Powdery Mildew on 19 week old NL AUTO? (Yeah i know REALLY THAT LONG?)

Hey Guys,

I have a very old NL that has taken forever to flower… Today i have flour like stuff on the leaves and its spread alot in 24 hours since i chopped some branches off yesterday that I thought had it

Can anyone confirm it from the microscope photo?.. View in full view and scroll the microscope photos. You can see the worm thing move!

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it looks like it could be, but definitely sounds like powdery mildew - whatever it is use some Monterey Complete Disease Control - it is a broad spectrum preventative biofungicide/bactericide with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747. As a rule of thumb I spray this on my plants every two weeks through veg and up to week 6 in flowering. Good luck.

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Can you post a pic of the plant and the leaves? Thanks … beer|nullxnull

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Sorry guys posted while in work was so a little rushed when i uploaded… Here’s some better photos!

The bottom section is the part with the powder, but i was always only planning to keep the top half to smoke which isnt affected so far.

the bottom half is still undeveloped bud size but had been good enough to keep to make some alternatives. Should i just chop the bottom branches and keep the good stuff? Or chop it all? The top doesn’t look ready to me but im seriously at week 19 i dont know how much more i can take with this northern lights AUTO!

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Also if you view the microscope photos in full view and click between photo 1 and 2 you can see the worm like thing is moving

Thanks for the tips but im on Week 19 on a bad batch by RQS of northern lights auto!

yeah that sure looks like PM to me. I would spray them with a hydrogen peroxide/water/soap mix until its harvest time and then do this once you chop them:

how much more do you expect to get out of those plants? they obviously still have more to go, but at this point with the long auto flowering and the PM etc I think I personally would just take my losses and chop early and hope I could remove all of the PM in the wash
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chop it all and move on would be my suggestion especially at 19weeks


Diluted milk worked for me.

Sounds weird but it works.

Don’t want your smoke tasting like rotten milk, so maybe wash them with a hose after you spray, a few hours

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Il watch that video now didn’t realise washing them was and option.

Basically it ended up being a non auto… Started flowering this with other photo periods for first few weeks took the photos out to harvest. Increased the lights to 18 because it should of been an auto. It revegged for 2 weeks until i realised (Week 6 i think) and took another 2-3 weeks to stop growing on 12/12 again…

And here’s where i am week 19 :upside_down_face::coffee:. Im thinking maybe the next week or 2 i need the growspace

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Yeah man, time is more important than plants or smoke. You can always swap more time for more smoke, but not the other way around. Cut your losses and move on.

I have a Mephisto Forum Stomper that didn’t start flowering till I threw it under 12/12 at week 8.


Ive done this with young plants with great results in the past! In a spray bottle was perfect.

Just annoyed this time PWM came too late to do any treatments… as soon i was thinking this has gone on too long and i need to harvest. Helllo Mildew!

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