My First OG grow

So I have 2 Secret Jardin tents.

veg tent
(1) mars hydro tsw 2000 LED
4” AC infinity exhaust fan
(2) 6” passive intakes
(1) fan

Flower tent
(4) mars hydro ts 3000 LED
8” vortex exhaust fan + filter
(2) 6” passive intakes (1) 10” passive intake
(1) 16” oscillating fan (1) 8” floor fan

I’m currently running Bodhi’s gear. I have 8 granola funk and 8 space cake seedlings waiting to be sexed. They are currently 8 days old. I’m super excited to run bodhi’s gear. I will try my best not to ask silly questions and to continuously update my progress. Bear with me I am noob AF.


Granola funk on the left space cake on the right


Hello Decaturdwella. Welcome to OG from another newbie at growing. I am along for the ride with your adventure.


Welcome to the BIG OG !!! @Decaturdwella . Everything sounds awesome I’ll be pulling up a chair under a shade tree for this one .


Nice :slight_smile: all the best in your grow

I am ready for the show



Best wishes new friend! You’re gonna find so much knowledge and support here to push you forward.


I’ll hang around for the show! :+1: :sunglasses:



Welcome! Looking forward to seeing these ladies grow.


Nice looking setup. Good Luck!


Nice! See nothing but great things on the granola funk, this should be a fun one.


I’m almost a month in! The seedlings are still looking healthy. I had to dim my light to about 50%. They seem happier since then. I’m thinking about gradually increasing the light as they get older. My plan is to clone all the seedlings. Once they root I’ll throw them on an 11/13 cycle to find the dudes. I’ll cull the fellas from my veg tent, then take more cuttings from the ladies to fill my flower tent and to find a keeper mama. Space is limited and I have more gear I want to run so I’m really only looking for that one special lady. I appreciate a nice effect but I’m really into tastes and smells. Even tho I’m running cookie crosses I’m hoping to find a mom that is a little different than what’s easily accessible. I’m thinking the wookie in GF will help with that. If I can find a straight GSC pheno in the space cake that yields better, id still be happy. That’s all I got for now!


All of a sudden my plants aren’t looking too happy​:sweat_smile::thinking:. The lower leaves on many plants started yellowing and some dying. Also brown spots on some leaves. I was thinking maybe they need nitrogen? They’re still in the 1/2# pot of light warrior they started in. I have explorer amino from BAS (16-0-0). I had been using 1tsp/gallon every third watering. Maybe that’s not enough. I gave them water with 1Tbsp/gal today. I’m hoping this helps. It’s been raining a lot so i turned on my dehumidifier over the last couple days to keep the humidity in the tent down to 65%-75%. That’s the only change to the environment I’ve made. Does anyone know what the best way to tackle this issue would be?


I’m having issues with my young plants. I’m about 6 weeks in and more and more plants have fan leaves with spots, dark patches, and yellowing leaves. I haven’t run across this in the past. I think it’s a deficiency but it could be environment. Humidity has been btwn 65-80 temps have been 75-85. I’ve been keeping my tent open to try to help with the humidity. I’ve also been cutting off the fan leaves that are dying and I’m starting to notice the ill effect. The plants are in 1/2 gallon containers of light warrior. I’ve been watering them about every other
day because the pots feel light/empty. I have been feeding them lightly with explorer aminos from B.A.S. once a week and Neptune harvest fish and seaweed every 2 weeks. I’m gonna do more research but if anyone may have any ideas for me I’m all ears

that’s space cake 5

space cake 7. I think I stunted the growth by cutting dying fan leaves

Granola funk #3

Granola funk #2


Light warrior. Watered every other day might be on the light side. Are they really light to pickup? Your containers are small. Otherwise it seems like a ph/nute issue.

Hi there @Decaturdwella

What’s the water ph ?
Looks like they need calmag
And they are a bit hungry

Light warrior dose not have a lot of nutrient value

Feed more often and increase the amount of fertilizer

Fox farm light warrior. It’s used for starting seed. I should have started them in living soil I got from BAS. That shit was so expensive I was trying to save it until I got rid of the males and started vegging clones. Thanks for your input

Hey Papalag thanks for chiming in. Ok I’ll give cal mag a try. The ph of my water is 7.3. I use tap water that I allow to sit out in between waterings.

I would just repot them in ocean forest. Light warrior is so light some will fall off in the process and that’s fine.

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Ph is too hi ph down or white vinegar will drop it to between 5.5 and 6.5 That will clear up a lot of your problems.
Add dolomite lime to your soil mix will help control the ph as well

Iv used cap Neptune as well but as an additive not a base look for something all around Fox farms has a 3 part that s organic

Living soil is a good option but I myself get a bit like a mad scientist With some of the recipes so I recommend making it a bit lighter then they recommend ( sub cool , gas can coots ,or , the rev all have some great recipes)



You are getting good advice already.

I feed at every watering.

All the best


Alright I’m starting to make a little progress over here… First off, I’d like to say thanks to @papalag and everyone else who chimed in to help me with my issues in the beginning. After a few waterings with the correct Ph and increasing the amount of nitrogen things slowly got better.

So after cloning for sex I am left with 7 ladies. 4 granola funk and 3 space cake. I guess 7 out of 16 ain’t bad. I really only have enough room to keep 2 anyway. I’ll clone all of them and fill my flower tent. I’m gonna run with 16 total in 7 gallon fabric pots. 4 under each light. This will be my 2nd time selecting a mom ever so I’m excited. I took some pics of the ladies I have to choose from. How long should I wait to start cloning? I thought I should give them 3 or 4 days to get over the transplant shock.