Serious seeds chronic f1 *first time seed project*

Bought serious seeds chronic 10 pack from attitude and plan on doing an open pollination of

1 random freebie, could be sour strawberry fem, 12 clones (planted after chronic seeds develop pods)
10 reg chronic seeds
4x4 tent
Using 2x4 ebb and flow table
And two 18 gal ebb and flow setups on the side for the 10 chronic seeds
Using floranova nutes

During the thread, I’ll ask questions regarding seed breeding and I’ll also post updates of my grow along with stuff I learned for new breeders

Pic is of the empty space my 4x4 tent is going in


Hey @mysterious_stranger,

I’ll be following along on this one.
Just started my very first try doing a seed run myself.

Got some regular lemon haze autoflower beans recently and decided to give it a go.
I have lots of plans and ideas to try out but i figured this might be a nice first step in the breeding world.

How long are you planning on keeping them in veg?

Good luck with the grow my friend.

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I’d like to see these grown out.

You gonna smoke that ground cigarette in the picture?


Tents here, waiting for my 4x4 led light (cost me 150$ From amazon) and concrete tubs (found that tub thing out from a post on og, can’t find it atm but thanks)

I get all my shit from amazon since they deliver next day in some cases, just costa 12$/month


@wrdboy I’ll start cloning the sour strawberry about when preflowers show on the chronic plant, atm mother plants are ph’d imbalanced so I need to wait for the saucers to dry out before I add flora nova

@vernal haha, old tip from a smoker, don’t pick up what’s burn on the ground. I used to put out smokes on wood and smoke them, fucked up the flavor


First pic mothers, second pic Siberian autos for personal stash

Mothers have bounced back from ph imbalance with calmag and nutes, but when I get the chance I’m switching to flora nova

In the future this will be a perpetual grow

I have about 4 led lights in each chamber, and the seed chamber has one 4x4 led light, but I’ll add more lights when I get the cash


Light was outside the entire time, installed everything just need to look for a carbon scrubber to attach to the ceiling of the grow


Project delayed, have about 40 gallons of soil I’ll use to breed outside this March

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