Securing your internet connection

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Anyone use tunnel bear?

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You have to really trust your provider if you want to sign up.

Also how can you trust these providers that require you to install their developed clients, which often have vulnerabilities like with their update mechanisms in the software being able to be compromised and allow delivery of something executable on your system.

With my career history, running anything “no log” is absurd from a system administration perspective. You have to log things, its just how long do you retain that information. It sounds great however for sales/marketing to say “no logging!” even if the tech side of the company isn’t really living up to that promise. I can almost guarantee you can’t tell the difference if your VPN provider was logging or not let alone your connection going through their service isn’t being monitored. Don’t say the x amount of bit encryption protects you - the VPN provider issued the keys.

I mean cough cough and now you wonder why they pushed so hard on YouTube.

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Didn’t want to open a thread, hope it is not off topic, just noticed this today and don’t now how could it happen being a HTTPS … icon_e_confused|nullxnull


Could have had a misconfigured certificate at some point. Or your system clock could be out of date.

Looks good from my end:


It sometimes happen when user inserts a link to externally hosted image that is not secured correctly by SSL. These images are still displayed inline in post by default.

That is also why I recommend to upload images directly to our server, then it won’t display any warning or posses a risk to our visitors. (However the only risk is that “attacker” can see what external images you are displaying).


Thanks for the quick reply, it seems quite reasonable although there were no images in that post, maybe I had another thread open, too much to read … :sweat_smile: