My Kush plant leaves are getting a rusty look

Three weeks in flower and this look has came to the top leaves…I’ve checked underneath the leaves and there are no bugs or eggs, the plant is (seems). Healthy.

I think it might be a nutrient deficiency …but I’m nor sure.
Would any of you guys help me out and identify the ailment and remedial action.

Thanks in advance


we have something outside here looks like that extension service said it was leaf spot,but i have old eyes,lets see what others say

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It looks like spider mites to me, but if no bugs or eggs, I have no idea.


Looks like thrips to me, check the back of the leaves to see if you can see their white eggs and brown spots (their poo) …



I was thinking septoria (yellow spot)
But there is no yellowing or holes in the leaves.
I lost two plants a few weeks ago to bud rot… As we had costant rain here in Panama for weeks and high humidity.
The weather now has changed as we slowly move into the dry season.
But that plant came out the veg room. So wasn’t exposed to the other plants. Thanks

If it was thrips…though I’ve checked underneath…what would be a remedy.


Mites don’t like humidity, just snap a damaged leaf and check with a scope, you should see this:

I would trat them with Spinosad, here you can find good info … :sunglasses:

I’ve just done some defoliating…I usually do this around three weeks in flower anyway.
I’ve sprayed it with old dish water and lemon on all the undersides as well as the tops…I’ve taken it out the greenhouse (quarantined it from my other plants which show no signs of whatever it is.

Fingers crossed.