Panama Red 79-83

Would love to trade these to someone who can do these justice.
I’m not on that level yet and these could be used to preserve a genetics line. So I offer these up to trade for SeedJunky, in-house, ethos , exotic seeds.


Id love to add a couple of tjise to my collection hell my name is potdaddy4x4 and i am a seedaholic. I have a bunch of indica dominant strains monster kush midnight lemon a bunch let me know what you need and ill see if i have otherwise a purchase may be in order

Peace out and stayvsafe


Would love something with a lot of euphoria

If yr trade goes thru, consider joining in the Central American Landrace thread…


@Upstate just as I thought I better tagg U…you chime in already…

would be great to see multiple PR grows compared.

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you can offer them to be done as a seed run for the community to share.

gives a way to re-fresh the beans and spread good karma…just saying…

but no pressure, do as you choose.

hopefully, the postman arrives with my LambsBread X PR beans today…

  • I plan on catching him at the mailbox today…

Definatly will distribte to og for sire always pay fotward


Yeah… IMO these are not seeds to sit in someone’s collection. Whoever gets them should do the right thing and do a proper preservation attempt with the knowledge that these seeds will be extremely different to get going… take great care :slightly_smiling_face:
me .02$Z

Stay hazed


Love to take part… I have ethos i can trade!! DM me for a list!! @Mr.Gritz

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I have purpleurkle xeverday haze
Orange x jasmin

Blue cookies

Girl scout cookies

Northern lights x orange grove

I can do one or more in a trade just let me know what you eould like they are all indica dominant and regular photos that is could be male or female

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doing a preservation run would be awesome. i hope someone does it. this was one strain i figured i’d never see and would love to grow some out in the future.


hey brother, is that where the Mexican grow stuff we had been talking about, be? I need to get motivated to do it. My Neville’s is almost done and I have some old Panama Red myself. I got one to flower but it got infested while I was off for work. So, I know some will pop. And I know the guy that gave me those and the Mexican seeds grew at least one Mexican.


Yup. I’m cracking Oaxacan beans now…Central American Landrace Thread. Aka the Mexican Christmas Run.


Has anyone started to preserve this Panama red? If they have I wouldn’t mind trading some beans for the offspring.

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@Kushking902 i just threw a couple of these into paper towels from mr gritz. 1 germ’d out of 2. i don’t know if they are actually panama red, but if this one sprouts and survives i’ll be tossing it outisde in a couple months. so not preserving, just testing 1 out.


Keep us updated! Hope it’s a strong female.


I’m preserving this one now…its 74 Red Cross Panama crossed to B.C.O. Panama, which was preserved by Colombians years ago. This one is known as double Panama from snow High. The 20 people that went in on the Vietnam dalat and Vietnam Black varieties get dibs on the Seeds, but I am hoping there will be more than enough to pass some extras out. The scary part is there’s only one male producing pollen. I think the second male is just a very late plant. The pictures are in the Central American landrace thread.


I’d love to try those if you have extras!


i only have a few, I’d have to dig them out to see how many, but i would say 6 or so. i don’t mind sharing but if i do, i would prefer they go to someone doing a preservation run. i would hate to see these disappear without having made an attempt to preserve them, especially if they turn out to be the real deal panama red

edit: i planned to get them done for a preservation but other stuff got in the way. if the one i throw outdoors is any good i’ll continue the preservation

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