Nefrella's 420 FastBuds Collective

Recently went nuts after an amazing experience with 420 FastBuds Glue Auto.

Gorilla Glue is still one of my favorites, and was so impressed, well, here we are!

Running the Glue Auto again, loved it so much, going to do a seed run! Thx again @ReikoX!

Strains added (just ordered) to the list but not shown:

Original Sour Diesel :fuelpump:
Zkittles :rainbow::rainbow:
Blackberry :cherries::strawberry:
Stardawg :star::hotdog:
LSD-25 :peace_symbol::dizzy_face:
Original Skunk :skunk:
Fastberry :cherries::strawberry:
Crystal Meth🔮
Cookies :cookie:
Cream Cookies :cookie:
Six Shooter :gun:


The purple on these stems!!! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:




Nice freaking line up !! :drooling_face:


Beatoful absolutely beautiful


Sweet collection! I haven’t tried fastbuds yet but everyone raves about them, the blackberry looks killer


How ironic…the blackberry, I accidently ordered 2 of the 3 packs. Apparently even my brain agrees with you!


I really liked the fast buds zkittles I grew, great flavor and smell


Awesome!!! Always wanted to their Glue. Definitely gonna keep my eyes on this!!!


Enjoy! On your next order get cream cookies!

She is a big girl if you let her grow. She is one of my favorite strains to smoke…sadly I’ve got no more.

What is your setup like.


Running them in the veg tent, got 2 hlg 100 watts going, 4x4 footprint basically.

Once I start spraying and see boy parts, I’ll move the plant to the t5 side of the tent to make some babies. Will be planting the momma here in a couple weeks to play catch-up!


Which one is getting sprayed?


the Glue Auto in the post, top left. First one to pop, healthy looking af. LOL.


Goddam ! Thats quite a list. One of my co workers has a clone of the original Diesel. Been trying to get him to give me a cut for quite a while now. He told me that profile wise, its very similar to Stardawg.


Oh, I’ll be making seeds…don’t you worry :laughing: :rofl: :joy:


So, curious what the options are here…Should I self it, or should I do two plants?

I’ve seen conflicting advice, and If you can’t smoke any of the CS plant, seems like a waste to ruin two plants?

What does that mean for the maturity of the seeds though?

Anyone have experience in this area?


Nice very nice i cant wait to pop yours will br in 3rd grie starting in feb prolly

Peaceout and stay safe

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Well I guess it depends on your concept of ruin… Ultimately if the goal is seeds nothing is lost, if things work out you will have plenty of more opportunities to grow out the offspring hundreds of times over. If it goes south, you will have 2 poisoned plants and the experience to hopefully do it differently next time.

I have no personal experience with selfing AUTOs although I have asked this question myself coming into my own Auto breeding project. The most common response I hear is that if you are selfing you will need to start spraying fairly early on. Auto males naturally will so signs of sex earlier than female autos by about a week. Typically strategy I have seen here with the many people reversing is to start spraying 3 weeks before planting another run of the same FEM seeds so that by the time the reversed plant is pushing pollen the other plants will be at the right stage of flower to accept pollen and produce seed to maturity by the time the plant has completely flowered and starts to autumn and die.

With straight-up one plant selfing, there is a risk of not getting the timing right and seeds not maturing in time although it seems pretty rare. I too will wait for more experienced folks to pipe in as I am interested in this as well.

Great selection you have there, wishing you all the luck seflishly as I would love some of your seed should you be willing to part with them when the pollen settles :blush:


Start a plant, self it, let it die of oooooold age or start a plant, self it, collect pollen, start another plant and when it’s mature, pollinate it and let the seeds finish before harvest


@TerpSneeze thank you for ypur thoughtful reply.

I’m always looking for shortcuts, lol. In this case, the seeded plant wouldn’t be wasted, but could be used for edibles - and of course seeds. I want a crap ton of seeeeeds… :rofl::joy::laughing:

I’ll be planting another one of these seeds in 3 weeks when I start to spray this one with CS.

Excited to see the results!!:v::peace_symbol::call_me_hand: