Sad day for my wife

Pancreatic is hard. Yes, CBD will dissolve in any lipid.

There is evidence CBD is more effective with at least some THC. I wouldn’t rely on just CBD, maybe a blend of traditional Cannabis RSO extract with some extra CBD for good measure, plus THC is what really helps with appetite and maintaining good spirits/pain relief/nausea relief.

From my limited experience…it can be difficult to get older folks to actually stick to the dosage schedule. I got my grandma some edibles and she only took them for 2 days because it wasn’t “working” like OK no problem we just need to increase dosage and stick to it but many still feel weird taking “drugs”. Ive had family members with terminal cancer who didn’t take their pain meds because they don’t want to be “addicted”. Definitely a psychological aspect to it.


Thanks to all of you for your support
Big family here :+1: :pray:


Yes i understand
But not a problem with his dad he wants to try

I have just made CBD crystals infused in organic coco oil

A Friend gave me some dry SnowLotus
And i have made THC infused too


this situation just makes me want to get back to growing weed indoors
and papaver outside


I was recently gifted a bottle of CBD oil. It’s 1200mg and mixed with MCT oil. I won it at our small blues fest last week Some of the pot dispensaries had booths set up and were giving things away. I’m also in the group who thinks THC mixed with it would help.

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) has been shown to prevent cancer cells from replicating. I would research cancer and RSO. That’s really awesome that they found it early. There’s still a lot of hope to be had. Prayers and vibes sent bro. peace


Got another Friend who made extraction with dymethyl-ether + vacuum pomp
I will give it a try with this, infused in coco oil


From my own experience I would advocate doing whatever it takes to spend as much time together as possible, and wading into the future slowly, discussing end of life. It was something I wasn’t able to do in my situation & it lingers with me.

RSO can do wonders from what I’ve read/heard, CBD is very helpful, but some medical situations are too severe unfortunately.

@vernal’s comment is spot on re: mindset; hopefully your dad-in-law isn’t afraid of weed.
The medical side of the Cannabis Community is a welcoming & warm, safe place. Just smells a bit like patchouli & sage… :laughing:

RSO will mean being high :man_shrugging: and my mom wasn’t cool with that at first, being a 20-yrs-sober AA ‘honor-student’. :sunglasses: I had to remind her that it was a question of comfort, not responsibility/addiction, & if surgery was needed she’d most certainly be getting high for that, so why not see it in the same light? Like wisdom-teeth removal every day! :crazy_face:



Down right
Discussing end of life is something we are not used to doing in our short and speed life


RSO means gettin’ high

But we Can make RSO with a good CBD strain no??


Praying for you all

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Keep your CBD in your oil base, MCT, Coconut…
RSO is made by stripping the plant of its trichomes using an alcohol base. Which you burn off and it leaves the tarry RSO.
Which then can be made into capsules, edibles, lotions…
Also, if you take too much RSO and get too high. Take a good CBD out will level you out. You should take CBD and RSO at different intervals to be effective. Like every 2 -4 hours switch from one to the other. Depending on needs.
Hope this helps…:v::green_heart:


Hope that will help him


This local company has high quality CBD oils - they’ve got all the cannabinoids except THC (I have read that even 15:1 CBD to THC is better than pure CBD but this place hasn’t been able to get licensed to deal THC). Looks like they ship internationally - the owner’s really nice, if you contact them to order in bulk I bet she would lower the price:


Full spectrum is best!:green_heart:
Good catch @Muleskinner


Along with medicine, the intent to heal must be strong.
You gotta believe and know that you can heal.

Daily affirmations said out loud under the shower for example:

I am healthy. I am strong. Dear highly intelligent and awesome body of mine, glucose only for the benevolent cells! I am magnificent and disease is inappropriate in my life. Disease can not survive in my body. I am free from cancer and any other disease. My powerful immunesystem destroys all that is not benevolent.

In combination with organically grown THC and CBD medicine, he’ll be a new man in a couple of months. Especially when spirits can be kept high and joyful, keep it light and crack a joke as often as you can. Seriousness is just another disease.


Very sorry to hear about this. I hope he’s open to the whole idea to help alleviate some of the pain both mentally and physically!


@Ras-T - YES! CBD-rich plants would be the source. :slight_smile: Basically, very high-grade hemp. :man_shrugging:

Somewhat tangentially, I heard Kevin Jodrey put it this way about weed:

“THC is the gas-pedal, CBD is the brake-pedal, & the minor cannabinoids & terpenes/flavonoids/etc. are the steering wheel.”

There’s a thread here recently where members shared experience of finding some plants(siblings, Bodhi’s Good Medicine F2 I think?) that actually exacerbated symptoms, while others from the same batch alleviated the problems. Frustrating sh*t to have to be our own guinea pigs sometimes. I totally sympathize.

So “pops” has to be down to trial & error it a bit.

My mom went from suspicious to “where’s my gummies?!” :sweat_smile:

with Aloha & gratitude for our community,



no planned intervention
the inflammation of the pancreas is still too much
If no intervention, chemotherapy could not start
They tell him 6 months to live


what are your cultivation options? can you grow there? if so, what scale? indoor or outdoor?

@Ras-T Sorry to hear about your wife’s dad mate. Look into Turkey Tail fungi. Apparently Paul Staments mum used it to battle breast cancer they wouldn’t give her chemo because of her age. She’s tumor free years later.