Rotating reflectors

I’d like to ask if any of you have tried rotating reflectors. You can check one of them - called TopSpin - here:

It was created by one of good czech growers, unfortunately the Topspin company is out of business now.

It is large reflector for vertical hung lamp. Rotated passively using fan.

He claims following advantages:

Advantages of dynamic lighting are as follows:

1/ illumination of larger areas
2/ elimination of light hotspots and heat stress
3/ illumination of the plant in more depth

The unique design of the Topspin reflector allows rotational movement around the axis of the static bulb. The rotating reflector ensures dynamic lighting of the area underneath, which is beneficial to the plants. In short: the rotating sheets send glints towards the plants.

[…]the advantages of dynamic lighting as such have been known in plant cultivation for a long time. For example the so-called “light-spinners” or “light movers” move the source of illumination on a rail from one side to the other and back. This creates dynamic lighting that has similar benefits.

The final shape was designed based on the conclusions of the study “Exploring Reflection: Designing Light Reflectors for Uniform Illumination”

The orientation of the bulb allows the placement of ventilation holes right above it and the misalignment of the reflector sheets encourages better air flow.

Personally I’m little bit sceptical, mainly because of “Law of Conservation of Energy and Mass”. But it is interesting idea so I thought I share it with you.

There are reasons why people use light movers and this partly shares the same principle.


Light movers and spinners have been around for awhile. I know why I avoided them - for moving parts - I want as little as possible that can go wrong. Definitely sounds better because it’s passive.


A guy at the growshop had a Sun Circle slowly back it’s own bolt out until it fell into his garden :-1:
Was it his own fault? Probably, but it was enough to scare me away from the rotating-style light-movers.


My guees is it doesnt work company out of buisiness is usually a sign that somethong didnt might have been a good udea but not practicle