Operation fuck cancer grow

oh yay! it’s so great to see your grow (and grow journal) sprouting before our very eyes! a new overgrower being born. what cinderella are you growing out?


Great Beginning Heather!


Welcome To OG, glad you decided to throw up a journal. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask no matter how silly they seem. Trust me you won’t be belittled here. Off to a great start. Here’s hoping those turn into some gems with an abundance of sticky, stanky green goodness .


RIGHT ON @Heather420 ! lots of great people sharing great stuff here. i have been growing pot for 30yrs+ and am still learning and getting better plants to this day. the fun of growing & learning never gets old for me. if you have any experience growing plants you will be just fine. good luck and enjoy the grow.


Update! The babies are about 2 inches tall. Growing fast. The plant outside of the container was the late sprouter


i wanted to clarify that those mix seeds are from JohnnyPotseed. he has a thread on here where he offers his seeds for very affordable prices. his strain selection tends to lean heavy indica, so hoping there’s something good in there for your pops.

here’s JohnnyPotseed’s thread where you can read more about his strains and crosses…


My apologies I didn’t realize! That explains your labels more lol I will correct the post


No worries @Heather420 you’ve found a good source for advice(some better than others :smirk: ) so I’m going to :call_me_hand: tag @Meesh to follow your thread & know she can help.

The first month or so is a slow process (“hurry up & grow!”) but they take off after that.

Growing this stuff isn’t very difficult, but it does produce better results from a committed gardener. IMO the ladies have an advantage here & us dudes tend to treat it like a car engine. :sweat_smile:

The other 1/2 of the process is harvest/dry/curing/storage.

Along the way there can be bad weather, bugs, cats, heaven forbid thieves. :pray: But it’s an addictive hobby & many of us would grow even if we didn’t use it. It’s that compelling once you enjoy your first homegrown & say goodbye to store-bought.



Welcome @Heather420, glad to see you got seeds for your pops, will pull up a :seat: and watch, if you need advice there are many people on here that will help, including me. Good luck :crossed_fingers: on the grow; hope you get some :fire:


Welcome! Happy growing!


Update 3 - I decided to soak six more seeds. My dad picked out sunshine daydream x @HolyAngel, trex and serendipitous x @JohnnyPotseed

Here’s a updated picture of the babies. They appear to be doing good


I think you and your pop both will enjoy those strains. I’m pulling up a chair to watch. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate. Good luck!


@Heather420 looks to be you got the sprouting thing going on. :seedling: also got some good stuff there. your gonna make dad be happy and feel good! enjoy the grow. respectfully mainerj


now that’s what i’m talking about! i have the feeling your dad should enjoy these. sending good vibes for your plants!

also please don’t forget to re-credit the two mix seeds in your original post as Johnny Potseed’s mix seeds. they just came to you by way of me. :stuck_out_tongue:


First, good luck with this run.

Second, take a picture of your led light, some amazon lights are coming from Aliexpress and I had a really bad experience from one of those cheapo growing led lamps with 2 switches, one for vegg other for bloom…

If you search for 14/02 you will see day by day how they grow under a led lamp like mine and the difference when I got the HPS.

One thing I want make clear is that if you are using a 300w hps, you will need 275w led for the same job, so not much difference in power draw.
(correct me if I am wrong)

Most cheap led lamps say equivalent to 1000w and they just draw 50w, meaning it is not the same.
The LED advantages are basic less heat, when I stated the small growth rate I imediatly got a hps kit because is cheaper and available in most growshops and now I am good.

On money side, 350 for a led lamp, 80 for a hps kit with ballast, led lasts 4 years, hps is one bulb every year, meaning 140 for the 4 years.

Good vibes 4 your laydies!


I completely forgot, thank you for the reminder! I fixed it :blush:


This is my current lighting setup. Needs some upgrading, it’s just cobbled together with what I could afford

Don’t mind all of the vegetables waiting for it to warm up enough to move them outside

This is the only light with any markings on it


It looks like mine…
It might be less light than you need even with the triple leds on the side.
While vegging you may add a flourescent white bulb and it will work fine.
As for flowering you will need more light I think.
What you can do is really compare the developement of your girls with mine and you will see, if they don’t have light they won’t grow, my first run with that light alone gave me a week of smoke after 4 months.

On the 2nd run I had the hps after 1 month veggin with one like yours and in 2 weeks they doubled the size thank to the new light.

On the 1st one even the roots didn’t expanded over 7in.

I hope you have better luck or be prepared for a flash purchase of a hps that are cheaper, but then you will need to deal with the heat. I messed up and needed a cooltube for my 400w lamp. Were stressful days while the cooltube didn’t arrived.

And for my setup is better because in winter I needed 2 heaters one 500 and another 400w to keep the intake air warmer in the right range and right now while on the lamp heats the room so the air comes in the closet warm. And in qinter I will only need one heater, so less consumption of electricity but let’s see, I wish you the best but keep the picturea coming so we all can give you a hand.

On my 1st run I was like you, closet handmade in my case, one exaust blower and a cheap led, as I said I have seen so good yelds with led but are those led that cost way more and have the same power draw of a hps lamp, so a ballast, a cooltube and a lamp may cost you 85€ in europe, my led was 35€. But by the time I sensed I needed a better light I had some money on soil, pots, seeds, and I really need to save money by growing my stash so I had to move quick and make the math going for a sollution that I could buy and I know it works, that is hps for me.


My first grow I used these lights an you’re right, I didn’t get very much bud. I thought it may have been because I used bag seeds but the lighting makes more sense.

So for my 2x4 tent what wattage hps would you recommend? I will check out what’s out there. I don’t know anything about them, I’ll have to do some research.

My tent is in my house. Currently my biggest issue is keeping it below 80 in there. That little square led puts out so much heat. I’ve just been cracking the door open a little


I’ve had decent success with HLG quantum boards. But if you can vent outside that would help with heat management issues.