Need help, with strain selection. For my 4ft tall micro grow

I’m looking for strains, that dont grow very tall. As of now I have a veg room with 18/6, and then my Tent that I flower in. The tent has a max height of 49 inches.
I can harness my Mars SP 250 directly to the frame of the tent and that leaves me with right at 43 inches, from floor to diodes. And with a hard distance limit of no closer than 10 inches, basically leaves me with 33 inches of total room, to work with, for pot and plant.

I know there are many ways to manipulate the plant. I figured before I worry about any of that, I need the right set of genetics to start with,

Personally. I’m looking for good acute pain relievers,
stuff that will ease some of the ache, for my wife when its time for bed.


You might want to try some bubba or some Afghani lines. I’d try some of Bodhi’s OMG hybrids or 88g13 HP hybrids.


Williams Wonder. It’s a pain relieving indica with short stature but good yields.

Super Sativa Seed Club - William’s Wonder
A special Indica Indoor hybrid. Very suitable for commercial indoor growing when making use of the plantlet [aka Sea Of Green] method. Pick out the plants you like the best and reproduce. Heavy yields of extremely resinous buds. The buds are, due to their structure and the amount of resin on them, weighting very heavy. Small, compact plants. You can easily grow 4 crops a year indoors. Experienced growers can yield 1500-2000 grams per square meter per year. Two people could not finish a joint. The plant on the picture has been taken outdoors after flowering was inducted indoors. The plant turned purple because of a very cold fall. Williams Wonder can’t be grown outdoors without being inducted to flower artificially previously.**


A Bubba Kush cross is good for both short plants and pain relief. Good call Sincy. :+1::seedling:


I agree with @BarefootAndBlazed. Williams Wonder is a nice smoke for what ails you. Very relaxing, but not couch lock. At least for me is how it was.


Good Cindy 99 I could send you if you like. Northern lights,Williams wonder, Oregon Huckleberry, Romulan, or maybe some auto seeds but those are hard to find in stock from the better breeders. Bog has some good stuff for squatter type plants.


@Sincy incy id love to get my hands on some Cinderella 99 beans. I’ve been eyeing them up here, at my local dispensary that I stop in for my gummies, but I dont have 100 bucks for 9 fem seeds, bit too pricey for me.


I second the 88g13hp. I don’t know anything about Bodhis crosses with it but I’m sure they are good. As a pure strain it’s great medically.

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They aren’t fems they’re regular photoperiod but Cindy is a nice easy to grow strain that puts out very nice fruity pineapple funk that will get your day started off right.

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I’d say you have PLENTY of room to grow pretty much any indica dom strain. Only veg for 3 weeks and supercrop just above the 1st node. This is my main training technique and works great for making an even canopy.