My next grow. Need stealth tips

I have to make it stealthy this time, but my lights at 11¢ a kwh only cost me 50¢ a day to run at 185w without the hps. I’ll be running my autos.

Any design tips to keep smell to a minimum? I’m getting the funds to pay for the supplies to make the box or buy the tent.


Cooler temps help with smells,
but there is no replacement for scrubbing the air.

Negative pressure. More exhaust than intake, keeps a vacuum on the space, minimizes smell leaks.

General rule of consensus is if using passive intakes, needs 2:1 ratio. 2x the size of your active exhaust. (4" exhaust, 8" worth passive intake)

I’m sure there’s more, but that covers about every concern you listed :slight_smile:

Stealth Tips:

  • Don’t tell anyone.
  • Only grow in places you own
  • Carbon Scrubbers are your friend.
  • Light leaks raise suspicion.

Handle the smell and light, and don’t tell anyone and you’ve got it made.


Ok, so I’ll either be making a box or finding a tent to get the negative pressure. I’ve already popped a auto from @ReikoX in the auto fem mix they sent me. Hopefully it’s a healthy one


My stealth box 57 cm (width)* 37 cm (depth) * 100 cm (height)

Original lights with fan / filter combo (whisper quiet)

New fan filter vombo (silent this time)

Current upgrade - Solstrips


Nice! How much did that cost you to make? It doesn’t look like I’d have a hard time finding most of that for cheap if I had to.

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This is a list I made some time ago when someone asked something similar:

First it would be the box itself, which is 40 cm (depth) x 60 cm (front) x 100 cm (height).

  • 1 Plywood sheet, 15 mm thickness. 122 cm x 244 cm (that’s the dimensions that I find here). This is enough for the entirety of the box and the odd remaining pieces I used to screw the lights.
  • 1 set of 2 concealed cabinet hinges (35 mm)
  • 1 cabinet lock
  • Confirmat screws (or whichever you like) 48, or 50 in case you mess 1 or 2.
  • Oil based stain (1/4 gallon), whatever color, for 1 coat.
  • Oil based paint, flat white, ½ gallon, for 2 coats.
  • Mineral spirits or paint thinner.
  • You could use water based paint, it’s cheaper and dries quicker, but I prefer oil based, because of the humidity inside, water that will eventually spill and it’s easier to clean.
  • U strap clamps. I used 2 to hang the filter (with zip ties) and a few others to guide the electrical cord in an orderly way.
  • Self drilling wood screws for the U strap clamps, cleat sockets, etc.

-Cleats sockets
-Screw in LED bulbs
-Cord lamp
-Fan Noctua A8 FLX
-Can Lite 1500 filter

  • The fan / filter combo depends on your ambient temperatures and how much light wattage you will use


  • Drill
  • Confirmat drill guide
  • Holesaw drill bit for the exhaust fan and intake. For the Noctua A6 it would be 60 mm, for the Noctua 80 mm it would be an 80 mm holesaw.
  • If you are going to use a tupperware to attach a carbon filter like I did, you might want to get an extra holesaw for the filter’s diameter (the can 705 needs a 70 mm holesaw) or you can use a snap off cutter.
  • Spade drill bit for the lock, dimension depends on the lock (mine is ¾ of an inch)
  • Forstner dril bit (35mm) for installing the hinges.
  • Sand paper to prepare the growbox before painting.
  • 1 set of 2 90 degree clamps (optional). To hold the wood pieces together in a 90° angle while drilling / screwing them together.
  • Paint roller and / or brush.

I hope this answer your questions, I might have misses some minor thing, but all in all is pretty accurate.


Great list @Athos It’ll come in handy when I build a Veg cab later this month. :thumbsup:

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good carbon scrubber and good&quiet inline fan are the basics. I recommend S&p silent line… depending on many things … 250, 350 or 500.
You can set the larger ones for low speed setting to lower noise further.

and silencer to end of duct to muffle the noise further.

Then you should state the level of stealth you are aiming for and some guide lines on budget…

  1. hidden from casual (sound & sight) inspections. guests might think ‘what an odd way to do XXX but plausible’

  2. as one but nothing stands out.

  3. 2+ hidden locks to prevent nosy guests opening things up.

list goes on and on untill we get to james bond types of super villain hidden lairs … or bat cave … Should we do a bit more re-inforcing of foundation while we rebuild the mansion Sir? Yes, thats a good idea.


My stealth cab with Cob cool tube

And my table saw/router table combo so far. That’s irrelevant like but you can see the tardis down the side still a bit :rofl:


Well I just mean specifically I need the smell controlled. Everything else I can cover by closing the door. Stealth grows are good for that though.

I’ll just be growing 1 plant for now until I can make a larger box to handle a full grow. I want to see how effective it is. My lights barely cost any electricity, so with them on for 24 hours I pay 50¢ a day.

I’ve been told I can’t grow anymore as I stunk up the entire property line for the last 6 months before. This time I’m covering up the smell. They never come over here, so 4.4kwh a day will be negligible.

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You should have installed a secret compartment in it. Bigger on the inside LoL. That would be awesome

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Excuse the mess. I’m cleaning it up today now that I don’t have to worry about kicking up dust while they hang dry. I will be miserable sneezing with a runny nose all day and a sore throat, but that’s the price to pay for a clean grow room.

On a unfortunate note I saw 1 fungus gnat yesterday. I killed it instantly and noticed it didn’t want to land on the soil. Maybe not so unfortunate as I type it out. I think the bti is still in the soil or something. I do have a garlic plant in there though. Off to the side. It absolutely loves the lights I’m giving it. It grew 2x height overnight. When transplanting I accidentally ripped off a good portion of it’s roots, but despite that it seems like it liked it. IDK why, but I won’t be relying on that to work a second time with anything. That was a fluke imo

My light setup

It doesn’t show in the picture, but the 2x height is the middle shoot growth it grows after the main shoot opens up


If smell is the issue, you need a carbon scrubber. I would suggest a 4" inline fan and Phresh filter.

I would take those 360 corn cob lights put them on their own cleat socket and yo -yo and go vertical with em other wise you’d be better off replacing them with some standard lights like you have down the middle. just a suggestion.

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Any reason in particular why I couldn’t just rotate the lights straight down? The garlic is growing out of control with the lights how they are now. The middle shoot is already 1cm larger in a few hours. I checked it last at 9:30am and it’s 12:45pm now. If that’ll show an even stronger improvement I’ll do my best to get all the cords together for that.

My brain is like mashed potatoes today, so please excuse the confusion.:man_facepalming:t2:

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I believe @argo945 is suggesting that your current orientation is wasting light. 1/2 the diodes are not pointed toward the plant. If you put those in the middle and plants on both sides, you would be using the light better.


Okay. I’ll get that solved once I’m back home then. I should have enough separate cords lying around and at 24w per bulb I’m not worried about overloading any sockets. I have a small heat lamp cord with a reflector and a larger one too. Would using the reflector be good or bad with this setup?

It looks amazing now mate :wink:


I’ll have to order more rope hangars later when I get everything for the box. I have 2 ATM, so unless I can work with that rn I’ll have to deal with the splitters and get creative. Once I can build the box I can just make the spots for each cord to spread out the light more evenly. I have them positioned rn to be making 4 shadows cast. So at least the cobs are covering the surface area the way it is now.

I understand about them not having all the diodes facing the plants. I was honestly hoping that once they’re contained in the box it wouldn’t matter as much, but positioning them correctly will make all the difference.

As for the cobs would they work better as side lighting vs vertical lighting? Supplemental lighting I mean if I choose to go low watt grow again.

Just remember the inverse square law. Let’s say the diode is 6 inches from your plant. The light at 6" is twice as intense than the light at 12". So if your light has to reflect off a wall 3" away, it is now half as intense as if it were aimed directly at the plants.