Holland secret nute help

So i know we all want to save money. well i do anyway. I bought seeds from Sensi Seeds and i popped 4 beans. Northern Lights Sensi Skunk Afgani #1 and California indica. They all sprouted in the window. Couple of them are regular seeds and a couple are feminized. Time will tell if they are males in there. I hope the Northern Lights is a male so i can breed it to Afgan. For lighting i got 8 400 MH for 50 bucks Canadian off Kijji. Had to wire them up for 120v. I will only be running 3 on a 15 amp breaker. My area will be 4ft by 12ft for a total area of 48sq ft. Lite with 1200 watts of MH. I thought about new bulbs but thats not very budget minded. So i will be using the old bulbs and investing any cash in ventilation. Pics to come soon. I will SCROG it of course. I need to build a wall and find a screen. I found old fence boards and used 2x4’s on Kijji. I got one 400 on the seedlings now about a foot and a half above them. It is possible to grow for cheap. So far most expensive thing was seeds. You can have the best equipment and shitty genetics and will end up with shitty weed or good genetics and shitty equipment and end up good weed. That hum of the ballast was like music to my ears. Its been awhile. Im finally somewhere where i can run a crop. From what i understand NLxAfgan end up with Hash Plant. I like that idea…anyway thanks for checking it out will up date with pics soon.




Looks good… making the best of what you have! I’m sure you’ll end up with some bud at the end of it… post some pics when it’s up and running I’m curious how this turns out may prove you don’t need fancy rooms and tents to have good results.


I plan to put a wall up across there and block that big hole off also that window needs to be sealed a little better…i got 2 15amp plugs down there…one for the lights and one for fans and ventilation. Its about 12ft across that back wall. I need a timer and tommrow i will finish the lights. I got a fan for free awhile ago so in it goes. I also got some old flooring to build a wall. Econ studs are 3 bucks each I’ll need about 10 maybe. I’ll look for free on Kijji and theres some grey paint to make it look nice. Im gonna put a hole below that huge hole and draw passive air and vent from the far end so it pulls air across the canopy. Oh and a thing to read min and max temps and humidity. Nice to keep an eye on that. 5 gallon pails for pots home depot 2 bucks each. Veg should take awhile to fill 48 square feet that’s if they are all female. Be nice to have white paint but oh well…BUDGET! Lets shoot for under 500 bucks all said and done and 2lbs. i listed the extra lights on Kijji for 40 bucks each delivered. There are 5 extras. I also got a brand new 400mh in the box unopened. The sockets new are worth more than i paid for all the lights…only thing that kinda sucks is no 220 wire on the lights…so what! fk Maybe push an extra light when i go to flower so 1600 watts total on flower. They are so little right now and my buddy might take the lights i havent talked to him yet. Ill need some soil too. Keep my eyes open for a deal…ripped bags are always cheaper. Should be easy to find one with a rip…hehe


Don’t like to admit it but my first grow i used lights exactly like that! Use what you can and invest with success. A 400 is a 400 maybe invest in horticultural bulb prob help but reg mh will frost them up in flower. Hortilux blue is the best bulb for last weeks of flower hands down


grow lots and lots of weed under light just like those :smile:

all the best



Thanks for the reply outlaw. I believe good gentics will play an important role then skill next. Things like not over watering and inviting fungus knots any cash now will be spent on some half decent soil and i need a timer. Temps should not be an issue so I’ll be more focused on odor. Ya its legal but still dont need the whole block knowing whats in the basement. Not everyone likes the smell of weed. I already thought about bulbs and reflectors 30 bucks at the hydro store…i called. I’m on a very limited budget so I’ll focus on the basics for now. I remember in the olden days (haha) getting out of the car in front of the house and smelling weed fk heat score days before it was legal. Learned alot from those early crops. If i can sell the rest of the lights it would be good if not hell i got 8 400’s 3200 watts for 50 bucks good deal add a couple 600 or 1000 watt hps and it would be bright. Plus i got killer genetics also…location location location. Tell buddy I’ll supply the lights for half the crop or something hehe Thanks for commenting guys. I wish they would grow faster i put the fan on today light breeze of course


Size doesnt matter as long as its not too big or too small…thats what i hear!:slight_smile: Good job on the grow looks great. Skill helps…hell the price was right on the lights who could complain almost free. Some people will pay you to haul the lights away. haha In the old days buddy stole 10 of them like that turn out to be mercury vapor fk back in the day we would have payed double for cheap lights like that…these kids don’t know anything. If i could get power down there I’d be running all those lights…next time!


easy hack they will run MH bulbs :wink:

EDIT that grow was back in 2001 when I joined OverGrow

here is a couple more plants out of that box

skunk #1 from Sam the Skunkman

BC Big Bud


Thanks for the hack good info to have in case i find more and those plants look fantastic…


Well watered today…looking at these older pics I’d say they are growing slowly but growing. I lifted the cups and they were light so i gave them a good drink. 13 days old today and the first good drink. 5 days under the 400MH. End of the month they will get the final pots and moved into there final places till the 2 unknows are sexed.


maybe they will take off now that they have a good root structure…thanks for the look. It appears the sensi skunk is doing the best and it was the first one to break the ground.


Moved them to a corner to reflect some more light to them and now i know the temp…its sitting at 22c so thats acceptable. I think they are growing slow but the soil is poor and the lights could be better but hey Im growing so all is good!:slight_smile:

and they look better than at 5 days haha Mr.Positivity here fuck


here we are at 8 days under 400MH I’m wondering about the genetics…Temps around 20 to 21. I need soil and perhaps a new bulb…warm it up also…any thoughts? I think its a bunch of things poor soil lights and cool temps

started in the window also…think im rushing shit?? Im not sure about these genetics…perhaps supreme is not good after all. Miricale grow soil


double upped the lights so now i have 2 400MH in there now. I also plugged up that big hole in the back with a piece of cardboard. I notice the sylvan bulb is nicer or better. They were pretty dry so i watered to. I always wait an extra day when i think they need water. There are a few things i need. Larger pots and some plug ends, some half decent soil too. They will veg for the whole month of March perhaps half of April. I have decided to go with 1600 watts of MH in 48 square ft of screen. hey if i got the lights might as well use them. The temps were low as far as im concerned so Im sure they will raise now. I was cool down there so im sure they were to. 800 watts of MH for the whole month of March and larger pot with some decent soil. Thanks for looking


Awesome to see they’re still going, haven’t been posting but I’ve been following your updates

thanks Rob…on a tight budget have to remember safety first also. I have been going through the ballasts before plugging them in. switching them to 120v and one of them yesterday shorted right out. Sparks were flying and smoked it. I tossed that one. I still got 6 more to go through. Im not even sure exactly how many i got…enough i know that. I should end up with 4 for sure…new bulbs would be nice but I’ll run what i got. i clean everything up good before i run them and i pick the best bulbs and if it stops working i got spares. total investment so far under 200 bucks


Most of us are on a budget these days and there is nothing wrong with that… I am on the same page my biggest concern is safety which isn’t a bad thing… At least you are growing i see so many people talk about it but not do it so that is a accomplishment in itself… i will be starting my grow thread soon as well almost got my equipment set up and got some seeds i popped and they’re about a inch or so out of the soil now.


When they are little its like grow fkers…will they ever get big?? I popped mine in the window before i even had lights. I forgot i need a timer badly. I guess i should make a list. Not concerned about odor yet but its in the back of my mind. I live in Canada so its not a big deal just a concern. Things will work out…i see guys doing really good with cheap LED’s and CFL’s so with 400’s i should do ok. Goal is a half a LB off 1600 watts. Set the intention and start searching Craigslist or Kijji in Canada. 1600 watts will be the biggest grow i ever did…1000 watter (HPS) was the biggest so far. People would not smoke my weed…said it was too potent called it hangover weed! Wussies fk I got clones before right from BC…spider mites and all. If you want a 400 pay for shipping and its yours…

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I went through all the bulbs today and to my surprise i found 2 almost new bulbs…so I’m swapping them out and i found a couple of ballasts that look almost new also. I think i did pretty good for 50 bucks. In the end i will have 4 400watt MH’s for 50 bucks with extra parts. I even got a brand new ballast in the box. Considering a new socket is 10 bucks everything i got was hella good deal. They are growing nice temps are hold around 25c and i got a fan moving air. I was impressed i looked at them and thought i wonder what th bulbs are like and score 2 newer bulbs. A new bulb is 25 bucks…life is good!