Need help with finishing my basic solstrip kit

Hi guys. I Have ordered 2 basic solsheets from @Baudelaire on his websites but I need a bit of help with completing here in Czech Republic :slight_smile: I got my self an aluminium baking sheet so thats good. But I am not sure what driver should I buy. I managed to Find the exactly same drivers like Baudelaire sels on historie websites but I dont know what model I Have to buy. Can you help pls? :slight_smile:

Here is the Czech site that sels the drivers. I think that this is the one. What do you think? :slight_smile:

Thanks for help :slight_smile:


Were you not able to purchase a drive from Baudelaire?


No. That is not the correct driver. It wont work well with either solsheet.

Which one you need depends on which one you are getting - they have two different ones that will need different drivers.

I would recommend you email @Baudelaire ( ) and ask him to be sure, but I would recommend this one for the solsheet that has 3 strips = 150 watts:

HLG 150H-24A

If you are getting the one with 5 solstrips - that is rated at 250 watts - then you need the HLG320H-24A . You could probably get by with the 240H-24A, but it will be undersized for the max load, so you would have to run the leds at lower power.

For both of those drivers, you will wire the strips in parallel - NOT in series.


Id guess shipping to his country was a deal breaker.


I figured that or import/export laws.

Seems a shame.


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Ok I searched for the exact model that Baudelaire has on his websites :slight_smile:

Pls tell me this is the one :slight_smile: Ther should be specifications in the link as well.

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Looks like the one!



And I Have another question :slight_smile: I will buy the acrylic shield but I am not sure how to attach the shield to the baking sheet. Do you know how is it solved on the solsheets? Thanks :slight_smile:

I would think that the acrylite will reduce the overall amount of light getting to your plants, meaning, do you think it is necessary? I Believe you would get more light to your plants without the acrylic and you would save money by not purchasing it…
however if I was going to attach it myself, I would just use some really strong double sided tape around the rim of the cookie sheet. The other thing I can think of is to drill some holes through the acrylic’s edge and some matching holes on the cookie sheet’s edges and use some string or rope to fasten the acrylic to the cookie sheet…

I am quouting Baudelaire:
The shield protects the LED strips from water spray, bugs, plants, etc. It is not absolutely required, but highly recommended. We have a store chain in the US called “TAP Plastics”, if you search “acrylic plastic sheet” you may find a similar vendor in CZ.

The shield is sold with solsheets and I agree with him that its great protection :slight_smile:

But I am thinking about something else. What if I would get my self ordinary aluminium sheet(no baking sheet) because I can cut it to my custom size :slight_smile: Then I would attach the solstrips on it. After that I would cut acrylic shield the same size as the aluminium sheet. And put it together. Because I need the baking sheet put in 2by2 tent and baking sheet isnt sold in those measurments. Idealy I need sheet that is 50x50 cm :slight_smile:

Simular shape as on this picture :slight_smile:


Hi, if you want spent money for own LED build, check COB LED chips VERO29. Optics is from silicone for more light to sides. It is easy to build,you can use only few LED chips… I think it is better than normal diodes.

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Just because its a COB doesnt make it any better or worse than solstrips or Quantum boards or any other LED setup

It depends on the particular LED’s being used in the COB or the board. Those VERO29’s you mentioned happen to be LESS efficient than the LM561 chips used in Solstrips and Quantum boards.

The other disadvantage to COB’s is that they almost always require active - fan - cooling. Solstrips and Quantum boards generally do not need any kind of fan.