My grow diary by bob

Dropping seeds in water today, approx 30 but we will see how many make it above soil as they are a few years old.
I will be using LED bridgelux strips
Primative flood n drain system with autopots easy2Go kit, trays and a 100l res
Soil is gonna be picked up tomorrow so we will see what one i end up with but im looking at jacks magic and ill get a megacrop sample for if the need arises.
this will serve as a record for me to document everything i do, im going for minimal input if i can and we will see how it goes eh. I have a selection of pots for starting in but have no final pots so im looking at maybe a 1 gallon fabric pot. 2-6 weeks veg or just till they get to a nice size.


You got your floor laid ?


Yeah man, lifted a bit of the insulation and laid some second hand boards. I have about 240cm by 550cm of actual floor space now and thats maybe half the attic floored but the rest is gonna be a lot less height so im just using this for now. Still 6 boards unused so i can increase the area if i want.
Its been really hot up there and broke 30c today so im a little nervous but can only really tell what its going to be like once i get the fans up there so there is an actual airflow to exchange heat, with the attic door open it dropped 2c so im hopeful but might postpone the attic till we hit september if i cant cool it enough.


You need a intake and separite outtake for the attic
Circulating the air won’t reduce heat and humidity


Yeah, i see that i have roof vents running the entire length of the bottom of the roof on both sides, if im pushing air out i wonder if thats enough to draw the air in or if i need to pull air in.

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yeah defo what fish said^^^
ya need ta pull air from the cool side north facing and blow out else where


Use the soffit vents as passsive intake
And positive outtake in tent to outside or in winter down into lower bedroom
In summer you could just open bedroom window to vent hot air also
Save you making messing with outtake in roof


Curious , what soil you gettin ?
Bio biz light mix ?

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Looking at jacks magic but theres john innes and a couple others, i dont think they stock bio biz

You not a fan of Amazon or eBay

Or cuz of cheaper price

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Price and its literally round the corner so i can get as much as i want at a monents notice, im saving a third or more per item i buy local which adds up too especially as my steam deck purchase confirmation email just came through mid writing this… 565 quid down the hatch but im hoping it sells for more than its purchase price when it arrives.


Make sure they store it indoors : )
And no slow release fertiliser in there I’m

Is your 100kg Rez up in attic or in bedroom below

Can you explain more on the storage?

This is a steam deck

If it’s stored outside it will be full of bugs.
Plus if continually wet/-waatterlogged the soil could be bad ( Amonia smelling )
I think lightmix is asbout 12 pounds for 50L delivered to door

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The res will be either beside or in the tent wherever i end up with it and raised to aid in the passive watering.

Jacks magic is £4 for 60l at the range. Might pick some up myself.


Id grab some from there if i could but thats a trek to their store from here :joy: i got a B&Q round the corner but yeah it is stored outside. Might microwave it or do something to kill the bugs


I’ll be heaaden to the range now , I got one neaar me
Glad I asked now : )


Haha dont say you are another uk grower? :sweat_smile: they seem to be coming out the woodwork


@Esrgood4u , you got a pic of the ingredients and ec ph info on back of bag ???