Seed Banks - Who can we trust?

Think he’ll come back after the ban lol

Has anyone tried these guys? Only place I can find info about autoflower violator kush.

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I’ve seen that place before. It looks to me like one of those places reselling bulk seeds. I wouldn’t trust them to provide a quality product.


Thata what I was thinking aswell… I bought from farmers lab seeds and the two sites remind me if each other… the ones I bought seem alright, no complaints so far but I dunno if they are what they “are”


Received seeds from Indian Heirloom Seed company in good shape. Waiting on seeds from Landrace Mafia/ Trident Seeds, and an order from Cocogenes as well. Will see if they make it in a week or so. Also Ace seeds now takes orders by card instead of bank transfer only for USA.


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lol so was that a violation of the rules or did i miss something? he was even fairly polite about what he believes… as silly as it is. couldnt you just correct him lol. weird to just ban hammer isnt it?

Their first post was a troll. It doesn’t get better.


Why even come to an online grow forum to warn someone about buying seeds offline…

“all seedbanks are monitored since ‘85”

Does he mean since the first mail order seedbank around before the internet? I guess back then they put us all on a list that was saved on hundreds of huge floppy disks…

Lol… back to the show.
Who’s had luck with germinating the old Gypsy gear from SeedBay? Got a ton of stuff from there and only the scraps left… I’m kinda an ass bc I kept my mouth shut about the place on purpose in case I wanted to get more. Which i did… but I guess I didn’t pay in time for my last $4k order and they’re all gone now! A few Chimera and GrindHouse and TrueCanna things still left. Refused to buy any of the Rez gear… just on principle. But should I have? Meh… not sweating it. Have enough Diesels and Chems and OGs in my stash.


Is canna venture daffi still there?


Hey, I’d be careful with Pacfic Seeds, I posted them on another forum. The response was about what I expected, esp when u look at there prices.
I **think some peps got there order but there are many peps warning others about them.


Does anyone know if they have U.S distributors? I’m thinking either Herbies, Linda’s or Midweeksong but can’t remember.
It’s a overseas bank but they also ship from within the states…??


would you kind people recommend a seed bank that is shipping from usa at best or reasonably fast into for a first time grower looking to start a DWC growbox? I find jack herer types very helpful and I am in ohio.

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I’ve got some Lao from GN. Haven’t tried them yet, but read about not so great germination rates. But I’ve also seen some impressive grows on them.


Check out Great Lakes Genetics. Close to you and one of the best in US.


Hey guys, anyone in Oz is probably familiar with Caveman who has been my local go to for a while, and continues to offer great service. There’s a newer local Seedbank, which I got an order from recently. It came in under a week, sealed breeders packs, not a ton of variety, but at least you know what you’re getting is legitimate.


@FeralA9X is in Oz iirc, i’m growing one of his crosses right now, Ganesha (elephant stomper x thai buddha) - not sure if he sells thru a bank or direct from breeder

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