🖼 Picture of the year contest, Free entry, hundreds of seeds for winners

Current Sponsor list: @DougDawson @Qtip @Stevie1durr

OG’s entered into contest: @Qtip @DougDawson @sprinklememaynee @Pawsfodocaws @Shadey @Neb @ifish The next 2 OG’s who enter will see their picture along with the other 8 in the first video exclusively for OverGrow’s picture of the year contest.

DougD Thank you for your help. I am most grateful.

@Papalag hello my friend, it’s been a bit since we last communicated. I wanted to let you know, I think of you often because it’s fun to grow with you and sharing the good times and making the bad times better. Thank you for sharing your grow life with us, it is my pleasure to OverGrow with you.

100’s of seeds are going to be put on the list of prizes, will we reach 420 seeds to be given away to winners in multiple categories… join as a OG sponsor, enter the contest or just enjoy the show. This could possibly turn out to be a world record breaking historical event for OverGrow and all OG’s, there is no other community like ours when we are a team of families.


Hi All, nice idea @Heliosphear ! You guys are great!! Here’s my entry for OGPOTY! (OverGrow Picture Of The Year :wink: )

“A Collaboration Is Born” - Goji OG Preservation Collaboration

This picture represents the idea that gave birth to a collaboration. People working together to preserve a strain from a person whose work is highly respected (@bodhi). I believe that the spirit put behind this strain motivated the keeper of these seeds @The_Lazy_Hippie to begin this collaboration and I am happy to be a part of it all.


Hey there OGers. A question for you all. What categories would you like to see in this event? Best Pic, Best drawing, pic containing grow content etc? Just looking for ideas and opinions so please share your ideas of what you would like to see here. Thanks all.


I would say paintings and drawings and maybe not paintings or drawings lol
: )


@TrevorLahey I know you got a winning pic :wink:


An exclusive for the OverGrow Picture of the Year

OTUG - Whisperer of the Trees

And a link to my grow

Been cultivating since I was a kid. I hope to inspire you all to grow your own massive tree one day :grinning:

Shout out to some of my fellow OGs!!




I guess it makes sense maybe to have one category for art and drawings and then maybe another for photography.


I was under the impression at the start this was about paintings and drawings done by us ?
: )


I think we may just have more than 1 category so more can participate.


I may have misunderstood. But then again:

I suppose this could be interpreted in either direction.


That picture and thread are a pretty good snapshot of my grow area these days. Making beans with other people’s work lol. But hey, I’m also growing some pretty nice tree :wink:. So there’s that.


We need as many categories as entries! :rofl: Best painting, from a Canadian who has pictures in their growlog of two phenos of 9# hammer… @Qtip wins!


I think the first original post maybe edited changed after the last drawing posted
( goal posts moved in middle of game lol )

That’s why first few posts actually drawings / paintings and not photographs

I thought @Heliosphear wanted us to get creative and draw or paint something , good or bad doesn’t matter , thus keeping with his theme of art : )
So different than the usual photo dump we see all the time
Don’t think you can change the rules mid game to more suit certain players : )


Actually the second user who posted a pic or drawing was me and it’s a pic :wink: This event is getting bigger and will have more than one category so not to worry. This way more can enter. Stay tuned for full contest details, categories and prizes to be posted. You are correct that this is changing but it’s evolving into a much bigger event so that’s a good thing.


You are getting serious with this :grinning:

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I just believe when rules are set they are set , it’s a principle thing , I like consistency and order : )


Once prizes started being donated more categories came to be needed

There will be 200 or 300 seeds or more given out as prizes so plenty of chances to win


What rule has been changed as I seem to have missed it so not understanding?


The day San Francisco sky went black from the smoke and dust from the California fires,I took all these pics black and whites ones are my neighborhood durning the first San Francisco lock down you could take your dog out for a walk lol

Ash on the car is from the fires


Beautiful shots @anon98660487, which one are you entering into the contest?