Deficiency or?

This plant has had strange colored leaves for awhile now. Ive been feeding max strength AN grow micro bloom. No ph tester.

The main discoloration is on older growth, while the newer growth is solidly light greenish. It started when it was desperate for an up pot. It hasn’t gotten better, or really worse and the plant itself is still growing nicely. Simple love nitrogen issue or somthing else? I have foliar fed them now 2 days in a row with about a 1/3 ratio of my normal fert solution.


“Ive been feeding max strength AN grow micro bloom. No ph tester”

This could be your issue, max strength on any nutrient line is usually way too strong. I don’t think i’ve ever gone much over 1000ppm.
Oh and unless your growing in fully organic soil, always check the ph :+1:

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AN is a complete nutrient. It has every element plants need to thrive. If you have a deficiency, it’s almost certainly your pH. Specifically, looks like low pH to me.

Go to the hydro store and buy the cheap test drops. They’re like $5.

Check your input feed pH and runoff pH. It will probably surprise you.

This is critically important and cannot be ignored.


Lol aww I don’t want to buy new toys. So far I havnt had an issue at max on other plants… but I guess they’re all different. Will strips or drops be good enough?


Are cheap meters better than strips or drops

Yes. Drops are all I use.

I don’t like the electronic meters.

You want 6.0-6.2 pH. The perfect color is piss yellow with just a hint of green.


I dont like the idea of calibration bs… but thats a pretty cheap combo deal almost too cheap

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Drops are better imo. A cheap tds pen and some calibration fluid wont set you back much either and your plants will repay you in spades. Some plants can take very high strength nutrients and some will shrivel up at mid strength. You don’t need to exceed mid strength for most strains btw

Cheap ph pens are usually worse than guessing so unless you can afford a decent one your better off with the drops.

That tds pen is a piece of crap too btw. It has no way of being calibrated, no adjustment screw, nada, i threw 2 of them in the bin last month :rofl: they cost a few pounds each from China so not a big deal


I’ve had meters and I vastly prefer the drops. Aquarium and grow. The drops never fail, never expire, never need a new battery, never calibration, etc.

While slightly less precise, the drops are NEVER wrong or off.

Everyone has a story about how their electronic meter was way off and their plants suffered.


Thats enough to convince me. I’ll be getting some drops asap.


Most important $5 you can spend.

Make sure to water in your newly pH adjusted nutrient, and take the first water that runs out the bottom and test that. This tells you what the pH is at the root zone. If it’s too low, like really low, you can flush with a ton of 6.0 nutrient solution, or even flush with a higher pH solution to correct it.

It happens if you use a lot of peat or coco in your mix.


My soil is about half “potting mix” and half promix hp. Ive never used this type of potting soil either

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I’ve got about 7 gallons of dirt, it will take quite a bit of fluid before it runs off. Should i cause runoff with ph water for the first time incase its jammed full of unused nutrients?

Yeah. You need to see what the pH is at the root zone. You only need a couple tablespoons of water to test runoff, shouldn’t take more than a couple gallons of nutrient unless your media is way too dry.

I can almost guarantee at this point it’s low pH, you essentially have to flush with higher pH water to correct it. I’ve used 8.0 pH nutrient solution to correct low media pH before, it’s faster than running 20 gallons of 6.0 through the pot. Keep watering until the runoff hits 6.0. It may take a lot.

Using full strength AN is probably a bit much, fertilizer also lowers pH, so by using more, your pH decreases. You will probably have to buy pH up. Silica products are great pH up adjusters, and the plant likes the silica.


Awesome. I won’t be able to get to an actual hydro shop until next weekend (long weekend/work) so I just went to canadian tire. Grabbed ph up ph down and a drops kit

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Man…they really do have almost everything at Canadian Tire.

I bought a box of ammo and ph stuff at the same time lol. They even sell star frit bud busters.

I havnt tested my nutruents or run off yet. But I did do pkain old tap water. It seems to be sitting at 7ph. I’ll be checking the rest when I get home again

Alright. Nutrient solution was 5.0 ph. So I made a jug of lower strength nutes and added ph up until I hit a high looking 7. Dumped it all in until I got run of im guessing my runoff to be approx 4.5-5 lol.

Looks like I’ve got more work to do


I think that when my promix gets too dry the pH drops below acceptable levels.

Per PT horticulture Pro mix fresh out of the bag has a pH of 5.0!

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Hah! Starfrit bud busters eh? I picked one up at Home Hardware to grind up my reversed “male” flowers and harvest the pollen. It worked great, it even has a kif catcher layer which they label as a pollen screen on the package. In this one case, it was actually the truth! :laughing: