Jags SmartCloset

Hey all, just wanted to come and share my grow… Would like to document the process as I go along… I am running a 7x8x3 closet for flower with 2x samsung qb kits, and 2x black box leds. A 3x3 Tent with 2x Mars sp150s, and 1x black box led… I just finished my DIY veg setup, with some samsung LED sunboards. Each bay is powered off a Meanwell xlg-240 driver, with 2x 6500k 1x 3500k and 1x Blue Boost Samsung Panels… I am running an assortment of new cultivars that I just started from a good friend. 2x Ayahuasca Purple 3x Strawberry Pebbles x Sour Grape 3x DBHP (Dragons Blood Hash Plant) x Strawberry Fields… I am finishing a run of Lemon Shining Silver Haze (RQS) Sour Diesel x Afghan (Sensi) Cataract Kush (DNA) and Gorilla Candy (EVA) Which are below… Feedback is always welcome.

Lemon Haze

Sour Diesel

Cataract Kush

Gorilla Candy

Veg Setup


Cool setup!!
…and your girls look outstanding!
I’ll pull up a chair and watch you show…



Oooo pretty colours. How does the lemon haze smell?

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it smells great! Almost the perfect lemon! But it hermed in week 2 (picked and have not returned)… Not sure if it was environmental or genetic… I cloned her and no signs of intersex in my 3x3… I have some really nice haze genetics from Todd McCorrmick @ Authentic Genetics out for delivery today… That should be fun… I look forward to documenting here…


Thank you! I will get around to posting some more details and build info when I get a little more time… God damn responsibilities!


Here’s a full shot of the closet…


Nice grow space, are you using smart timers, or LED dimmers? Sonoff makes some great gear for making smart grow spaces.

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I am using a mix of both right now… I have some analog 24/hr timers… but I also am completely integrated into my home automation… I use smart outlets for timers and to display my electric stats… Can control from my smartphone… Same drill with my analog fans… I can switch on and off with my outlets… Kinda digging the setup, but gonna start playing with some open source raspberrypi… I want to get EVERYTHING to work with my iphone…


Nice, I have used the sonoff TH, to control fans for humidity and cooling for a while now. Controlled from my phone and super easy to wire.

I also have a Bluefish LED controller that allows me to program six channels of LED lighting from my phone. :smiling_imp:

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I also have a cheap little sensor that I use to monitor my co2 and RH… trying to upgrade… i have a cloudline fan as well out for delivery somewhere in limbo… gonna start messing with that as soon as it comes in



Would you mind linking some of the stuff you use?

I like that CO2 sesor thing… sure these are the TH units, but I think the AC Infinity will work better (but no phone application).


This is the LED controller.

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its cheap… but I wouldnt recommend it because it took forever to ship from china (prolly much worse now) and i would like to integrate everything into one simple to use app… This is what draws me to raspberrypi… it has a support for an ihome plugin… Thank You, I am gonna check out this controller now… I think it could be a sweet addition to my DIY lights

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Got my small order from Authentic Genetics in… 6x Banana Split x ON Haze… and he threw in 11x “mixed” seeds… Normally, I wouldnt waste my time… But I really look up to Todd. He has so much knowledge and such a positive contributor to our community. I have a hard time believing he would send anything less than something incredible… I look forward toward the Pheno Hunt! I am going to finish flowering my 3x3 tent, and keep the males for dads… I am a big fan of Haze lineage.


If you are proficient in raspberrypi you can probably write your own controller using PWM and Meanwell B type drivers.

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Found a cool silk moth last night…


Here’s a couple shots of my Sensi Sour Diesel x Afghan Finishing off


Definitely has that afghan look!!..and crossed with sour diesel…whoa…get your nightcap on!! :drooling_face: :sleeping:


LOL def a nightcap… I couldnt help myself and pulled a tester the other day… this one is a keeper for sure… im gonna chop later this week… The structure on this is cool. You can see both the sour d and the afghan coming thru…

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Cool setup, very high tech! I’m curious why the CO2 went up so much in the first few days on this graph?

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