OGs Secret Lab

Congrats to you, you are one precise motherfucker, I probably would have thrown the boards in there & used some duct tape to hold it all together! :smile:

So you can get a 2-foot wide tent on that platform with 5 feet of height? That is amazing, never would have guessed you can get that much space. I love a good Underground Railroad grow - good luck with it! I’ve grown in the attic before, I just had to shut it down during the worst times of the year - winter and summer up here. Spring & fall OK. Would do the seedlings in a bedroom closet.


@Muleskinner Hey bud! Glad of you to tune in! So my measurements originally would fit this tent as advertised…

However the one they sent me was…

I will have to source a more accurately listed tent apparently… Either way I’ll find a use for it! I did a little bit of shoring up with what little scraps I had laying around. I’ll make a lumber run tomorrow and give everyone an update with some pictures.


i use the ac infinity 3x2 tent and it works well. it may just be what you need up there!


@CornbreadJunior Hey man right on!!! I can fit 5 or 6 if I go that route.:thinking:. I could do 2-3 strains per run, per tent that way. I did want to do 2x4 no till beds, that’s why I opted for those specific. Thoughts? Containers vs Beds. I have my issues with both in the area but would like input from everyone.

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i put 2 in each in 5 or 7 gallons and it works great for me.


Yeah two fit perfectly in those baby’s! I like it!

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The ac infinity tents are the shit! My cats cant even get a claw through.


I’ve got 3 that would tear my black and white poly walls constantly.:expressionless:.


ya man @EugeneDebs420 , best i have found on the market for the price for sure. and you throw the cloudline controller and fan on there and youre good to go.

here is another run in the 3x2…


My veg tents a cheap unbranded eBay deal and they’ve torn the sides to hell. Love the little shitheads though.


I may have to re evaluate @CornbreadJunior! I wanna chuck some pollen on a couple different strains and still have some head stash.


ya i talked myself into buying these for pollen collection. always have to justify the spend even if im BSing myself. :smiley:

good luck deciding on the direction. its always fun to figure out the next setup for sure


Nice planning @OGSince03!

I’m wondering what you are doing for water supply & disposal up there? Lugging water up to my attic would be a nightmare for these old bones and you definitely don’t want any ‘accidents’ raining down on your lady’s ceiling!

LOL, I know you have already considered your options.


@GrouchyOldMan To be honest I thought I would hold a 55 gallon drum downstairs. Keep it loaded with distilled and pump it up with a inline filter when needed. That will be a bit later and I am not setting that idea in stone just yet. As far as disposal, I’ll use the bucket buddy or small shop vac I have. This attic space is perfect for any major mess ups as it is a vacant building. I have free will to do what ever but I like to play things extra safe, I don’t wanna shit where I sleep in my neck of the woods!

I did do a lumber run after work this evening and have most of the reinforcements done. I bought some 2x4s and cut them approximately 30in, and used stainless steel screws to fasten everything together. It went pretty quick since I did all the ground work leveling everything. I stood in the center of each rafter(on the board of course) and it didn’t budge. I will however STILL reinforce the centers tomorrow.
Here’s what I have so far…

I don’t always need a hand, but when I do…

:call_me_hand:t2: If you do any kind of carpentry work, these are a must! I’m solo on this build so a extra set of hands is always welcome! Plenty more still to come folks!


Ok just a quick update nothing too much. I finished up all the middle supports and I must say, the roof will fail before the shelf does! Here’s a couple pictures

I also purchased some IR barrier to attach to the roof. My thinking is to still have space behind it to allow fresh air from the soffit to come in and expel heat through the ridge vent.

I still have yet to pull the tent out and find the true dimensions. Maybe I got lucky and the box is labeled wrong!:crossed_fingers:
Tomorrow If I have time, I will get a couple more rolls and try to finish the IR barrier and start to think about ventilation. Cheers guys and gals!:dash:


This is a very interesting build!

:green_heart: :seedling:


Thanks @G-paS! Im glad you found the lab!! I do have much to do, but I hope if nothing else to spark some imagination! Stay tuned, who knows what may come next!? :seedling:


Ok Update time!! As I was hanging out in the lab I got the idea to separate the area to better manage conditions. I didn’t want to have to deal with the heat from the other areas so I began by closing it up a bit!

Again, I left enough space for heat to rise up through the ridge vents. I may end up sealing the top on this side to better contain any cool air I bring in. TBD! I was anxious to find out if the tent would fit or not, so I assembled!

The test fit was a bust! I had to cut off 4in on the vertical poles.

Some pics of the well built tent!

And this was the final result!

Happy weekend folks! More to come!


Not sure how I missed this but now I am watching with interest :slight_smile:


Good stuff. I’m sure it’s going to be good. I thought about it. Lol. I was scared I’d have overflow. I do like that tent.