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My humble little corner to post some pictures and what not. Figured this is a great way to procrastinate garden work lol. I’m really good at taking a ton of pictures, and then not labeling what strain they are. So, a few untitled to start things off.

Bodhi something I think.

If I was a gambling man, this is something from Bodhi lol.

Not a clue lol.

Just liked this one.


OK… now to go put some seeds in dirt. Hope everyone is having a great Thor’s day!


The pic where you wrote “not a clue” looks like my last plant (a Cookies Kush cross).
The way the buds grow is mad, the calyxes explode and get huge.

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Nice! Who was the Cookies Kush breeder? I haven’t grown any cookie crosses - although we have white tahoe cookies at work that is pretty nice imho.

Thought this was pretty interesting. Not sure if I have seen this mutation before:


@Tappy got off work early today - one of the benefits of winter lol. Sometimes the inputs vary, but this is essentially how I do my 100 gallon pots.

Fill with soil and plant

Top dress

Mulch layer



It was Peyote cookies by Barney’s farm.
It was my first time at growing that strain.
I had to google a few pictures as it seemed every bud was foxtailing but that’s just the way they grow.


Home made soil mix?..what do you use to top-dress?
Very cool!!! How big is that 100 gallon pot?..dimensions…lol


I haven’t heard of that one! How did you like it? I really don’t know all the ins and outs of foxtailing, but imho it does seem like some cultivars just like to do that! Then there are the times I let the plants get too close to the lights lmao!!! :joy:

Thanks Tappy! Yes, it’s a homemade soil mix. The top dressing in the picture consisted of comfrey, nettles, horse tail, chamomile, lavender, etc. Lately, due to availability, finances, and not having as good of a compost source, I’ve been using some kelp, rock dust, neem meal, fish meal, etc. Pots are 38" in diameter and 22" deep. The one in the picture is in a 4’ x 4’ tent, so I only filled it with about 70 gallons or so of soil. I’ll post up more pictures of some of 50’s server fund strains when they get a little farther along. :v:

To anyone that I have given a DBHP cross to (regardless of the female), this is the dad which was a red bleeder.

Thought for the day :slight_smile:

I’m constantly out of likes lmao! :joy:


Awesome!! You have got some fire going!! That leaf mutation is crazy!!


Hey thanks man! I’m lucky my plants grow in spite of what I do to them lol. Thought the leaf was real cool. Hadn’t seen that before. Another reason I love growing this plant so much, I constantly see/learn new things, never gets old. :wink:


Found these - pictures of the Chocolate Trip mom I used to cross to a Grimmdica male.

Choclate Trip

Grimmdica Dad

Anyone have recommendations for a good Chocolate Thai? Or hybrid to keep the flowering times reasonable? :v:


:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i would love to have a night with that mom… alone time :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::ok_hand:


Hold, where’s my pimp hat lol. Thanks man! I have some curing in jars. I’ll try and post up a bud pict or two later. This is a crappy picture of one of the offspring.


Sounds like an amazing cross, a true abcd poly hybrid which is kinda rare nowadays… the chocolate trip looks great and the offspring looks nice in that picture. Hows the buzz on her?

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Thank you very much man! I’m an amateur pollen chucker, but I really love it. I really enjoy the buzz on both of them. A little unique imho. Definitely has some of the body/normal indica kinda buzz, but also a good head buzz as well effecting the yes. :v:


I’m totally slacking on this thread lol. This is my first attempt at making RSO. The plan is to add it to my normal medicated coconut oil recipe and make some Mike Tyson capsules lmao.


2 x Orange Goji on the left and 2 x Orange Sunshine on the right. 100 gallon smart pot hidden under there. I’m going to need to cut them back and do some defol as they still have a week or two before I flip the room 12/12. They’re growing faster then most of the other plants in spite of being horribly neglected. Thank you again for the genetics @50State! :v:


Hindu Kush from Andarab Village Afghanistan.


Orange Sunshine F2 in the foreground.


Bad picture, but this is Sour Apple IBL.

I showed someone a picture of this plant and said, It’s a Sour Apple IBL. They asked what IBL meant. I said… It means it’s from Kentucky.

True Story. :speak_no_evil:


Great looking plats in this thread. Your RSO looks killer too :+1: Ethanol extraction?

You’ll get nice caps from that :slight_smile: