Plant shapes, morphology, & your preferred form? SOG? SCROG? Natural 🌲?

Growers who have trained & grown plants in every shape (e.g. SCROG)… What do you prefer most often & why? What are the drawbacks & positives of the other methods or plant training in your opinion?


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I prefer to just let them grow naturally as it’s a PITA to scrog or train them. It doesn’t help that I’m lazy AF though :rofl:
I’m cutting my plant count down to just 4 now and plan to scrog them until the canopy is full then flip. I’ve got a little more time now to dedicate to growing so I’ve no excuse for any future fuck ups :rofl:


Topped a few times and scrogged for sure. Without topping, many strains will do the Christmas tree shape with one big main cola and smaller side branches quite a ways lower down the plant which leads to poor light penetration.

Topping and lst is great, but when the nugs get huge (hopefully lol) you get branches sagging/breaking etc and they can need near constant attention. Scrog gives me the best of that shape with easy support and structure. I find training plants on a screen to be a total breeze compared to tying down individual branches etc.


For me the scrog is too much work. I prefer to top early, then train for 8-10 “branch’s” then let them come up natural through a netting placed at like 80 percent of their finish height. Allows me to see the plant better, and the netting acts as a brace for larger Colas. I can still yoyo this way too…
Agree with Beacher cept with a net for bracing, I cover 80 percent of the sagging and breaking right there. The YOYO’s help with the really tall and large Buds.

TO each his own. Scrog will yield…and once done “tucking”, it pretty much runs itself.


I love lst and topping, but…if I didn’t have a plant count, I’d SOG all the way. Put clones directly in 12 n 12. Quicker turn over, and I honestly believe you get more this way. But, like I said, I do love to top and scrog as well. It’s kinda an art form really.


Scrog for me in my DWC… though I do also use SOG on a small scale… Mostly because SOG requires a lot more plants to produce a decent amount and there are legal issues here with that. Also, I tend to be pretty low maintenance if I can get away with it… top it once, throw a net over it, let it grow and rearrange the net space once or twice as the plant stretches out… The downsides are that for my strip light setup I have to be ruthless with leaf management to get the most out of it, but regardless of scrog net or not you have to do the same imho… also if you have multiple plants that are growing a different rates, or with different amounts of stretch when using the same net it can make scrog a royal PITA, I have this issue at the moment and an having to snap and bend branches on one plant to keep then semi even.

My issues with SOG really are that I always seem to overveg and then run out of space, and it really needs all clones of the same strain or shit goes every which way, and as I say the fact that the fuzz here don’t really discriminate legally between one plant with half a pound on it, or 10 plants with 6 oz on them.

Outdoors, I just top it a couple of times or if I want to keep them low, I just bend a foot long piece of wire into a U shape and pin the branches to the ground under it…


that works for me also but it is not even legit to grow here sadly :frowning:

had the same problem on the first one I did, second one out of the cloner

three days veg in the pot then flip the lights

all the best and grow well



I prefer to low stress train and top rather than scrog. It’s the best combination of training and laziness and fills the canopy well. I’m unlikely to SOG because it makes little sense to take 20 clones from a plant I could just flower as is.

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I do agree with that when I was doing SOGs I would do 3 - 400 watt lamps over like

108 or so six inch square pots

for me plants are better with SOGs plant count gets crazy

all the best



Nothing wrong with a SOG. If I’m being honest I low stress train because it gives me an excuse to spend more time with my plants.