Mr. Meeseeks Backyard Garden 2020

Back again and ready for outdoor round 2. Decided to try a 10’x20’ Amazon greenhouse this year. $250, an afternoon to setup, and so far its managed to survive the ridiculous winds with only minimal damage.

So this year Im running 3 different strains. The Alien Tarantula that I grew last year, as well as a Strawberry Starburst pheno that I found over the winter, and a cross between the two, just for shits and giggles.


Wow very nice set up! I am following this one, I’ve been wondering about a green house and Amazon has crossed my mind, this would extend the season abit wouldn’t it?

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Yeah, it will definitely extend my season. Last year I still had 2-3 weeks of flower to go when the snow hit. Had to build makeshift mini greenhouses by wrapping their cages with poly. It worked, but it was a pain in the ass. haha. This year Im hoping its as simple as just popping a heater in there.


What latitude are you at? and do you know your climate zone?


Latitude is 47, no idea what my climate zone is.

Ive had some minor damage to the greenhouse so far, all wind related. To be fair though, its only rated for 12mph, and it handled over 20mph sustained winds with gusts over 45. Only real damage has been a few more snapped poles. I reinforced everything with duct tape and were good to go!

Everythings been going pretty smoothly this year, except for a slight ant problem. Apparently they decided to colonize right underneath one of my plants and they have completely decimated it. Luckily I have a replacement on deck, so I’ve already dug up the carcass and as much of the ant hill as possible. Gonna treat with borax for a few days, then transplant the replacement and pray. lol


How do you train your plants? Do you have a certain “philosophy” about training? Will you do any defoliation? Looks great!

I’m a fan of cages. When they hit the top of the first cage, I top them and start spreading them out. Add more cages and top as needed to keep it even. A lot of it is just intuition and helping the plant do what it already wants to. As far as defoliating, it depends. On the alien tarantula I have to because it’s so dense. The strawberry starburst is a little more spaced out, so I pretty much only strip the lowers on that one.


Everything going good so far. Finally got the ants killed off enough to feel comfortable replacing the plant they ate. Got a few grasshoppers munching here and there, but nature seems to be balancing itself pretty well in the greenhouse.


Im gonna need a bigger greenhouse…

Looks like Ill need to start watering twice a day now too. Some of them were drooping pretty good this afternoon.


You’re gonna need my help to smoke all that. :grin: