Scts' sideshow

Freakshow and stealth fighter… let’s see if fern leaf and webbed leaf play well together after a few generations…


are you saying those middle ones are cannabis? not carrots? that’s crazy!


Yeppers, its freakshow


Lights turn on at 7pm, I’ll grab some more pics then

Very interesting to say the least! The carrot looking ones and that very fat one are both odd, got my attention.
Pulling up a chair

Look close at the middle leaves of the fat one… they are webbed instead of pinnate, more like a hops leaf

Excited to see someone growing the Freakshow out, good luck!


I did buy these from

Stealth fighter (webbed) and freakshow (lacy)

Sorry for the crappy pics. I’m taking them at arms length under my light


Showing some webbing on the leaves

Different showing webbing

Not looking webbed

And those freaks, sooooo cool IMO I can’t wait to try the flowers.


So I had flower bulbs (agromax pure par flower and 2 2800k bulbs) and thought to myself “Ah, they will be fine until you have a chance to go get the right bulbs next week.” Well, you can see the result, stem elongation. I finally got the right bulbs and installed them today ( 2 agromax pure par grow and agromax pro grow 5400k) hopefully that elongation will stop now. These are 3 weeks from seed, I’m surprised how small the freaks still are, maybe half the size of the other plants the same age.


Added a 2" foam insulation on my poured concrete floor. Amazing difference. I can hit 75 noproblem now! I’m going to add a few more pieces around my tent to make it more heat efficient.

Still only 1 stealth fighter exhibiting webbed leaves.

The freakshows are the same age as all the other plants, but half the size. I’m guessing from having overall less surface area on the leaves?

Thrips seem to have been stopped cold with 2 applications of cannacontrol from mammoth p. But you can see a little damage because I did it during lights on the first application.

10 pack of 10 gallon pots are on the way to transplant them into. 2 plants just aren’t doing anything, so I will be culling the c-vibez and probably the g13 haze too.


Almost everything is feminized. Except the freakshow. I really hope for a male freak…

Oh, and everything sprouted over a 7 day period, except the clones in back


Month old check in. Slightly slower growth on all of them, due to using cannacontrol too long before lights out which fried a few leaves. Cannacontrol, captain jacks, and bti seems to have crushed my arthropod invasion, though. Found out the duckfoot is sensitive to nitrogen compared to all my others.

Family shot! Everyone say UK original cheese!

My cherry wine cbd, and I finally built an airlift tea brewer. No more air stone for me!


Decided to finally build an airlift tea brewer, took that concept and designed/built a 4 site hydro bucket… so I put 60 dayblueberry in it to try it out!

Everyone else is looking happy, did a little rearranging


Had a minor ph issue to clear up (you can see the beginning of an iron deficiency caused by high ph in my pics 8 day’s ago, im showing some N burn now because the high ph had locked it up as well). Didn’t think about the fact that I’m at solidly 50% used mushroom substrate, and its at least 30% coir, and I use alot of gypsum in it when I make it. My run off was 7.3. So I adjusted by making my water more acidic and everyone is coming right out of the funk they were in. Getting my 315 vertical cmh and going to spread plants out and hang it tonight. Also finished getting them all into 2 gallon pots, but I think these new ones are actually 2.5ish, definitely bigger than my other 2 gallons.


Forgot to say all 3 of the stealth fighter that were showing minimal/no webbing have all shown single webbed leaves here and there now, my guess is they are heterozygous for the webbed gene. Disappointing that 75% of my webbed plants are barely showing it.

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I think they like the cmh…


It’s looking good!


They are coming back from my phissue, and all getting huge. I normally flip at 4weeks and Im at 6 of veg now. I’m a little scared of how big they will get.

Speaking of which, these 2 (sorbet dreams and crunch berry bag seed) are my biggest plants by far. I kind of want to pull a couple clones to keep just because of the vigor they are showing. The CB is showing preflowers… its a girl!!!)

And the freaks and mutants. What I had thought was a nitrogen issue with the duck turned out to be a ph issue which she is finally recovering from nicely. The freaks grow slow, but are coming along well, the ph issue hit them too, but they are recovering quick. some of the others are showing preflowers, so I expect them to start showing gender soon :crossed_fingers:

Oh, so i did stem rubs on the freaks…

FS 1 rotten mango, or rotten citrus? Funky, danky and a bit sweet undertone. My favorite. I went back for a second rub. I really hope its male to get those genes into my crosses.
FS 2 and 3 herbie, non distinct yet, webbed smells similar too.
FS 4 and 5 orange, very sweet :tangerine:, some lemon too