Purple unicorn F5

What’s the story on this strain? Picked it up because it keeps selling out super fast. Anyone know why bodhi has invest so much into the strain? Anyone know what he’s after regarding traits?


Its blackberry widow x chemdog. Its a purple strain that smells like chem and at f5 it would be good to breed with. From what ive seen the pu shines through in the offspring.


Thanks for the reply. Out of curiosity when does it become ibl?

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That would be a prime preservation piece to make an F6 with can I ask where you found them in stock?

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At F6 it would be a ibl


speakeasyseedbank.com has them, re-stocked yesterday. They are a pricey bank, $77/bodhi pack.

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that deep deep deeeeep purple bud and tons of frost from every one ive seen

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Speakeasy seed bank

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