Spill ur' Beans

So after a little reflection of the old CBay days and how easily beans were traded among many of us trusted members, many of us would list our bean collections. Back then my jaw dropped with many of these folks collections and how well catalogued they were. Still today my collection is minute compared to those with the space, finances, seriousness of the hobby and other obligations.

So despite getting burned on some clones in a previous thread of mine, Ive decided to crack open my bag of beaner goodies which goes back over a decade of OG/CW days from supporting members/auctions and amazing people and sprout some old genes.

So whats my whole purpose for posting, lets spill what we’ve collected and where those genetics came from.


So what Ive been able to find:

Breeder: DMAN

Bubba - X F2 (Bubba Kush x X-13/Thai)

KMBG (Kali-Mist x Bubblegum) x Bubba -X

Da Bomb (GBWxC99) x Bubba -X

Cheese x Bubba -X

Breeder: Jojorizo

Trainwreck Fems

Breeder: VC

Bag seed from Cheese

Bag seed from Timewarp

Breeder: Bluntson
Killer Queen x Black Widow

Breeder: anoms
Blue Buddha x PG13

Breeder: Mortabel
Indica x Blockhead

Indica x Firecracker

Breeder: Cannadog
Badass Berry

Breeder: DTOX
Purple High


Breeder: ? water damage

Strain Grape Crush

Breeder: Donated seeds from fellow growers without names

Deep Purple

G x Mazar

Whats in your cold cellar?


ZZWent to Santa Marta Columbia = Santa Marta Columbian Gold beans.

Went to Pakistan = Paki Green and Paki Purple beans. The green pheno is stronger, purple pheno is pleasant.

Went to Nepal = Nepalese beans.

Took these landrace and created a variety of strains Ive used for the last 36+ years.

We use these landrace to create many strains which are staples in Salmon Creek for decades.


jesus, i just have all the newish things. crocketts tangie, HSO lemon garlic og, Mr.nice Nevilles haze, timewreck, grape lime ricky, jack the ripper, and razzberry smash by tga, thats just some of them. i got a bit of a collection. i just want some oldschool haze or even further back some columbians, indians, thai, mexi, oh god man. i wishXD the oldest i could get was some green haze from ace seeds from 07, or some nevilles haze. man id trade it all for a nice santa marta gold, or some beautiful thai. mmm mmm


Some mine, and a collection I have access too… Some I’ve made too. The “Alaska” seed is from the narco farms in North Mexico, its Cali strains mixed with local stuff, old school style breeding, only the strong survive.


As a first time grower I am quite limited in strains, Blue Cheese, but I have about 60 beans from a half ounce that I bought. Grower didn’t notice the hermie and his loss was my gain. I have planted 6 of these seeds with 100% germination :slight_smile:


I’ve got jars of Santa Marta C. If I could figure out how to post pictures I’d show them off. I’m a work in progress…



thats sick bro. i wish!! that shit is the bomb diggity


Hey friend gorgeous collection


Picked these up for a breeder friend of mine. If you know your genetics you know that this is as good as it gets.


Very beautiful packaging. I am familiar with the genetics, not the breeder, but I may have to investigate them.


Aficionado Estates.

Skywalker Kush x Red Hindu Kush
White Cherry Truffle(cherry lime #4 x chemdawg special res x highland afghani)
Mandelbrots Oil Spill( royal kush #8 x XXXog x91 hollywood pk)
Grand Lemon Reserve (Lemon Diesel x Long Valley Reserve )
Rose Especial( ZkittleZ x Long Valley reserve F1)
Magnum Opus(11th Generation Back-Cross Maldelbrots Original Royal Kush #7 Clone x 10th Generation Royal Male.)


what would you guys say to starting a thread where we can trade seeds with other members of overgrow? it would be at your own risk of course but i feel i can trust people here more then most of my own friendsXD


I think I recognize this collection, potentially from RIU.

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I dont remember posting that on RIU… :innocent:

I picked them up in NorCal at the Emerald Cup, Brought them back home, sent it to another friend, he took a shot of it and sent it to the breeder.

Just a side note: Zkittlez won the Emerald Cup 2106, so its cool that Affi already has a cross with Zkittlez x Royal Valley Kush. Afi knows whats up.

From all of these we are going to make MORE beans :slight_smile: F1’s and further selections… Previous projects are Bohdi Mountain Temple Hash, (F3) or Black Lime x Malawi. So many Blue Dream/GG4/GSC/OG crosses out there, this is really a push in a different direction.


Holy Shight Mate, Do you really have Grape Crush beans & R U willing to sell/trade any? I don’t have anything much but Crop King Purple Kush & Sour Diesel & Bag seed White Rhino. I’ll pay $ if doable? Don D.

I’d certainly be Down with that Lotus. I’ve found a shight load of seeds to which I’ll have to Grow to find out what strain they are so I’m in for some fun there too. However I really want to try as many of the Old School Genetic beans like True Blueberry Sativa etc.etc. so I’d be truly stoked to see such a Thread available to Buy Sell & Or Trade Beans to be sure. The beans GrowerGoneWild has to offer are Off the Hook No?

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They had dj short blueberry when we first spoke but now they are sold out. But now they have flo, grape krush, whitaker blues, and azure haze. They come from europe so canadas boarder will most likely get them. But I can order them on my next wholesale order if you wanted.

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Hello also, this is my first post :smiley: New user, MA Resident, RMJ/MMJ legal state, looking forward to 2017!