Mongo’s stanky outdoor jungle 2020

Another outdoor grow season is here! Last year was dedicated to seed runs so this year is going to be dedicated to sticky flower that I can turn into some amazing hash. I’ve put out 15 plants

Space Monkey
Black Triangle
Black berry breath
Rocky Mountain High
Huckleberry crackers
And 2 unknown strains for the heck of it.

Here is the plot. Same spot I did the Oregon huckleberry last season. Between farmland and up against the river. The soil is very rich and stays very moist because of the riverbed next to it.

Surrounding vegetation keeps my little slice of heaven discreet.


Looks like a good spot, may you have a heavy harvest


Thanks man, hoping for that good growing weather all summer long!


I wish I had a spot. All the places I knew years ago have been developed now. Still know a few places but can only get there by boat which I don’t have anymore, even if I still had it would look funny putting a 26’ mako in fresh water lol I’m a little jealous if you guys that can do outdoor. Hell one grow for y’all is a few in my little 4x4. Here’s to long sunny days, gentle breezes and just enough rain.


Ohhh man this is gonna be good


Ya very sweet spot. I’m more limited for sure. :beers: here’s to a good summer.


It looks like you’re off to a great start.
May the Ganja Gods smile upon you, and bless you with
a fine bumper crop.

Good luck!


Bookmarked ! … in for the show ,good luck mate

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Those are really close together. You expecting to cull males?


Nooooooo… I have run out of likes for the day.

It looks like it’s going to be awesome. But I don’t really know too much though. I’m still learning. Why do you choose a boggy area?

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Hey hope all is well. It’s a mix of 7 clones and 8 regular plants. I’m expecting to be yanking out 4. I was considering dropping a scrog over the entire area as well just need to find a green net. It’s gonna be a multi strain bush by September :rofl:

It’s not a bog but it’s spongy and easy to dig through. It’s nice to be right up against the river. I think the roots penetrate through the soil to the water table below and get constantly fed. I’m not sure about that but it’s my thought.


The semi-open cover and access to water throughout the season. Mongo hasn’t planted in the stagnant muck, but rather on a built up mound that will have water wick up through it. It’s actually almost too good to be true. Most folks will never have an outdoor spot like this. Things can still go wrong and there are always challenges, but that is one heck of a spot. So now we pray for no critters to get the munchies and that they aren’t somehow spotted by a ripper looking for a place to grow. Those plants are in rows, which is the only visible giveaway. Subbing this one…


Yeah, he’s got rain, and the river! Nature is on his side here. The only water my plants get outside in dry Southern California comes from the hose. lol At times I’m quite envious of country life, then I remember the perfect weather here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is gonna be another fun summer of outdoor growing @Mongobongo. I’m excited to see your grow and the Dr Seuss tree again. :grin: :green_heart:


yea man looks and sounds like a good spot if the river does not flood. and their or no hunters i know the plants will be gone before hunters . but they can see that the soil has been turned over when they or looking for a animal they shot. me i go to my guerilla grows mostly @ night have a coon hunting dog keep light pointed @ the ground so a game warden will not think i am looking for deer. that my cover story any way. the game warden have checked me so many times they know my truck and i am legal they now what i am doing . they do not check me any more.


Found this in my garden today. Didn’t plant it. It’s right close to where I deseeded the Oregon Huckleberry last fall. Must have survived the winter and spring. I’m gonna take it in as a stray. Repot her and let her thrive around my pool this summer.


Nice job @Mongobongo. Hope to see more photso of the grow.

So nice to have a river close by. The girls roots will end up searching for water. And coz its so close by it will be plentiful


Went down to the patch today. Slow growth so far. Mosquitos were insane so I didn’t get any pics. Will be waiting a few weeks until I go down again.

On the way I found this poison ivy vine climbing a tree. Tree is mostly dead so all the green you see is the ivy. Insane eh!


Isn’t it crazy how something so vile can be that beautiful? What a cool shot. Love it! :green_heart:


Visited the patch again last night. For two weeks in things are looking okay. The vegetation around my spot is crazy this year. The plants need some more water and less bugs chomping on them. I’ll need to get down and spray some stuff around the area. I’ve really done nothing to these plants I just tossed them in and am letting them do there thing.

This girl is Getting her ass kicked by leaf hoppers.


Update from last night. They Need some rain but things are looking alright.

Can you see them? :wink: