Not sure if this is a deficiency or not...?

First time indoor grower (first post as well).

Looking for any input from you guys as to what his may be.

I’m growing Autos in Ocean Forest amended with Natures living soil Autoflower mix.


Looks more or less perfect to me, maybe a slight hint of a magnesium deficiency. What are you feeding?


If your talking about the color variation in the leaves it could be a slight iron deficiency. With lack of iron young leaves will start out lighter color then normal and turn dark gradually as they get older. On that note it is not that common to be deficient in iron but what’s available can get locked up due to different things like tempature etc


If the plant is growing fast it takes a bit of time for the chlorophyll to darken and catch up with older growth I find.


My temps have been between 73-78 and my humidity around 55-60. Was thinking it could be iron as well… what else would cause a lockout?

How does your lower growth look? Overall picture helps too.

Are you overwatering or does your medium not have enough aeration?

I know that can mess up some nutrients availability. I’m not a soil guy though.

More information is need. Age of the plants,? Are all the plants doing this? What is your pH you are feeding? Could your meter be off? Something doesn’t look right though, you’re right.

Hopefully if you provide more information someone more soil knowledgeable can help you



The rest of the plant looks good. She is at 33 days old in this picture.

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Are you in soil or soiless mix ?
What type of nutrients are you using ?
Your temperatures seem great , humidity might be a little high.
Other nutrients that bond with iron could lock it up esp if the soil is to wet on a regular basis.
It can be difficult alot of nutrient related issues apear the same and can have multiple causes.

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I have preamended soil
i have been feeding a compost tea for ever 3rd watering mixed up with worm castings, nature’s living soil auto, cal mag,molasses and mammoth.
Watering every 48-72 hours
Soil is drying out nice in between feedings
Temp and humidity are on point
Pots are off the ground
Lights are correct distance
Soil ph is at 7 and I have been PHing water to 7.0

… not sure what it could be???


@Heritagefarms what is a good humidity range for veg/ early flower?

Right now I would suggest




Don’t fix what ain’t broken

I agree with jet LITFA



LOL!!! Another “whats wrong with my plant” thread where 10 people answer with 32 different possibilities!

For what its worth, I dont think they look that bad, so LITFA would be a good idea.

My only other suggestion is to maybe lower the PH a tad and see if that changes anything. From my reading, 7.0 is on the hi side for soil.

Also, did you add any perlite (25%-30% is good) or anything else to help with aeration in the soil? Good aeration is as critical as anything for these plants. The more the better. Its actually almost impossible to have too much aeration in soil or hydro. They need all the oxygen they can get…

Still, I wouldnt worry much. They really do look pretty good over all. You can cause more problems than you solve by chasing small problems that the plant can handle all by itself - especially if you chase the wrong one.


Thanks my dudes!!! I’m going to “LITFA” for now.


Humidity is relative to tempature. You can watch videos on vapor pressure deficient on you tube it will explain it better then I can. This is a reference chart though related to maintaining a proper vpd


So the first two pictures are of my plant that looks like it’s doing pretty bad and the third picture is of the other that looks fine. Both have been flowering for about 12 days. Ocean forest with natures living soil for the one thats doing bad and happy frog with natures living soil for the one thats doing good… both have had the same waterings. What does this look like to you guys?

All the new growth is not normal looking…

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Are you still feeding at PH 7?

I would try lowering it down closer to 6 for a couple of feedings and see what happens. Maybe leave things as they are for the happy one.

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@Larry3215 I am still feeding both plants right around 7.0. I could definitely drop the PH…


Drop your PH to 6.5 and add some Epsom/magnesium or calag it won’t hurt, you can’t have to much magnesium. If that doesn’t work, you may have a bit of nitrogen dificiency, if they are stretching a lot, they can run out of N quickly.

PH is what you need to do first though, I go between 6 and 6.5, usually aim for 6.2, unless something is off balance in the soil.