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So I’m starting this here thread, instead of generalizing everything.
So in here you’ll be able to find everything Motz from fishing to carpentry work on my cabin and everything in between.

Today I’m showing a picture of a bunch of juvies.
Finding something really strange, now if it we’re just one no big deal But I got half dozen plus doing this shit.

Subject is Medman from mr.nice and Magicman from Snowhigh.
Magicman of Snows is the old Rasputin line made by 4 corners Cannarado mixed in with a little agc99.
Agc99 is acapolco gold x Cindy 99, which anything with the AGC 99 is some is Snows earliest work.

The problem I’m having is this

All of these were started at the same time, only finding this in Snows gear.
Medman on the left Magicman on the right, the whole front row of Magicman has this issue.
Any ideas anyone?


Hi bro normally when I run a new line out of 10 I would fined one or two slow growing juveis , ( I would have culled them ) but since it’s all of them it may just be a common trait of the line
The c99 in it should grow quickly imho I would wait and see
The combination AG and C99 wow should be a winner
I’ve never run snow high gear before but heard great things about them
Hang in there maybe spray with a very lite mix of kelp and water the babies love that shit


I’m checked into this thread. I always dig seeing remodeling projects. I have a major one on my hands here now and hope I have it in me.

Those seedlings are a sight. I think Papa is right, maybe just give them a chance. It must be in that line. I’ve had some really ugly shit come out of it and perform fine. Nature… go figure.


I’ve run both of these before, haven’t had this problem.
The Magicman came from 2 different vendors.
One PKG directly from Snow the other I sat on for a few years ago and came from another friend of Snows in Mi.

One of the medman from Mr.nice pulled that also.
All treated the same exact way.

Contemplating plucking them.


Nope no remodeling this was a brand new build.
I did own a remodeling business thou for 20 years then sold the business and semi retired.

Made Minnesota my new home.


It’s frustrating when your doing everything the same an there’s so mush of a difference

If you have the time and space let it go

The genetics say there’s something good in there


Maybe it had something to do with the storage?

Maybe I’ll pop a pic in sometime later on. It was the last big project I did. It was fun. A very rich guy spent $1.5 million on a 1000sq.ft. art studio and garage underneath for his golf carts.


Don’t know baffling to say the least virtually same genetics if you leave out the male AGC 99.

Storage problem- highly doubtful unless on their end.

BMS is/was a bit sluggish also.
Glad I’m making new stock off of these, hopefully have more vigor.


Not really running out of time, everything needs to be wrapped up by end of May.
Think I’m gonna pull the 2 that are just cotyledon leaves see what becomes of the half dozen uglys.


I have had this with older seeds but not a bunch like you have. The
ones that just show the first set of leafs, the rounded ones, did
they just stay that way while the others went on? If there were time
I would leave them I a veg box or with the mother plants and keep
them moist and see what happens. I had one really old seed do this
once, a 1997 Great White Shark I grew in 2014 that I thought would
never pass that stage of those rounded first set of leafs. But then I
just kept it while going on with the rest and I even put that little
seedling in like that when going to flower and it became a nice
little plant. Don’t know why it did that I just put it off to being
real old seeds. The GWS plant was amazing smoke so you might miss out
on some real nice ones in there if this is the case with these.

All the best on your project bro!


Could it be cold roots? Probably a stupid question, but I know you have some serious cold there and probably have that covered.


Hey @StocktonT good to see ya around.
Them seeds were only maybe 5 years old max.
Misstatement. Hard telling on the shelf time.
Maybe, I’ve had one pack for a couple years and the other for a year.

I went ahead and pulled the 2 that were just cotyledons.
Left the other malformed ones, for a bit longer.
See what happens, I guess.


This time of year I’m the biggest advocate of heat.
That’s what that black thingy is with the green print on the bottom of the tent. It covers the whole bottom, neatly.


i see you have a heat mat under the babies …also use one and found as it got older it had some spots that where warmer and cooler then others…could this be the case ? i would let them grow a bit see if they catch up …a man that can build/rebuild/fix things is just so wonderful … looking forward to what yall do…my cottage/house is in the middle of a remodel…it is the 3rd place i have lived in and worked on at the same time …am truly hoping it is the last :slight_smile:


I’ve played swap around but Thank you for your thoughts on the matter.
I only grow during late fall thru May, been at this regiment for over 20 years.
Got it all figured out and dialed in, I’m thinking it was all the same pack since there were 2 packs there.
I keep telling myself to keep things straight but they end up in the same jar with the others. At this point can’t tell from which direction they came from.


LOL i know that routine really well … at this point in my life i have a hard time remembering what i did an hr ago let alone last week or last month…been gardening my whole life and growing mj for many years also …had to learn a few new tricks since i went from growing in a greenhouse in AZ to an indoor grow in the north…so far so good :slight_smile:


You in northern Arizona or north north?

way north …like i am now neighbors with Canada

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Ahh so am I, I’m 2 hours from the Canadian border.

Im not too far from the Mississippi about 2 minutes.

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And 2 hours from devil’s lake, n.d.