New gear from AKbeanbrain

Got some AKbeanbrain stuff. What’s OG’s thoughts on these?

It’s Dominion seed company Grail Haze crosses. Has anyone run it by chance?


Sweet bro. I saw g13. J heard the myths and legends. G13 never existed outside of a clone form? That’s why only crosses exist. Keep us informed regardless. I’m pumped for you. :+1: Now let’s try to get you some answers.

Been following him on IG for years and his popularity blew up this year after the earthquake forced him to retire early and work with weed full time. You can now get his stuff on a few seedbank sites. Great gear and guy, super generous. I have like 30 strains of his just waiting to be started. You won’t be disappointed with any of it I’m sure. G13 grail haze is airborne g13 x grailhaze which is cinderella 99 x super silver haze.


It’s good to hear at least some good fortune is happening; I heard/saw he lost almost everything, shop burned down…?

His interview on the Potcast is great too. :thumbsup:



I think it’s my favorite name ever for a seed company! :smile: Bean Brains…yeah, we’ve got a few of those!


Amen! He’s such a sweet dude. I really love all of the potcasts featuring “old” growers that have seen stuff such as AK.

I’d grow his stuff for sure, his passion for the plant is obvious.


I recently picked up his Durban F3 and Purple Hindi Kush, received a free pack of Alaskan Blueberry as well. I made the purchase after listening to his interview on The Potcast, sounds like a super cool down to earth dude…


Holy moly!
Let’s us know in 10 yrs which strain is the best lol. Nice…


Why do you say in ten years let us know. Are you just being facetious?

People are to ready to get froggy huh? I love it, it’s all good. What I should have said was that he has so many seeds jokingly that is probably going to take him 10 years to run them as a Joke. Anw. :rofl:


Oh my bad. I just felt a little drop of sarcasm. I thought you might have been hating on his stash on the low. But you were just joking. Me too just joking. Do go all murder one on me gangsta!!

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Not at all I’m so chilled I just meant he has so many awesome seeds itl take him years to grow. That’s awesome. Have a good one.

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Emailed him to ask him to send beans. He uses some cash app or money order. Gonna have to look in to it. Never done a money order before.

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-packaging 7-10
-handwritten label +.1
So 7.1/10
Grow them out so we can put our thoughts down on the genetics. But I rate packaging 7.1

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If look closely you can see he also adds a sticker inside the pack to identify what it is also.


If you have a local post office you go there and give them the amount of money you want your money order of and you can leave it blank of you want. Stick it in a envelope and pay another $3.50 for certified mail. I think he only accept us money orders. Hope this helps. This is how I did it.


Thanks dude. Stuff looks great. I wanna try the g13hp Holygrail x NL1, and the Pure Indica. Looks great. Have a good one.

I’ve been wondering how his strains are after following on IG. Any favorites?

Plants>packaging all day. When you bust out a jar no one asks what the seeds came in.


I don’t know yet, but I have some gear I am excited to run as soon as possible.

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