Outdoor grillers/smokers/cookers unite

It’s that time of the year again folks, time to cook outdoors…What’s in your arsenal for cooking your favorite food outdoors? Post your grills/smokers and whatever else you guys use to prepare those delicious meals for your family/friends…Here’s a few pictures of what I use when I cook outdoors…

I bought 2 of these, one for the camper & 1 for the house 10 years ago they were selling them for $90 each…I love these grills…nowadays they’re going for $200 each…

I’m also old school and I love my bullets smokers…

I also love my charcoal stoves…

Canadian goose breastesess above & below


You always make me hungry bro.


love the “smoke flavor” will be hungry to the day i die. as they say “'i cant walk but i can smoke and dance.” i enjoy the apple cherry mesquite. oh ya and the smoke. enjoy the grill / smoke. i use lupos form owego ny to marinate. they have one for every meat. so tender and tasty.


@PhilCuisine Marinades | Lupos you can use them as you please on all things veggie and meat. good stuff. so nice to be outside and grilling & smoking.


I can’t believe you beat me too it. I was going to start something like this. Well done, well, medium rare at best. :wink: Notice my wood in the first pic.
Me caveman, almost. I have not owned a gas grill in over 25 years. I am old school with either charcoal or natural wood coals from a fire.


I’m following this thread! It’s barbeque and smoker time around here. I got a half a beef a few months back…time to smoke that brisket!


You’re definitely not trying to keep up with the Jones’s and keeping it simple…I love it bromigo…

Yes it is my friend, time to fire up that smoker and do it low and slow…great looking brisket bromigo…


Did you notice my kindling in the first picture? It’s all my plant stalk…


I run webers at home- standard Kettle for charcoal and just bought a nice new weber gas grill this time last year. Actually, sleepy joe bought it for me with his stimulus checks last year.

Smoked a pork shoulder a couple weekends ago as my first smoker session of the year, turned part of the smoked pork into jambalaya. All of it turned out amazing. Now I’m thinking about what to cook this weekend!


Oooooo this is my kinda thread right here!

Got my decent sized Weber charcoal but haven’t really used it since I got the Pit Boss pellet grill last October… I just can’t stop cooking on it, and pellets last sooo much longer than charcoal and a lot less pricey/lb.

I have soooo many more pictures… Mostly I have a mega brisket problem lol


I have a Weber Traveller which is currently travelling behind a bunch of crap.


Why do I find myself wanting RIBS at 8 in the morning?
This is going to have to become my evening thread. I can’t deal with this all day…


My pit boss pellet smoker has just been cleaned and is ready to smoke out the neighbourhood lmao! Seriously though, its waiting to be woke up by me with a flashlight at 4am to start a brisket :joy:


Also feel free to share any of your techniques and recipes folks…

I know what you mean, I too have 2 brand spanking new grills that’s just sitting in my garage… I was also given a small electric smoker…

I’ve had Webers throughout my life too and I still have one at my summer place…

Its time to air it out bromigo…I think next week in Illinois were suppose to get up in the 80’s and close to 90’s.

Who doesn’t? I wouldn’t mind having ribs, hash browns and an omelette for breakfast.


It’s a nice small grill. Not as portable as you’d think though. Yeah, just about that time


I would have to get up at 3 in the morning to get the rib started


fired this up this afternoon to smoke some peppers tomatos garlic and onion to make a nice salsa for the buttermilk brined chicken I am going to smoke this evening.


That’s what I’m talking about…something about a big fatty and delicious grill’n :drooling_face:


My stuff are still in the garage…just because its winter doesn’t mean I stop grilling, I still grill but in my garage and I also cook fish in my garage too…I don’t like that fishy smell in my house…I will be putting them outside before the wknd…


Cool thread!

Iv been a hack with bbq most of my life, gas Grills and an electric smoker…

Picked this up when covid was starting up, yet to use it.

I’ll have to fire it up and get to cookin…