Small Reservoir Ideas

Wait it’s not a link, who makes this?

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5 ft 200 watt led with supplemental fluoros

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if u try to put a setup like this in a 5 ft tent your gonna stuggle with head room

I had a hard time with 6 ft ceilings and just a 5 gallon bucket.

I was more interested in the one above that with the ten pots, I only run 4-6 but that would work

give this thread a look over Growing with Mr.Sparkle in 2022 : Spring/Summer - #2 by Mr.Sparkle


The first one is a versagrow 10 pot hydroponics system. The brand Wilma also make a few models.

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5gallon buckets dont make sense in a 2 x 4…

If recirculating, 1gal is plenty :ok_hand:

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Thank you!

I settled with keeping RDWC in the veg room to hold mother plants after struggling with head room all the time lol now I just do 1 gallon coco pots in flower.

If I ever get around to setting up a new system though i’d love to give this a try…


Haha. We all like fast growing plants but holy crap rdwc is no joke. For my tree runs I’d veg for 3 weeks in 18gal totes and end up with 7ft giants after stretch😑. Took me a while to defeat the overveg syndrome.

I was thinking of switching to hydroponics in my 2 x 4 tent for the sake of low maintenance. 5" dirt pots is too fast paced and needy. Coco has its appeal but I don’t know if I want to face yet another leaning curve with a new system…

@Naptown916 anytime. If you have more questions, just ask away :ok_hand:


Any low profile container with a raised lip, simple cheap and small pump and a few irrigation parts will fit the bill, and as other have suggested having an external res if doable is more ideal, though you can still run a tray with return if you wanted


Thanks for responding. Your cabinets are super impressive. I was read through your journal where you were transitioning to new rezs because of the kuggi size change, just curious what you settled on? Are those black containers just the black version of this? Planning to use two of these now in a similar manner to how you do. Are the black ones opaque?

Micro Octopots?

Seems like a good fit for your setup.


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There the following actually, my older smaller white ones are the kuggis line but then don’t come in that size in North America anymore, so went to the cheaper bigger uppsnofsad with inset pots, I just went the size I did due to space limitations otherwise I’d be running external reservoirs

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I probably sound like a broken record by now to some, but SIP’s for the win!

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Just an update. So when I saw the kuggis mr sparkle uses that really got me thinking. Found these that work awesome for what I’ve got planned.


Hey @Naptown916. I was born and raised in Naptown.

I would be careful to make sure that your reservoir is made from a sturdy plastic as opposed to those big clear tubs that hold your Christmas decorations. All that water weight pressing outwards could make your res collapse. Good luck to you.


I knew I knew those shiny sparkly grow cube interior walls

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Tested em out, they hold 2.5 gallons and actually pretty sturdy. Was able to fill them up and move them around without spilling or the bins twisting or flexing like they do sometimes. Luckily they’ll be near empty at cleaning. Definitely recommend if you got a container store near ya.

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