Next line up 🧐

(Sangria Punch x Screaming Eagle) x Wilson)

Lineage …->>>>

Sangria Punch =

Killer Queen x Screaming Eagle

Killer Queen =Airborne G-13 x Cinderella 99

Screaming Eagle =

(Airborne G13 x “88 G13 Hashplant)x Afghani

Wilson = (banana OG x Papaya) x Tropicana Cookies f2


Nice strains! Your plants look great, keep the photos coming!:v:

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Many Thanks

Nice looking plants,very healthy
I’ve heard good things about bone yard seeds I’ll tag along

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brother bone has been :100:
I just flipped I’ll post in few
Many Thanks

Riley flood worked theses some Frost factories some are ogkb dom Start out will like a mutation

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Interested in seeing how those MeatBreath come out

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Some are (ogkb) dom some (mendobreath)

boneyard Seeds

#’s 1,2,4 & 6

eclec.tic.elegance # 3

Seedsman # 5

Masonic #’s 7,8 & 9

1 Tal Shiar (fem) Romulan dom earthy little pine

2 redicicarisness Showing Fem Earthy

3 meat breath f2 (ogkb) dom m/f not sure yet no sign

4 & 6 Nana’s Cookies showing female

5 Bubble Gum (fem) dank from week 1

9 Sangria punch/Screaming Eagle x Wilson Showing female

7 and 9 Very Strong pepper Maybe herb spices / Fancy pepper nose

We lost power for 5 days missed 3 or 4 light cycles hopefully they hold up had just flipped :crossed_fingers:


That redwood kush is gonna be :fire: master kush circa 2000 :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: used to go for 25 a gram back then


Back on track did get few dots of pm on very outer edges of fan leaves from no air when power was out just used ph 8.2 water and little Apple cider vinegar
Have a great week all


Got some heavy feeders
Gave them some sst with some Compost

fresh bag of Nature’s Living Soil Concentrate on way will give them a good top dressing and teas
Found one male from Nannas cookies

Hope all are doing well have a great weekend


Following for the Wilson. Looking for stuff like that!

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This Wilson cross is some of the strongest smelling pepper and spices nose I’ve grown

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Papaya crosses make some fire hash.

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the last ounce I paid over 300 for was redwood kush… that stuff was truly memorable.


Uploading: 63F8818B-42BD-4BD7-918A-DDA48AD71953.jpeg… Uploading: 87281572-90AC-4D75-898D-AFF7B856C046.jpeg…


Gawgeous!! :star_struck::v::peace_symbol::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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