Ottafish’s seed giveaway to OG members with a trust level of 2 and up, who will grow them and document on here

Hi everyone. A little about myself. I’ve been growing cannabis since I was 14. It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years…The first seeds I ever planted came out of some Mexican brick weed. All males. But it was cool and lit the fire :fire: My family has always had a garden, I started with a jump start to growing in general due to this. Although cannabis is my favorite plant to grow, I enjoy growing lots of other plants as well. My goals are terpenes, potency, and bag appeal. Basically the plants need to have it all. I only use what I consider to be the very best genetics. I supported myself from 18-25 with cannabis when growing up. Here in Oregon we had some of, if not the best cannabis around. A lot went through my hands. Therefore I have a very high standard on what I consider to be the best, and I can tell you it’s never the best. When everyone was selling BC beasters I had the homegrown everyone wanted. I always strive for better. I’m never satisfied with good enough. I’m always learning more and striving to be better.
I’ve been collecting lots of genetics over the years and have access to top genetics from friends with recreational and medical grows here in Oregon. OG has been a really good source for sourcing new genetics as well. I’ve created more seeds than I can ever grow and I figure I’d like to give back to people that don’t want to spend a bunch of money for seeds. Plus mine are better than most seeds I’ve spent a lot of money on. So… get them while they’re free :grin:
I’d like to see what people can find when the masses here in OG all grow them out. I think this will be really fun. I know there will be some next level plants that come out of these genetics.
I’m not looking for any compensation I just want people to actually grow the seeds and we can all share what we find on this thread. If you’re not going to grow them and post results then please don’t ask for them. After all I’ve put my time into making them, money, and I’m covering postage.
If this sounds interesting to anyone please contact me on this thread and sign up on the wiki below. I have IG account as well with more pics and info how I grow. I go by the handle Flavor_Savours_ Here’s some pics of genetics I’ve created and used for my breeding over the years below✌🏼

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Sign up below to get on the list. I’ll work through the list as I have time. Let’s just put names down when ready to grow.

Ok here’s the sign up for people ready to hunt. Sign up below when your ready for the seeds.

Name and Country

  1. @ix3u :us:
  2. @Thats_bank :us:
  3. @holygroveseed :us:
  4. @Movement13 :us:
  5. @HealingHerb :australia:
  6. @hawkman :us:
  7. @OhNo555 :us:
  8. @Misguided_USMC :us:
  9. @Loggershands :canada:
  10. @carty
  11. @royal
  12. @GEMI-CONNECT616
  13. @NICO ;us;
  14. @Sincitytoker :us:
  15. @Animosity :us:
  16. @stoner420 flag :us:
  17. @ChinookKing USA :us_outlying_islands:
  18. @Villiager :eu:
  19. @Dcoolbreeze1 USA :us:
  20. @A-Loc :us:
  21. @MissinBissin :canada:
  22. @InTheWoods :us:
  23. @jessethestoner :canada:
  24. @MikeyMeteor :us:
  25. @6u3m :australia:
  26. @CaptainNemo :es:
  27. @Rhino_buddy :us:
  28. @punk77 :brazil:
  29. @hawkman :us:
  30. @Tlander :thailand:
  31. @Piter :es:
  32. @dingys :brazil:
  33. @ikea22 :us:
  34. @Zolorp :us:
  35. @Cactus :us:
  36. @Ghost_Rider
  37. @Tappy :canada:
  38. @Originalweedman
  39. @503BudMan :us:
  40. @Zolorp :us:
  41. @Trae1170 :us:
  42. @turtlewerm :us:
  43. @Thetravler :canada:
  44. @DGCloud :us:
  45. @sd9007 :us:
  46. @Fortman420:canada:
  47. @bevestaldo
  48. @Hashton_Kusha :us:
  49. @olschool

This is a list of current strains I have. I don’t have a ton of all of them. The ones I’d like to pass out first are the Sugar Belts crosses. Sugar Belts is a cross of a clone of Sugar Cane I got from a buddy’s grow and a Rainbow Belts 3.0 male I chose from a pheno hunt he did.

  • Strains

Sugar Belts x Nana Glue

SBelts x (Pablo’s Revenge x Black Velvet)

SBelts x (Pure Michigan x PBB)

Sugar Belts F2

Ayuhuasca Purple x Sugar Belts

Limited Seeds:

(Sour Bubble x Lemon Alien) x Ghost Train Haze
(This cross throws some herms but is fire) a buddy had it test out at 27%

Passion Fruit x SB, BB, RB

Fuel Dog x SB, BB, RB

Anesia Scout Cookies x SB, BB, or RB

Masalana Cookies x SB, BB, RB

Tangerine Dream x SB, BB, RB

Tent mix had males of Sour Bubble, Blue Moon Rocks, Rainbow Belts 3.0, Double Cross, and a few others.

Super Lemon Haze x Tent mix

Hawaiin Snow x Tent mix

Hashberry x Tent mix


Ok those are Super limited. That’s a list I made of what I have. I’ll dig through and see if I have enough of those to give out. I probably do.


No pressure. Just sounded up my alley. Honestly, all of those sound really good :ok_hand:t2:


Are you going to wiki that post? Or at the top?

nice initiative !!!

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Not sure if im level 2 yet but won’t be long! It looks like you have quite a bit of strains! I’m always interested in a trade seed for seed and I’d document it but my next few runs are set so im booked for the rest of the year easily. Would still love to try a strain out thats why I offered a trade as opposed to taking one. Let me know brother!


I’ll try and figure it out. Got any tips haha

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Nope. I don’t know how to make one :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Figured it out. Three dots at the bottom of the post, then the wrench, then make wiki @Ottafish I can just delete my text from my first post on here and turn it into a wiki for you

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Let me know when you’re ready to grow and document on here and I’ll send them out to you. I’m just trying to follow the rules. I also don’t want to give seeds out to people who don’t contribute to this site. I think your supposed to be a 2 for certain privileges. Maybe not? Let me know. If I’m not breaking rules and you document the grow I’ll send seeds to you.


I am interested in either one (Sour Bubble x Lemon Alien) x Ghost Train Haze, or Maui Wowie x SB, BB, RB. I can put them in late this years. Just let me know by DM :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::sunglasses::peace_symbol:!


They’re your seeds, you can send them to whoever you want :+1:t2:. It’s usually just to make sure someone isn’t hopping on and trying to get a bunch of seeds and never come back


I’ll have a bunch of Crosses after this outdoor season with the Sour Bubble. There’s one in particular I can’t wait for. It’s going to be crazy dank! I know it.


Hell yea. Don’t sleep on this one OG.
@Thats_bank @HomegrownVABudz
If you’ve got room for one more :wink:


Awesome man I appreciate the thought! I have no issue hanging tight till im level 2 here shouldn’t be long anyways


Yeah that’s what I’m trying to avoid


I edited the top post to try and get a list going. Are you guys able to edit it. I’m not sure how to make the wiki or if I did it right. It should probably be separate from the Original post so that doesn’t get screwed up.


Can’t edit it. I’ll just turn my post under your strain post into a wiki

I’d definitely run a 3 pack or something soon I know all these can’t be female :joy: