Nutrients Mixing process. Hydroponic newbie

Is there any advice on the best way to add a 3 part nutes? I’ve got GH flora and cal-mag. PH up and down, decent PH, TDS, EC, Temp tester (Already calibrated) but wasn’t sure how to calibrate the PPM. Using distilled water. Any suggestions or mistakes to avoid?


Hey buddy, if you look up the GH feed chart I believe it tells you the order to mix.

If I remember correctly, it’s like this:

Cal mag

Then pH your mix.

Add a nutrient to the water, stir, then add the next one.

Ppm pens generally don’t need calibration.

Shake the nutrient bottles a good amount before use. The micro bottle will foam up if you shake it too fast so try to shake that one slower and maybe a little longer.

I shake my bottles 100 times each before adding to water. Sounds like a lot but only takes about a minute.

Good luck in your garden!


You’re very diligent, I shake em a couple times quick like a kid with a spray paint can lol.

But ya pretty much that ^, calmag first and micro first. Its easier to mix a bit stronger then water it back down to your desired ppm then ph it. Rinse your dispenser/syringe/measuring cup in between everything too.


I won’t ask you how did you acquire that ability :sweat_smile:. Thanks, I will remember your useful tip.

@LilJonB I started also with GH nutrients, but then followed LabRat’s advice, changed to Advanced Nutrients pH perfect and forgot about the pH pen, the pH down and the baking soda. It has a component that chelates all the nutes and make them available for the plant independentely of the pH range.

Always put a little less of what the charts mark, any case it is better to have them hungry than a nutrient burn. Let us know your progress … :sunglasses:


Dyna-Gro. 1 part liquid. Never looking back to multi-part nutrients, or the powder 1 parts.

They should cut me a check with how hard I push their stuff lol.

GH is classic and effective, used it before myself. I’m just saying you will like Dyna better. Cheaper, too.

To answer your question, though, I never had a problem with GH 3 part mixing order. The only time I have had issues with mixing order precipitation is when silica supplements come into play.

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Dyna gro is good shit ! What regimen are you currently using ? I see lots of of people go from veg to harvest using foliage pro alone

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LOL nice burn :ok_hand:

I pour my nutrients into tiny 8oz bottles that fit in the palm of your hand, so 100 shakes is pretty fast. It sounds like a lot until you count them. It’s probably only 30 seconds per bottle and I’m not 100% certain it’s necessary :thinking:


Iv been lazy and may have problems but my method will stay the same probably as I don’t think it’s that. so I’ll explain here I use Lucas formula for proportions then increase in strength. tap water, let it sit for some time over 10 minutes then shake bottles probably about 10-20 like a spray can or something. check ppm. add micro, mix, add bloom, mix . Add Epsom salt, mix, then I let it sit 10 + minutes again but usually over dinner or a movie. Check ppm don’t know why cause either the ppm meter is broken or the nutes are cause I can do a 16 bloom and 8 micro and my ppm meter says it went up by 150 so I’m ignoring that and just increasing by ml and not ppm … New meter is on the list. I then ph it and leave over night. My stuff is old like 2014 or something and has chunks of Crystal in it. Gonna get some mega crop when I can and be even lazier.


Foliage Pro for veg and first few weeks of flower. Switch to Bloom (3-12-6) after that. 9mL/gallon tapwater, veg or bloom. Plants in flower get 0-26-43 homemade bloom booster, often a dash of liquid epsom salts, sometimes a little silica.

Foliage-Pro (9-3-6) can be used until the end, but you’ll run into issues with reflowering/refusal to finish from all the extra N with longer-flowering plants. Shorter broadleafs don’t seem to mind as much. Grow (7-9-5) is a good start-to-finish stand-alone product. Hydro store was out of Foliage Pro so I picked up a gallon of Grow, should last me a good 6-8 months.

I used to use MaxiBloom 5-15-14 start to finish, seems ratios don’t matter as much as we sometimes think!


That’s exactly how I use to use dyna gro, I used there grow formula start to finish and would supplement a tiny bit with bloom and mag pro. There products in general are way underrated.