Seed Banks - Who can we trust?

Just got a pack from seedsman. Came stealthy. Took a while, but very pleased. Ordered the dynamite OG and they threw in 2 seeds each of WW and the DM (praying 50/50 for both). Will definitely use them in the future.

Edit: Removed a couple photos since I agree with @Muleskinner and probably a few others. I thought it clever, the packaging, but it probably wasn’t necessary for me and my location. To others it is definitely an issue. My apologies for not thinking about it!


Great to hear. CD’s are getting old too! Nice stealth.

Make sure to post pics of your grow!


That’s some funny swizzle mine came in a hidden compartment of a hair/scalp massaging brush!

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I was ready to raise hell arty attitude seed bank. The seeds came so well concealed I panicked. Could not find them. It was a pair of black pants and the seeds were sewn into the waist band of the pants. I mean, I knew what I was looking for and almost go nuts… Attitude had my respect.

But that seedsman method is totally new so…

Is it a good idea to post photos and discuss the specific stealth methods here? Probably not.

although buying a 99-cent hair net via air-mail from Europe probably raises some red flags anyway


Yes it is, i support the motion, all in favor say Aye!

This is how mine came the other day…

One in three different Jiffies and the other one in a cd case. The Costarican goverment does not check packages in regular mail or certified so from Attitude i order with no guarantee at all, and it gets here. The other one was from MSNL, thru the link here at OG.


“chilled beats” oh yeah that’s a classic! I better order some seeds just to get a copy :grinning:


Kill two birds with one stone then… LOL

Hello everyone, who knows DarkHorse Genetics in here? Are they any good?

I’d like to plug Rocky Mountain Seedbank.

Modern and smaller boutique breeders with great customer service.

A real jem for us folks in USA.

Stay Hazed


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JamesBeanCo and Attitude have always been great.

I stay away from DrChronic, I value my safety and security, not going into details.


You Can trust anyone on my site because they would not be there if they had not earned my Trust.



So with the beauty of the onset of legalization in places all around the world, breeders have opened up alot more. Try Instagram or here on OG… like the old days, you will find better seeds here on OG from friends than you will from shifty seed banks.


Hi guys and girls…just wanted to ask you to contact us at for ordering info.

Let me say that SeedsHereNow . Com is a good place to find my seeds. Neither Seed Boutique or THCFarmer have my seeds anymore but good wholesale prices are available. BushyOG :sunglasses:


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I wanna get agent orange and chernobyl in a few weeks…


I’ve had no issues internationally with Herbie’s, GYO, and Bonanza. Domestically James beans Co, the BOG’s, and missroseiam on IG


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If trust means will they send your beans, In over 10years I have never not received seeds from dr.chronic.