NJ Home Cultivation

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I just came across a bit of exciting information on the legal status and efforts to legalize home cultivation. There have been 2 bills proposed for NJ home cultivation.

Bill_3420.PDF (301.6 KB)

Bill_5364.PDF (256.0 KB)


This bill authorizes the home cultivation of medical cannabis for
a registered qualifying patient’s personal medical use.
Specifically, the bill provides that a registered qualifying patient
who is 21 years of age or older who provides notice to the Cannabis
Regulatory Commission of the intent to home cultivate medical

cannabis will be allowed to either home cultivate medical cannabis
himself or herself, or authorize a designated caregiver to home
cultivate medical cannabis on the patient’s behalf. A home
cultivator will be allowed to cultivate and possess up to four mature*
cannabis plants and up to four immature cannabis plants. Medical*
cannabis may only be home cultivated at the residence of the*
authorized home* cultivator that is on file with the commission.emphasized text

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