Memories of life

I thought it would be interesting to post some memorable photos of your life, loved ones or anything you look back at fondly.i will start it out with a picture of me as a child with my father:



My grandfather who passed 30 years before I was born. Wish we could have met!


@Oldjoints, that photo clearly identifies you as a geezer! :slight_smile: :+1:

I’ve posted a few pictures of my past in different threads already, but I do like old/archival pictures (those of my and other people’s families and experiences), so I’ll post a few more here.

This is a picture of my mom before I or my sisters were born. She was a pretty serious babe! In the very early 1930, I know she dated a gangster. I believe this was taken after the gangster, but I don’t know for certain. I believe this was taken around 1935.

This is a photo of my dad as a child, ca 1912. This was taken at their home in Gardena, CA. Today, of course, Gardena is a densely populated urban city. When this photo was taken, Gardena was several miles past the end of the trolly line.

This is a photo taken in the mid-1980s of me and my family at my Canadian sister’s house in Maple Ridge, BC. My sisters are nine years older than I am. We all had a nice time.

I’ve always loved animals. This is me with one of my guinea pig moms and her piglets. I love their little squeaks! As it turns out, Mrs. mota also raised guinea pigs when she was a child. I also raised and raced pigeons. I think this was taken around 1962 or 63.

My Kiwi sister took a series of photos of my son that I think are very lovely. This is one of that series. It appears he had new shoes. This is mid-1970s.

This is one of my son and I on the front deck of my friend Nick’s house when Eli was a little older. I’m teaching him to pass clubs in this photo (the white clubs are Jugglebugs, the colored ones are Dubes.) It was probably June and we were getting ready for the Oregon Country Fair in July. It was the first year he passed with other jugglers. Although the owner of the house was a serious grower, that’s not weed in the pot. Nick and five other guys grew on a 600 acre corn farm in Iowa. All six are dead, and none of their deaths were in any way drug related. Just bad luck. Nick’s house was on the north side of the lower Columbia River, just a few miles from Astoria. It was the next to the last house on a 21 mile dead end road.

I’ve posted this somewhere else previously, but I like the three photos as a progression of my son’s growth. This one is from the Oregon Country Fair in 2015. I had been a security crew leader from 1980 until 1995. Eli took over as crew leader of my old crew in 2015. I worked on his crew that year just for the fun of it. There were simply too many people for me to really enjoy the experience in the moment. As I reflect on it though, I’m really happy that I did.

2015 OCF

This is the kind of thing he’d like to be doing in 6 - 8 years, when he retires. Nothing commercial. High-end residential only. If you scroll up several posts you’ll see some amazing woodworking.


Which one of you was faster?


Very nice memories, thanks for the addition……


I was always home first. Did that make me a homing person? They were certainly homing pigeons…


@mota : cause of avian flew.


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Some super fond memories and pics, me and my dad when I was a baby, me as a baby in my high chair. My great grandfather who I never met. And then a few of me and my boys, my best buddies!


I was definitely the cause! And they did!


Great idea for a thread @Oldjoints i love it!


That’s the way to get a ride! Thumb out and showing a little leg (but not too much!).

I really like the pics of you and your dad, and you and your boys. Family! Hell yes!


Thank you @mota i enjoyed your pics as well. Same with @Oldjoints and @ABushOfKush its nice to see the people behind the people we know online sometimes. And who doesn’t like reminiscing about cherished people, memories or moments we love.


My beautiful mom when she was just a young lady, about 10 years before I was born. She passed almost 15 years ago now. Some things never heal they just get easier to deal with.


Great thread @Oldjoints :clap:

Crazy how you were taller than your dad at such a young age :rofl:



My best friend Andy. While I was in military, he packed up and moved to Alaska to live in the bush. I always thought I’d join him up there someday. I never got the chance.
He was working as a lumberjack when him and 5 other guys died in a horrible truck accident in 1993. I still miss him :broken_heart:


Outta likes.

It’s a terrible thing to lose a close friend. I am so sorry.

Andy is wearing caulk shoes (they’re actually boots, they’re just called shoes). They have little spikes on the bottoms. Those are the actual caulks. I can’t tell if they’re a block or springer style heel. Possibly made by West Coast Shoes. Caulks are not the same as hob nail boots.

The reason his pants are bobbed off is pant legs can’t have lower hems, for safety sake. If you have to haul ass when you’re in the brush, a branch up a hemmed pant leg could cause an injury (or worse). He’s not wearing a belt either, and that’s for the same reason. Instead of a belt, loggers (what they’re called on the west coast, as opposed to lumberjacks in the east and south) wear braces, aka suspenders. A limb sticking up at a bad angle can’t stop you.

I believe the machine behind your friend is an old school high-lead yarder. The machine’s job is to pull logs up the hill they’re working on (technically a side-hill, with logs being pulled up onto the landing, where your friend is).


Me, Texas 1972

Very touching stories with pictures… ahhhh the lives we have lived. Nice thread @Oldjoints


My husband during Korea.
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My godmother Lydia and me. She moved to Indiana many years ago and lost contact but glad to have this photo of her.

Mom and Dad
When life was easy and only question was, where to next? :sunglasses:

Unfortunately, we lost her when I was nine, Miss her everyday. :heart:

Very little photos of my grandfather as he was mainly in Washington most of our lives. We knew what he was doing was bigger than our family.

He was Vietnam Vet. Served from December 1966 - February 1968 before being honorably discharged due to injuries. When he returned stateside, he didn’t like how the gov. were treating the Vets. He worked for the Dept. of Vet Affairs early on then later on served as National Legislative Director for Rolling Thunder for many years. He has written six bills on veteran and POW concerns and worked tirelessly until they were passed through congress and are currently laws.


Family, kid, kid, my favorite artist, house I grew up in