My perpetual grow,the good, the bad, the ugly

I’m not sure how get started. Will fill in history as we dop along.
I mix my own medium, the base is a bale of Pro Mix, worm compost, lobster mix,humus, then some Dr Earth products. my medium mix|666x500

I had to evict 4 ladies from the flower tent a few days ago. They should be showing a few amber trichs by now, but are not. So I yank them, and realize I need the pots, so into totes they go, until I see a few ambers in my loupe.!

I had to re pot a lot of stuff yesterday, as I started to much, like a damn fool.

27 x newberry a freebie maybe silver surfer made these.


a 96 skunk 1 from mel frank, by way of Todd McCormic.

Next ![repot blue dream x blueberry sativaa|666x500(upload://shJpX40NonrqFmMOLItOkh2dJ0I.jpeg)
This is Zanzibars tribute to Escobar’s work, I think anyway.


This comes from Santero, and also a tribute to Escobars work.


This is Professor P’s work.
Next This is super glue x ON Haze from Todd McCormic .
That was all for re potting, more is coming.
I thought I’d show a few snaps of whats cooking in the flower tent since the lights were off. A 1k HPS digital on one side, and older LED.

SFV78 she is an 18 week runner. this like week 5-6 maybe. I’ve fallen in love with this strain.
A couple randoms.

Ok I got to cull and prepare a Killer Lemon Haze, for it’s glass nap.

Have a good one, if you can!


Thats quite the number of plants you got running there! they all grow in one tent together? Looks like it’s lemon season, im seeing lots of people growing a Lemon variant strain, including myself!

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Hey 71pdwcaw,
Thank you for stopping in!
I have a pair of basically 4 x 4 x 7.5 tents, for veg, seed starting, cuts2clones.
I have a 4 x 8 x 7.5 flower tent, a 1 k hps on one side, and heavy assed LED on the other side.
Santeros Killer lemon Haze is potent and a smell felon. A cut that floats around here, Lemon G, but that name could be muddled with time, and hands changed.Those 2 go in tonight. Not big yields, but delicious!!

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Wow - 18 weeks to finish?! You better love that lady if you keep her around that long! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing: :wink:


very nice my friend :slight_smile:

always nice to get a look at your work

all the best and be safe


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Hey Purple-N-Hairy, your are so right about that!!
One of the 8 plants went 22 weeks, until I could see, in my loupe, what I wanted to see.
Those buds are fire! The buzz is just lasts, and lasts, it just rolls.


Hey Dequilo,
Thanks for stopping in. I still use many of your gardening tips and tricks man!!
Take care! webe

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I finally saw in my loupe what I needed to see, so the 4 evicted ladies got prepared, and are drying on the screens.
I like to remove the branches from the main stalk. Then 90% of the sugar leaf, I never prep like a dispensary, and have an almost hatred for skuffied buds personally. It’s like 1/3 of the buzz is removed, so they can sell the dab’s from it, yuck that!
I save the sugar leaf for butter making, or hash making.
6 7 2020 004|666x500

I also got to shout out to The Seed Source. I found they had a packet of Australian Dead Head listed. Instant LOVE!! I bitched up their ordering procedure, and after a couple of back and forth emails, they took pity on this old man, and pushed it through.
So a big Thank you to them, and they gifted me a really nice sticker, and 2 freebies, that I can not wait to run!! Thanks to them again.


We sampled some of the Killer Lemon Haze, for waknbak yesterday morning, she is very tasty, a joint was way to much. She had us googly eyed in a couple of hits. The last batch was great waknbak…that damn extra 2 weeks, should have known.

Queen Bee, she is a evening temptress, as she will knock you down, and make you drool on yourself, while you work for vertical.
Anyway, now they take the glass nap, for a few or more weeks.

I was very happy with 8 qt masons, and 4 pints jars, of prime buds.
1.5 oz’s of fluff for edibles.
maybe another oz of sugar trim, for either hash bags, or edibles.

Next lady is about 3 weeks till I start scoping her, for ripeness!


Just a few bud shots for today.
I have a lot of clones to make today, I’m starting some seeds Australian Deadhead from The Seed Source, and their freebies, lemon lime casey jones, and rogue mango. I placed them in wet paper towels yesterday evening.
I’m also starting Todd McCormik’s ON Haze today to.

Anyway, maybe not the best in the world, but we sure love them all, as they work for us perfectly. Ciao


I hope the ‘Happy Clone Faeries’ smile on your work today. :woman_genie:

Those buds look great! Exactly the way I like them trimmed. :+1: :sunglasses:



Thank you Gpaw!!
Me to,sometimes, I bang them out, then there is the other 85% of the time, coaxing roots with voodoo, and chanting!!


Damn that’s a long flowering plant. Screw that crap lol. Nice looking though so well done


Salutations Cannabeings,
I started some of the Australian Deadhead, Lemon/Lime/Casey Jones, Rogue Mango

I also yanked a Killer Grape, and Killer Lemon Haze, as the loupe shows READY!

In their spots go a pair of Lemom Larrys, I’ve kept around from cut2clones for a few years now. Just gave a way a few I just did not have room for.

So the cycle goes, as in Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds!


What’s the Casey Jones like?

Hey Dank-D, I have no idea, it was a freebie from The Seed Source, when I ordered Australian Deadhead. I’m a sucker for new unknown strains, to me anyway.

I’ve been crazy happy with them, and/or so sad for wasting my resources on some of them. I’ve long given up, going by posted photos of strains, but I prefer, to learn about the plants put together to make a strain, then decide if I want to roll the dice, and purchase it.

I’ve also purchased beans from a given breeder who’s work I know. However, in the past 20 years, the world of new breeders has exploded. So I now more hunt for yesteryears offerings, they are usually more price friendly, than the latest and greatest offerings.


Well damn, I related above that I pulled a Killer Lemon Haze out of flower.
This is incorrect.
I pulled a Big White x Herbi out.
I grow these out only to make edibles for my wife. She is a cancer survivor, so we keep her system, packed with the goodies of cannabis.
I get some snaps of the plant before I prep her.


I gave some plants away a few months ago to smaller gardens I work with, and now the clones are coming back to me. 4 came to me yesterday!
I got beans a bustin, some new things for me, anyway. I usually never chase the latest and greatest strains anymore. There are so many from yesteryear that are now priced where I’m comfortable to spend at.
I got a few Austrailian Deadheads popping up. Some of the freebie’s popped also.
I also popped a few…will be completed with a few snaps!!

Dang, I forgot I took a few snaps and forgot to download them.
Here are the newest victims:


I seem to be suffering from oldtimers, as when I open my flower tent, everything was very wilty looking. DAMN, I hate when I do that!
But I found another Big White x Herebi to cull, and another Lemon Larry for culling.
While in the flower area, I picked some deadies, fluffed the top of the pots, added some medium, here and there. Staked a couple floppy girls. Added a top dressing of GeoFlora and moved the girls around, as some will go to the LED side for a month or so, and some went under the 1K HPS.
I did check all the seedlings also.
The Rogue Mango’s did nothing. Lime/Lemon/Casey Jones I may get one of them to take off. The Australian Deadhead I may get a couple of them.
The Pine Tar Gush, maybe 4-5 of those. All the Long Bottom Fighters were hardy, and each gave me a few of the three total LBF strains.

Some snaps.
7 1 2020 005 Super Glue x ON Haze|666x500