TeddyNugget grows stuff (grow room diary)

Hello OG! This is my first grow diary here on the new OG. I had my fair share on the original OG, but that was a long time ago! (well, that made me feel old… lol).
I have quite a bit going on, so I’m hoping this will be a fun thread.

I don’t have a ton of space but I do still keep a bunch of bonsai mother plants. I think I have 12-14 strains at the moment, some I’ve held for at least 8+ years now. I had to do a refresh on all my old mom’s and since I had extra clones left over I figured it would be fun to flower out one of each for my first grow thread here.

Well, that was the original plan anyway. Since I also decided to start a bunch of varieties from seed and went a bit overboard, I changed plans slightly…

and will now flower out 6-7 of my clone strains to start along with the new varieties from seed (since I don’t have room to flower all the new seeds + all my mom’s too).

Right now I have 2 of Bodhi’s field trip and 1 of Katsu’s Celestial Tremors about 4 weeks into flower:



First two are field trip. Second two are celestial tremors.

Here’s what the celestial tremors looks like in late flower (pic is from a previous grow)

More in the next post on what will be going into flower soon.


Here is what will be going into flower next. I only grabbed one quick photo for now but will post more soon.

Not everything is in the picture. But here’s the strains getting close to being ready for flower:

  • gelato
  • Bodhi’s clusterfunk (chem 91 x g13hp)
  • Bodhi’s tranquil elephantizer (‘88 g13hp ‘deadly g’ pheno x snow lotus)
  • GG#4 x longbottom leaf
  • TonyGreen’s gorilla bubble (from his 1st release of his gorilla bubble back years ago)
  • my “mystery strain”. I don’t know what it is but it’s fire. I’ve held a mother of it for 5+ years now.

Then from seed, I have:

  • a few of @syzygy ’s Sunshine daydream f2’s getting close to flower.
  • thug put peanut butter breath f3’s from his latest seed drop

Sunshine daydream f2’s:

The biggest one in back grew into the light on me the one day I forgot to check it (of course! lol). You can see the leaf burns at the top.

And one of the peanut butter breath, just repotted. They have taken FOREVER to show sex. 2 still haven’t…

And here’s a quick pick of some of the seedlings and extra clones:

I have:

  • peanut butter breath f3
  • venom breath (fresh coast)
  • sour grape gas
  • honey sherbet
  • purple crunch
  • black triangle x counterfeit kush (testers for @Cannavore )
  • something labelled “SC” I got from someone locally🤷‍♂️
  • and a lone sunshine daydream f1 syzygy was nice enough to give me!

I will also be starting some of his Triple Sunshine cross soon, along with more seeds of different varieties.

Oh, and a list of the other mom’s I have that I plan to flower when I have room:

  • white widow
  • Karma’s brotherhood OG (happy brother x biker kush)
  • gelato cake
  • sapphire OG
  • expert mac 1

I think that’s all. Or at least all I can remember at the moment :joy:


Looking great bud, pulling up a chair! 8+ years is awesome, Looking forward to the fun!


Looks very nice. I don’t know how people manage multiple varieties like that, especially that amount.


Thanks! Appreciate it. Yeah I used to have some I had held for even longer but there was a mishap with the guy who watched my mother plants for me and I lost a number of my best strains unfortunately. But, s*** happens! lol


It’s a PITA honestly. I keep smaller bonsai moms in little 1/2 gallon pots. It’s a lot of upkeep to keep them healthy.

That’s actually part of the reason I decided to flower them all out. I need to make some decisions on what I truly want to keep, so I can start sprouting more new seeds. I absolutely love growing out new varieties. I always feel like a kid on Christmas waiting to see what they flower out into and want to get back to doing more of that. But I have a hard time letting go of some of these strains that have been with me for years. I’m running out of space though! lol


Nice very happy looking plants will saddle up and watch.


Cool to see you started a thread, watching with interest!

That’s not actually skunk va but the JB cut in cluster funk right? I think that’s one of the crosses he talked about on his podcast interview where he found out his skva wasn’t the “real” skva but the joe brand cut.

Either way that cross always sounded good and all the reports seem very positive on that one. Have u run it before?


Wait, does that go for the Neroli 91 also?


I’m not 100% but seeing as wookie 15 is a newer male (compared to SL & 88g13hp), then I’d have to assume Neroli 91 is using the skunk va cut. I believe packaging reflects the true parents on clusterfunk after the problem came to light. Seedbanks were all updated to label it as JB as well. All the seedbanks are listing Neroli as Skunk va so seems safe to assume it’s accurate.






Looks killer, I love that color.

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Interesting! I didn’t know that. So, is it still chem 91?

Yea, I’ve run it before. She’s been around for years now but I actually don’t run it that often. I think I have maybe run it 2-3 times total in all the years I’ve had it. I still have almost a full pack of clusterfunk to run through too. I got it for a friend who’s a big chem fan and really wanted to try a legit chem dog (and I think specifically the chem 91 iirc).
I just remember that when I saw Bodhi had it I felt comfortable that it was legit. But I guess it wasn’t the real skunkVA chem 91 after all… :joy: too funny.


I don’t know, I’m sure someone here does though. I could quickly dig up this quote people are attributing to Bodhi that lines up with his potcast interview. Regardless, seems like people have found some really nice plants in their clusterfunk seeds.


Chemdog 91 skunk va

a few years ago i obtained the Chemdog 91 cut from jb’s (chemfather) crew, it was the only verified cut at that time, it was even verified as the Chemdog 91 skunk va by Chemdog himself. i made some different crosses and some were released. when skunk va (the person) came back online and posted pics of his original Chemdog 91 it looked a lot more og-ish, a few deep heads also chimed in with there views and pics. i now have both Chemdog 91 skunk va’s and have been growing them side by side and they look to be of the same family but definitely different, the old one is more skunk sour d, and the real one is more og skunky. they are both amazing, but i respect the insight and knowledge on the subject by my peers, and have to agree the og one is the VA. i will continue to work with both, but the old one will be now known as Chemdog 91 jb and i will change future listings to reflect that fact. it just goes to show you, you never really know your genetics unless you pop the seeds yourself, i really thought it was verified to the bone, but here i am eating my words. it will be interesting to see how they do as remixes of the same line. ill take photos of them together so you can see the difference soon…


and notsodog on it


Hey @TeddyNuggets . Nice plants. I will be watching this grow. :grin:


That is some great info! Thanks man. So it sounds like it’s still chem 91 but just a bit different than the skunkVA version (at least from Bodhi’s post. I haven’t listed to the interview yet).

Clusterfunk is the closest thing to pure chem as I’ve ever grown, so I don’t have very much experience with it.

I like chem but I like other strains better. I would like to grow out the skunkVA some day. OG skunk definitely sounds more up my alley.


Thanks! Appreciate it!

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Happy Froday TeddyNugget, let’s get this weekend started!

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Happy Friday to you as well! Hope you have a nice weekend!

Got anything good planned? I have to finish installing some shoe molding in my sister’s kitchen. Fun stuff! :joy:

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I just had the Amazon fairy stop by, got a new Vivosun greenhouse heater. I’ve been battling low temps at night and the heater I had would kill my humidity. Other then installing that nothing planned yet.

Molding ayy, I used to sell lots of shoe mold back in the day :laughing:. Hopefully that goes smoothly for you.

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Thankfully it’s a small kitchen and I have a working nail gun now. I actually already have everything cut. It just needs to be nailed in, so it shouldn’t be too bad. The compressor quit on me last weekend or I’d be done already. I was planning to just use a hammer + nails but I was able to get the compressor working, so now it should be a breeze. Famous last words, right? :joy:

I just looked up that heater. Looks nice. Is it the 750w/1500w one?

I’ve been looking for a lower wattage heater like the ones I have now. I have 10-15yr old DeLonghi oil heaters (look like radiators). They are the cheapest way I’ve found to heat my rooms. And I love that they don’t drastically impact humidity. Plus, I set dishes of water on top of them so that helps mitigate any unwanted humidity drop.
It’s a nice gentle radiated heat but does great at warming the whole room (with the help of an oscillating fan).

They still sell the oil heaters but they are much higher wattage now. The ones I have are 300/600/900 watt (low, med., high). The new ones are 1500 watts on high and I think like 600 or more watts on low.
My oil heaters on the 300w setting are enough to keep my rooms warm but I need one more.

I also sometimes use big, 4ft long heating mats in the winter. I run them on thermostats (or timers for the ones that don’t have thermostats) in a couple of my rooms when needed. They really help keep the plants happier, since my grow area tends to get somewhat cold in the winter. I’m in a less than ideal space now compared to previously but hopefully I’ll be able to correct that this summer.


yeah clusterfunk may not use the skva but honestly that cross looks better than the pics i’ve seen of chem kesey (that does use the skva) lol.