My Diary - My Grow

Hey, thats my Grow Diary.
Maybe i can help few guys or even learn a bit from you guys. Thats the Community.

So, i just throw at you informations, then u can decide if u wanna follow this or not.

Its a 4x4 and a 2x2 Grow.
4x4 i will do 3.9 (15L) Autopots - 6x Pots
Scrogg (2 Nettings)

Airbase, and i do try Airdome out - First time (just 1 pot). Did u had some experience with Airdomes? I try to figure out if its worth.

0.25L → 2L (half gallon) → 15 L
Day 21 i want to be in the finishing pot.
5 weeks veg
9 weeks flower

Its actually an fill water in the Autopot tank run only if u will.
Ill add day 21 the Fertilizer, that are 2 tabs.

Medium: Biobizz Lightmix
I do add in the Soil:
Worm Castings
Startrex (Biotabs)
Dolomitlime (i dont fuck with calmag in bottles)
rock powder
some algea powder
Orgatrex & Bactrex & Biotabs (give that once day 21)

I normaly use my Water out of the tap with an PH of 7.6 with no problems.

I think i will use Silic Rock from Plagron this time.
1.0 ml says the bottle (every watering)
i will put in 0.4 - 0.5ml per litre of water. So my PH is going down to 6.2 - 6.5

I thought about mulch, i think i will use Perlite for that.

Perlite (50% Perlite in 15L)

2x2 is a normal grow - No real plan
Because SAN is SAN i got clones now :smiley:
So my plan with 6x5L (6x 1,3 gallon) is fucked.
Medium will be:
Coco 50%
Worm castings 25%
Perlite 25%
Startrex thats it

I Popped:

Aladdin Black Kush - Khalifa Genetics 7x Aladdin’s Skunk IBL x Black Kush IBL F1
Marshmellow OG - Compound Genetics 2x {Chemdog d x Triangle-Kush} x Jet-Fuel Gelato
These 2 = in my 4x4

Black Cherry Punch - @santero In House 1x BlackCherry Pie x Purple Punch
Slurricane #7 S1 - In House 1x Dosidos x Purple Punch
King Sherb - In House 1x OGKB V2.1 x Blue Sherbert
Sticky Glue - In House 1x Gorilla Glue x Platinum Gorilla

Zlue - GGSTRAINS 2x Zkittlez x Original Glue (GG#4)
CBD Girl Scout Cookies - CBDCREW (Shantibaba) Girl Scout Cookies x Quimiotipo CBD
CBD ACE #1 - ACE Seeds {Cannatonic S1 x ErdPurt} x Cannatonic S1

Cap Junky - @LoveDaAutos - 1x Alien Cookies probably x Kush Mints #11
Triangle Kush S1 @Sbeanonnamellow 1x

Cherry Topping - Bluniverse x Double Berry Cookies
Strayfox Gardenz – Chemdog Jungle
Gelato #45 - Barneys (i dont like this but i promised not to judge early).

Super OG Kush - Kannabia 1x (just to fuck a bit with coco) - Dont mind that.

Thanks to the Community, i think i owe you a great diary. So i will document everything, hopefully to your likeness :slight_smile:

The point is to search and Select a bit in the 2x2 and then hold mothers of them.

Popped them, will do an update with pictures later if they come out.


Very excited to see this grow!!! Best of luck and happy growing :slight_smile:


Excited also!! You seem like a veteran I can learn from, hehe

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Good luck with the grow @cYx!

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100 % Germination rate.

By the way, i try everytime to put the gallon number in there as well, if i forget or u wanna know please dont hesitate to ask me.

I said this will be a in depth Grow Journal.
Maybe someone didnt had any good grow, or he need more help.
So, i hope it does help u.
My Way is not the only way, its a way from 1000 ways. Just for the record. Everyone should do it “his” way, that makes the most fun… And if i can motivate just 1 person or help him to grow his own medicine and not buy expensiv shit weed then iam more then happy and this journal was worth the work :slight_smile:

The plants that are going into the “big” tent, i germinated one day earlier. (but everyone has the root out of the Eazy Plugs already, so 100% germination rate :)))
22 or 21 … so 100% :slight_smile:

I know everyone has his germination rule or method so to speak, but for me its directly into soil or Eazy-Plugs.

From Eazy plugs to → 0.25L - > 0.07 Gallon for the American folks out there, i dont forgot about ya :slight_smile:

7x Aladdin Black Kush - Khalifa
2x Marshmellow OG - Compound
1x Black Cherry Punch - In House Genetics
are already (i did this yesterday) in 0.25L (0.07 Gallon).

Soil mixture:
Biobizz Light mix 2.5L (0,66 Gallon)
2g of Dolomitlime (Cal-Mag)
1g of primary rock powder (Silicium and Cal-Mag)
13g of Startrex (biotabs) = Startrex | Organic soil improver | BioTabs
20g of GK-ORGANIC Seaweed poweder (anyone has experience with that? my first time using it)
2g of Mycotrex Mycotrex | Beneficial soil fungi | BioTabs

I put in every hole 0.5g - 1g of mycotrex (mycorrhiza)

I put the Eazy plug in and watered with 50-70ml.
(1.69 fl oz (US) - 2.37 fl oz (US)

Today i will repot the other ones.
In Coco Perlite and wormcastings
and pure Coco (for Canna fertilizer).

I will post later pictures of course (today), without it would be a bad grow diary, right? :slight_smile:

Btw temp and humidity in my tent:
27° - 80,6F
73,1% Humidity


100% Germination rate, like i said.
This night, every seedling will show up :slight_smile:

7x Aladdin Black Kush, 2x Marshmellow OG and the Black Cherry Punch were 1 day earlier popped.
I killed the Super OG Kush from Kannabia because i wont waste my time with fake genetics. I think they buy there Seeds (kannabia) but iam not 100% sure. But i think in there “Super OG Kush” is not really an OG Kush…

So, just 1 clone is still alive, the rest were like fallen over because the stem got so easy and they cracked.

At the top right u see an different Medium… Its Pure Coco (CBD #1 from ACE and CBD GSC from Shanti).

May i ask, how u water? Iam thinking to try something different, but just with the plants in the small tent.
I water now 1/5 or 1/4 from the pot volume.


I am looking forward to following your grow!

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Thank you! I hope a few people will… would be a bit sad to be honest if nobody cares…^^

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People care! Your grow journal is extremely detailed.

I got 650 seeds from a little plant… (Savage Hulk F2 - Dark Horse Genetics).
It does have my F3 Seeds in it.
Terp profile is Fruity + Gas in your face.

Cannot wait to do F4’s with it after this grow, every picture is without light so no cheating trichome pictures:



Ah, Dark Horse Genetics! I remember growing their strains way back. Those were the days