Over it. Thanks for your help to those who provided useful info. Stay lifted!

Hello Allotment,
and thank you for you time to provide me with some insight of your point of view. I wasn’t able to read your reply on the original post as it was removed before I could see it.

May I ask what it means to be “Sponsored” in your opinion? I thought having a sponsorship meant that the company involved payed the content creator to provide the video?

I am not sure how to provide reviews for products that I find no fault with now, as people will only see it as being a “Sponsored” ad. I personally handled the product in the video, showing and sharing my true thoughts about it.

I guess I just feel that there are always going to be a portion of the community that won’t like what I create, but I really try hard to provide a complete overview of the products as well as my opinions based on what I see.

I guess what I am really trying to find out from all of you is, if the information that I am providing and the way I am providing it is desirable or not?

It’s really hard to not be defensive when I try so hard to make content that is fluid and interesting. I don’t get paid for what I do, and the only reason I am doing this is for a little fun and to pay it forward.

Allotment, could you possibly share some positive reviews of a product that you felt wasn’t too “salesy” that I might be able to learn from?

Also, my state only allows us to grow a maximum of 12 plants, which I am at. Could you give me some recommendations on how I might incorporate this type of product, mid grow, into a video which the community would find useful?

I will also try to incorporate some of your recommendations into my future videos as much as I can.

Thanks again for your response,

Stay Lifted~

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About the Sponsored category

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Thanks DiggySoze,

So since I am not an advertiser, nor a promoter, nor am I sponsored by these companies as the information that I provide are all my own opinions, I should be good right?

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If you enjoy creating videos, continue to do so. This community is not very large and will not help to increase your subscribers. Personally I prefer reading about garden updates than product reviews.


I was trying to send a PM LOL WTF

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After watching the video calyxander reposted and knowing about the previous video posted in I believe palindrome’s thread, I would say you need a few major changes to make it look less like shilling or posting content to get paid by YouTube.

1: Dont do review/comparison videos of products you dont have or haven’t used yet/ dont use stock footage except to show what the claims vs what you observed

In the case of the grow bags, you would have been much better off doing a simple unboxing and a “stay tuned for more” until you put them in use and had more of your own personal experience, video, and photos to put into the video

2: until you are well known, give a brief background of why people should value your advice/ show more of your background. If you have previous grow logs, link them in your videos. If you dont have any, start some up here.
This will also help to grow OGs respect and trust in you, which would be a tremendous help in spreading the word on your channel. I personally would prefer to link videos of an OG’er than a random when pointing something out to someone, but I also expect more from an OG’er and wont promote something that may be detrimental to this community.

3: your disclaimer needs to be both spoken and in text at the BEGINNING of the video. I personally would do a brief intro then the disclaimer.

“Hey everyone, Bill with The Grow Tent Guys here with a new product I’m really excited about! I have a bad back, and it’s hard to transplant… found these cool new bags, EZ Swap Pots! This product was purchased by me personally, I have no affiliation to corporate shitheads, I am not being paid, this is my opinion.” Follow it with you talking about the features while showing it and give your first impressions.

After using the product for a round and documenting it (more legit in a grow log… just sayin :wink:) you can go back and do a follow up review. It would be even better to do your unboxing, then post it here in a grow log following along with your use of them and end out the grow log with a review. You can use the log to document your feelings along the way that can be used in your review video, and you can link to your grow log on the review video giving more legitimacy to your opinion.

These are the most glaring issues I have with your videos and/or posting them here. I personally think unboxing/review videos should be more conversational, like telling your buddy bout the cool new toy you picked up.

I will add that I am the person that reported your first video in palindrome’s thread. At that time I had no idea who you were, you had only a few posts, 2 of which were review videos, and the video linked didnt have anything to do with the topics being discussed in my opinion. I honestly didnt realize that it would remove your post due to my member level, so it was a bit more extreme than I intended. I’m sorry for that. I know a lot more about you and what you’re trying to accomplish now and applaud your effort. At the time though, you were a nobody, engaging in an act that most do for monetary gain, and your video was a little over polished and too much like a promo video from the manufacturer for a new reviewer.

Hope this helps! Keep on doing what you love Bill!

EDIT: Forgot to say lose the robo-voice over. For me personally, I spent 7 years in the vape industry. It sounds too much like a joyetech or kanger promo video…


I have very little tolerance for bullshit.

The sole purpose of your website is Amazon affiliate click farming. All text is copy & paste from the company websites, “enhanced” with your Amazon link.

And the same goes for your videos. They are just to put your affiliate links there, maybe also Youtube ads, I block those so I wouldn’t know. You did not even take the time to write an actual posting for OG, you copy & paste the Youtube text, which does not make any sense here.

That is commercial content.

You get the products for free. You actually offer “reviews” as a service to companies.

You are supposed to sponsor OG, which in turn entitles you to post commercial stuff in the “Sponsored” category for sponsors. Instead of throwing it in other people’s threads (I missed that but lol wtf)

I only speak for myself. For me, no, it’s not. Because there is hardly any information besides company sales blabber. And your whole presentation (website, youtube, OG) to me is just clickfarming.

You have not used it. You unbox a pot, read a company text and have not used it, but call it a review. It’s not. Sorry. It’s you throwing company logos at people and telling them how to use the channel they are watching you on, as if you expect them to be complete idiots.

I know Youtube is full of unboxing videos and similar things with the informational content of a dead frog. Maybe most people watching it are actually idiots. I don’t know.

Way too many affiliate links on your website for me to believe that.

I’m not going to do the research for your business, sorry.

Then use it in your next grow and safe the review for after that. Or, well, this is OG, the community you love, so you could, like, do a grow log and people could see them in action. That is what a lot of people here do and enjoy reading.


Now this is what I am looking for ChronicMcBudz. Actionable suggestions with logical reasoning behind it.

Thank you for the well thought out advice and information. I will definitely try to implement most if not all.

I especially like #3. if I had the disclaimer in the beginning, perhaps I could have avoided this issue all together.

“These are the most glaring issues I have with your videos and/or posting them here. I personally think unboxing/review videos should be more conversational, like telling your buddy bout the cool new toy you picked up.”

I Take that as a compliment as I watched lots of youtube content to get an idea of what I wanted my content to look like. I figured people were tired of looking at “Talking Heads” on YT and were watching more well produced content from growers around the globe.

Thanks again and I will try my best to incorporate your suggestions on my future posts.

Respect and thank you for your time.

Couldn’t watch more than a minute because of the voice.

It reminded me of far too many clickbait ‘top ten’ type youtube videos.

I would rather watch a video with sound that echoes, badly cut, that sometimes goes out of focus but actually looked like just some guy talking about a product they actually bought with their own money, used for a couple of cycles to actually see how good it is, and liked so much they couldn’t stop themselves telling people about it and show it in use over a period of months.

One good example of someone who has done that is the LED hack shack thread. Multiple LED lights, side by side in a test grow, over a few months to see the relative differences between different types of chip.

I also don’t prefer videos that urge me to ‘like and subscribe’ because those feel like commercial enterprises, not someone doing it because they love it. Don’t be a ‘like and subscribe’ monkey…


When it comes to reviews on any Products , it should be based on the posters personal experience.
Use a product during your grow, then write a review and give the pros and cons of the product being used in your own experiences.


That is the funniest thing I have seen in a week! Thank you MicroDoser, I needed that ! XD

I will send you my day 16 flower update that I just posted via PM. Aside for the end credits, could you please let me know your thoughts as I use my own voice, but feel it sounds TERRIBLE XD.

Appreciate you!


It’s a good video, and nothing wrong with your voice.
You just need to get used to listening to it, it don’t sound terrible to the viewer.
1000x better then the computer voice!

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Thank you friend! Another silly question, but I really would like your input.

How do you feel about scripts? I notice that some YT’ers write out the content and read it over the video. To me, it seems to make for more fluidity, but also sounds a bit “sales pitchy”, thoughts?

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Could you please edit your thread title? I don’t see any false accusations, just other points of view. If yo ask for help or advice from this community first thing would be to show some respect with those that may think different, cheers … :sunglasses:


In our world today a lot of people Get paid by the click. Even if you are not attempting any sales stuff it might seem to some that you are trying to use likes and clicks as a way to make $$

Now personally I have no issues with someone making a buck using clicks, that’s how I earn a living.

That’s probably where the negative comes from, even though you are not trying to sell, just doing something you love. You do you. As long as you aren’t being a dick or hurting someone nobody should have an issue with what you are doing.


Hmm thats a good question

Scrips can be good, but again depends on what your making.

Personal I don’t use scrips, but I might write down topics.
But again my videos are hard to scrips, as I record events and edit it into X minutes.
I wing everything I say, I do a bit of retakes. If it’s possible, if it’s instructions it’s easy.
If it’s a live event, it’s a bit harder.

So your daily videos, maybe write down if there is something you wanna remember to mention.
Besides that just wing it, and just be you. Don’t be over excited, at least not too often. Sure if your jacked about something, let it show, but often I find many youtubes become repetitive about how amaznig something is.

Planing is important, even tho I don’t use a scrips. I have a plan for what I wanna do, some might turn in a different direction. And a plan for the whole channel and videos, what is it I wanna make for films. Some a pure entertaining, others are heavy instruction videos. But all of them, contain something of me that I try to pass on to the viewer.

Also important, ask yourself. Why should the viewer watch your video?
Is there 20 good videos on the topic already, if so ask your self can I make one that is as good as the best of them. As well as bringin in a personal twist, as that’s very important to set you apart from the rest.

If you got original ideas, for helpfull videos. Thats a good reason, for people to watch it and keep watching.

I don’t see a well scripted video as salesy as per se, I listen more for choice of words/lingo and tempo.

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Hi George, the false accusations were for a post which was already taken down. The topic was picked because I was falsely accused in the removed post. Do you have any suggestions as to an alternative topic title which would encompass this?

I am all ears and willing to make change if I have the right guidance.

Thank you.

Thank you and much love! My biggest issue is always trying to make everyone happy. Trying to find that middle ground, but I guess part of being an adult is the realization that no matter what you do, some people are just going to hate. and sometime for hate’s sake. I would be happy to upload the entire video directly to this site, but thought that I could help save space on OG’s servers and also help more people by posting on Youtube.

thanks again George1961,

Stay Lifted!

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Falsely Accused, in some minds, might lead to possible legal implications…

Along the same lines of Slander…

Food for thought if you wish to carry on an on-line presence…

But then again, what do I know… I have no experience in the legal system, but according to the Crown Attorney of Ontario I am capable of defending an individual, whom I have never met, of Sexual Assault… Go figure…lol