying to go fishnet stockingless :slight_smile:

I bumped up the Ca this time while she was going from young lady to sultry babe. She seems a lot frostier, a lot earlier than her sis.

She’s got kind of a rising dough, yeasty, alcoholy smell. It’s nice, but just coming on, she’s not one to overdo the perfume!

She’s hanging in the open area, under a 240QB and a 315.

Temps anywhere from 65-70°, RH 55%

2 gallon airpot w/coco, bluegrass tunes for entertainment :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking in :grinning: