Seed Run Co-Op Bodhi F2 Blue Tara - Attempt 2! Closed

Yayyyy! Cool thanks for doing this. Do you always do seed runs? I have a pack of dream beaver that needs to be preserved and shared to everyone who didn’t get to grab a pack. Let me know if your interested.


This is my first seed run for OG! I’d like to do more but have limited space. I was just inspired by all the giving around here. I’m thinking I could do at least 1 seed run per year, we’ll see. But that’s a great strain worth preserving and I’m sure someone here on OG would be willing to do it!


Hey @stONER775, there is a thread pinned by @MomOnTheRun just for preservation strain recommendations. I was gonna give the link but my phone said no.


Thanks for the heads up I’ll check it out.


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I have had a really good luck using a pump sprayer to keep pollen under control. Just spray the plants that you don’t want to pollinate down and you can spray the males down also to keep pollen from drifting too far but it all depends on what you do with your males. I always separate the males and collect pollen to do paintbrush pollinations. There’s a million ways to do it but I have had the most success using a sprayer to control pollen.


Thanks for the pro tips! The pump sprayer idea is a great one. I used a regular garden hose nozzle and that did ok, but I could see the pump sprayer having a better spread and force to do a proper job.


These seeds are maturing faster than I expected with some already turning brown and showing stripes. Most other plants are 1-2 weeks behind these, but I don’t think there will be any issue getting these out in the April box!


Wow, yeah I can see the stripes in the pic! Some nice seeds! It’s a really pretty plant.


Do you have any grow journals??


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Those flowers look tasty.

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What’s those gorgeous ladies smelling like? Looking really good :ok_hand:


Thanks, all! I can tell you what the F2 sensi flowers smell like because they are overpowering. Very strong smells of sweet berries and gas, like kush. It’s heavenly. I find myself opening the tent to smell them a lot which likely helped with the pollen leaking in!

The F1 plants are much less odoriferous I’m guessing because they’re focused on building seeds and are still covered in pollen. I’m not getting much smells off them except for something spicy I can’t quite place. Otherwise they’re fairly muted in comparison. This holds true for the whole tent, even the F2 seeded plants smell nothing in comparison to the un-seeded F2s.


Yeah, I tend to agree with the f1s bypassing the terp production on place of making seeds. The taste of the bud is off, and so are the smells. Lots of the main cannabinoids and terpene production happens late in the game, I think.

I learned this on my summer grow. The whole thing got seeded in the end. One half early with one dad, and the late additions with another dad… @SamwellBB’s Purple Poison Cookies was the exception in the taste dept. It was exceptional. So, I can only imagine if I hadn’t let it get pollinated.

You got me excited… nothing like a good berry and fuel smelling kush! peace


Fascinating. I will say that the F3 CL was quite different than the F2. IME there are 2 different phenos. One was tall and branchy while the other is short and stocky. Don’t hardly resemble each other. The F3 are interesting. And it will render you null and void!



My posts seem like I’m all stoned and shit… I’ll just LIKE from here on out… hee hee


Hey @schmarmpit , would it be ok to get on this list? I’m not to late am I?


I would be foolish to deny a king. Come along!

I should have way more than enough seeds. There’s only 100 or so people on the list and I should have 4x that available. Anything left over I plan to offer to @Sebring for his site, if he’s interested.


Thank you very @schmarmpit !
And Thank you very much @PlantShepherd !

Much Love and respect and many BLESSINGS to the both of you!