Shogun Nutrients

I totally agree about organics in hydro. Didn’t know Shogun coco A/B had any organically sourced minerals but they don’t go into great detail

When I ran DWC, I used to change the water weekly, now with soil that week delay doesn’t affect me, as I prepare the feed before that week ends, so no prob at all.

Don’t want to convince anyone, just says it works for me … :sunglasses:

I found some info on the parent site - Growwell. It says the additive SmartZen has tannins, lignans, and other things that I forget now - all derived from plant sources.

Yeah, lots of people swear by AN. Didnt work for me though.

Your water must be a lot better than mine. I had wild PH fluctuations within 24 hours - all on the UP side - just sitting in my rez with zero root contact. I run aero with drain to waste, so it wasnt the roots causing it.

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Didn’t your plants like it? The main point is them having all the nutrients available independently of pH fluctuations that don’t affect them. I stopped measuring the pH as it wasn’t necessary for plant’s health … :sunglasses:

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Ive used the ph perfect last run. It does change the ph of the solution. And, i did not find it to work well either. My black lotus foxtailed bad on it and showed a lot of calmag issues. Mind you, i was only using the trio and non of the expensive add on bottles. I personally think the stuff is snake oil. I still have the bottles. They are atleast half full. Just sit on a shelf. I will never use it again. Had much better success using gh 3 part and phing my solution.


I was sorta thinking the same thing.

I use Dyna Gro lol. 1 bottle and pH down is all you really need.


No they really didnt like it. I didnt see any sign that the plants were able to ignore the PH swings.

Where are you seeing the info that the plants can still do proper up-take when the PH goes way out of whack?

Thats NOT what AN says at all.


I think you guys are misunderstanding what it means to “buffer” the PH in the quote above.

Buffer means to keep the PH stable, or more properly, to resist changes in PH. Buffers slow down the rate of PH change by chemical action. Once the buffer is used up, the PH will change at a higher rate.

Thats what they are talking about the “sweet spot” in the quote I posted above:

" pH Perfect . … When you use any Advanced Nutrient’s base nutrient, the pH Perfect ® Technology inside automatically stabilizes and locks in your pH within the optimal range (called the ‘sweet spot’) of pH 5.5–6.3 – and keeps it there for one week. No more pens. No more meters. "

If your grow drifts outside that range, you are outside the sweet spot and your plants will suffer.

If your water is like mine, it would not stay in the sweet spot for a week - not even one day. My plants suffered.

Also, chelation doesnt have anything to do with PH. Its all about increased absorption rates by bonding minerals (or what ever) to a metal ion of one sort or another.


The only relation between pH and chelation is that there is no relation at all. What I said is that chelation makes available the nutrients for the plant, independentely of your pH range. Perhaps as my tap water has a low value of ppm and reasonable pH it is easier for me to stay in that sweet spot.

At least along the whole grow I don’t have to measure pH and correct it if necessary, that is something invaluable for me, sorry you weren’t so lucky … :sunglasses: