Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

This is where I’m going to post my grow log from here on out. I’ve never had a successful log, but I’ve started a few. At the moment I am waiting for my present grow to finish so I can start fresh. I will me running @anonymous4289 Blueberry Diesel testers in the 4×4 and I have a few clones of my keepers ready to flower in a 3×3. The clones are a cross of Bodega Bubblegum ×Texas Butter, and Royal Chem × Texas Butter. Greenpoint Seeds strains and then a Growers Choice Strawberry Cough that almost was overlooked and lost not too long ago.

My plants in flower right now are the crosses I made w/the Greenpoint Seeds strains and the Strawberry Cough clones 3 different plants. A couple SC b×1, a few Royal Chem clones and a couple clones of the keeper SC×TB that is very berry strawberry pheno that grows perfect flowers.


RC×TB funk and garlic w/a earthy sweetness developing late this time around.


SC×TB Strawberry pheno clone in 1gal… plastic pot


I’ve had a great run of almost 3 years pest free but a month into flower i bought a ballast from eBay and cleaned it and made sure it wasn’t introducing any bad stuff into my room, I forgot about the damn package it came in. It was wrapped in. NP and a pillow of shredded paper or something like that. Fucking thrips. Halfway through with flowers well developed, nothing to do but try to fight them back as much as possible w/o spraying poison on my plants. The us are way smaller and less developed than usual and they seem to be eating the tricomes off the sugar leaves. I’ve been alternating neem oil, misquitoe bits, and another biopesticide. They are there in mass then knocked down to a few then back in mass and knocked down and so on and so forth. I have nothing in my stash so I can’t slash and burn just yet. Limp to the finish line and then deep clean the room.


SC #4


Nice grow! Good luck with it!

:green_heart: :seedling:


Hey @NICO how could I miss your tread with title like that, shine on you crazy diamond.
Nice looking plants too💚


i look forward to your blueberry diesel grow. they’re on the way! :+1:


Nice plants but where are these animals I was promised?


I thought it was a “and the bear snores on” reference (awesome kids bedtime story) lol

“In a cave in the woods in his deep dark lair
Through the long cold winter sleeps a big brown bear…”


Blueberry diesel wow :star_struck:

Is the blueberry flavor loud ?

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Blueberry Diesel testers started as of 09/18/22 Sunday 8am.

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(NYG13/HAZE×AO)×GOJI OG ×4 from @LouDog420 beans for St. Judes.

Nice, I’ll be watching, I have a pack of those testers. I’ll be a couple weeks behind you.

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Life seen in 100% of the beans. All but 2 of the BD are above ground, the 2 BD not up yet are poking through already showing they have the thirst for life.

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@anonymous4289 we can call this day 1 of this Blueberry Diesel grow. 4/6 are above the soil and the last 2 look to be close behind. There has been signs of life in 100% of your seeds. Thank you for letting me in on the fruits of your labor, I am looking forward to this journey.


The last 2 had broke ground when I looked as I left for work. 100% germination every time except for when it isn’t. Jiffy starter pucks, blow them up and sit the seed in middle, push seed in just deep enough to encase the seed but not bury it or cover it. Then I leave it the fuck alone for 48 hours off to the side where I can’t even peek. Usually after 48hours things are moving and grooving and the dome comes off and the seedling get put in a window sil or in indirect light where ever there is room for them. Seedlings usually mean something is/has/will be harvested and all the work that goes w/that and sanitation clones and mothers and everything going on starting seeds happens when it happens with no rhyme or reason to the chaos. This is my attempt at a perpetual chaos.

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