Shipping Clones? (safety check)

Does anyone have any experience shipping non-rooted snips from Canadia to 'Muricas?

Is it like a high risk thing or can it be done safely? (I guess I’m more just looking for some reassurance or something, idk…) I know “How” it can be done, but can it actually be done? Or is it not worth the potential risk?


I think that container would fit in a cereal box or cookie tin…maybe package it with some authentic canadian reindeer jerky for stealth😉?


i have a safe addy for the jerky, when you need to test some trial shipments :drooling_face:


Mmmm Canadian maple syrup would be good too…

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But in a dhl/fed ex with the syrup, this is just speculation, but I don’t think you would have a problem with delivery. If you had an amazon sellers account that would be even better bcuz the tracking/shipping slip say amazon…


The us postals service allows the shipping of non finished products. Seeds and cuttings/clones are regarded as hemp (below .3%thc)


so does that mean customs wont seize seeds anymore?

after reading through it, it seems it is just interstate shipment, if I understand the jargon correctly. Someone please correct me, if I’m wrong. I’m no lawyer.


Just do it

Fake address fake company tape it good fastest shipping possible. Also map the routes in which the postal service will used base on hubs and have pickup houses.

Believe it or not ppl out there sending weight through mail on regular. Wouldnt worry about some raspberry clippings from Canada get the drift?


“Also map the routes in which the postal service will used base on hubs and have pickup houses.”

Could you please clarify what you mean by this? What are pickup houses?

So if you ship from point a to b to c
Know where when track the packages
Over time you will know the patterns based on where you ship from to.

Pickup house is affliated safe addresses

Usually a person will pickup the shipment at the addresses and move it to another secure location.


So is this point b safe address just a “mid-way” neutral drop off point? Then someone (the receiver) has to take it from there and ship it their own final destination point c?

Sorry, I’m just confused, why I’d ship it to point B? And not directly to the desired destination?

A breeder I highly respect inquired about a clone, and I’d really love to share it with them. So I was thinking they’d give me an addy and I send it to them type thing. (Or am I missing some crucial step here?)

Just send it as a tissue culture…no problems there.
I would think you would have no problem whatsoever with just a raw cut as I have taken in quite a few Canadian clones here in Va. via USPS.


Dont ship it to your grow

Canadian seed companies usually ship to California… then it gets shipped from there.

Clones I would ship to safe address were you can drive to pickup… if your not in a legal state


ohhh, okay thanks. Got it! :slight_smile:

I presume the receiver in question would have that sorted out. (But I’ll double check with them!)

@Catchin1 That is a great fool-proof idea! (I’d love to send it as TC, but I can’t even find/afford a lab here to do that for my own work.) Maybe in the future! :pray:

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Mmmmm wisconsin cheddar.

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The weather the cuttings/clones will be traveling in IS crucial for their survival.

Tomorrow, here in the Champaign Illinois area, the daytime temps will run between 12 degrees and 16 degrees. That is way to cold for any live cannabis plants or plant parts to be shipped in. Other plants that are able to go dormant for the cold months will have no problems at all.

I’ve mailed many clones in my time , but only when temperatures allow me to do so.


Last week, I bought 6 of those (eBay), $2.50 each, $10.00 COMBINED Shipping, Total of $25.83. If any member(s) agree to ship clones for me (CA, OK, etc), I’ll send one to them for Return Shipment, my expenses, naturally. FYI only. SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes:


Just keep it simple, these came from from across the big pond UK

Pink dots are the stems


Customs will 100% intercept seeds and cuttings.

Customs is already super weird about plant material and products of any kind, anything alive requires a phytosanitary certificate…seeds are nominally OK, but they’ll confiscate foreign Cannabis seed orders still. Maybe they aren’t aware it’s federally legal, maybe they just don’t like us…IDK.

That being said, all sorts of contraband shit still makes it all the time, they can’t check every package.

I highly suspect international overnight packages are subject to greater scrutiny than standard mail, but you’re also racing the clock in the middle of winter.

It can be done, might take a couple tries in this weather. Lotta cuts could fit in the front pocket of an old hoodie. I mean, for the international customs form…“etsy custom tie-dye sweatshirt”


Long before I ever grew cannabis, I had all sorts of wild stuff shipped to me in the mail. Venus fly traps and plants of all sorts. Crickets, cockroaches, and praying mantises. Seeds of all kinds. I worked at a pet store and would open boxes containing bags full of fish, lizards, snakes, mice, and rats. So, the concept of shipping 20 “hemp” seeds really isn’t all that unusual from my perspective.

I always keep the recipient’s safety and security a top priority, the war on cannabis is still a thing in Uncle Sam’s land of the free. Keep in mind though that the DEA, as well as state and local agencies are a separate entity than the USPS. Yes, they often work closely together but they too have limited resources and goals to meet… Much bigger fish to fry than the dude with a tent containing 6 plants swapping seeds with his homies. Then factor in there are warehouses on paper just packed full of MJ working within their own states laws. It’s actually illegal for anyone to open or tamper with mail other than those in specific positions who deal with hazardous materials or contraband. I’ve never had cuttings shipped to me, but after reading this thread and the link on hemp law in the mail system that @Seamonkey84 shared, I’m willing to try it.