Somebody's grow

Hello there. It’s 7/28/2020 at about 9:08PM PST as I’ve started writing this.
Five of my friends popped up today so I decided I’d start talking about them.

I’ve never done this before. Several years prior I tried to grow some stupid little houseplants and I killed them all. With ‘these trying times’ I took to cannabis use, so one thing has naturally lead to another.
I don’t know how I got here, I think it was through a book I found. Either way, I’ll list what I’m using below as well as the documentation provided.

I’ve been lurking a little bit in a lotta places, so I don’t really know what’s standard all around.
It’s good and proper to introduce yourself, so that’s what I’m intending to do here. But I’m no somebody…I just think I was feeling a little confident the day I made my account.

Love feedback and advice and absolutely want to hear what you think if you’ll so graciously give me your time.

FSGTek 600W LED Full-Spectrum Grow Lights, with attached recommended lighting chart.

Cyco Seamix (bought locally). No additional nutrients starting out, so these first one-two weeks or so.

GH FloraTrio (Bloom, Micro, Gro) and CalMag Plus by Botanicare.
Was going to just follow the GrowWeedEasy guide for the nutes in regards to coco coir.

Standard outlet timer to control the LEDs and power strips. Fans are on low all the time. I got two duct fans coming so there’s no proper airflow yet…Didn’t really expect them to pop up so soon.

Currently what’s being run is all off Seedsman.
Peyote Zkittlez and Gorilla, as well as Super Silver Haze Og. These are all feminised.
Seedsman Amnesia and Lemon Haze were freebies, both autofem. Wasn’t going to run them but I figured why not.

As you probably saw they’re starting in the egg carton. Just like elementary school, right? I think after they all stand tall a little bit I’ll transplant them into their forever homes ASAP. Got 5 of those fabric 5 gal pots. This seamix stuff is what the grow shop recommended and I’m pleased so far. Moisture retention is ridiculous, as advertised.

This is day 3 since I planted the suckers, going on day 4 soon enough…running a traditional 18/6 up until I decide to flower, then 12/12. I might clone. I might not. I don’t really know what’s going to happen. I’ve got a lot to learn, and I’m eager to do it.


Good choice. Folks here will help you along the way. Drama free.

I do coco.
Here’s a good resource.

5gal is considered big for indoor coco.
Example grows using only 1 and 2 gal.


Welcome to OG. As @GramTorino said that is a big pot to start with.

Becareful not to overwater them in the beginning. The biggest mistake of new growers. The size of the pot, your medium and their size they are now will not require a lot of watering.

There are lots of great folks here to help you out as you have seen already. Good luck, have fun and I look forward to following along.


Hi @something welcome to Over Grow!!

You are off to a great start! There’s lots of knowledgeable folks here that will help you along with your grow.
Be sure to explore, there’s lots of projects on the go and so much to learn.



I’m running a peyote strain right now too. Peyote forum actually. I also use the gh series right now but am switching soon. That’s a good nutrient line tho. Good luck on your journey


Glad to have ya OG! Welcome aboard the cannabis train!


Welcome to OG


Welcome to the group


Welcome to the OG community.
Dont be timid about asking for help. Everyone here is always willing to help, and lots are very knowledgeable.
I grow in coco 100% no cut. I grow kinda micro, but large plants. It’s nearly impossible to get root bound, so save some space and try 1-3 gal pots, unless you have lots of headroom.
Also ease into your nute use, less is better til they tell you otherwise.
Sorry to get carried away, started of with a welcome.

@GramTorino excellent link, got caught up in it …shit I’m still all over it good read


This was exactly what I needed!!! LOVE YOUUUUU :heart:


Thank you all for the replies. I am still working through the Coco for Cannabis site. The Cyco Seamix stuff I’ve got is pre-buffered, coco/peat/pearlite/kelp - my heart skipped a beat when I was reading some of the stuff on there…was afraid I’d messed up already lmao.

I appreciate the eagerness to take on questions as I’ve got several…probably should start writing them down though, heh.

I wanted to give an update and also see what you guys might think here:
Everything is going well except for that one plant that started off super strong. I’m not sure what happened, but today I woke up and it was like this.

I read about ‘damping off’ and so I am prepared for the worst but the medium was ‘comfortable’, not wet, and the seedling was doing great before I went to bed. I don’t know what happened in the 8-9 hours it was unattended - a friend suggested it’s because the seedling was looking for light and grew too big too fast and couldn’t support itself. What do you think?

I was going to put everything in solo cups today anyways so I went ahead and did that. Didn’t disturb anything, just scooped them right out of the egg carton with a spoon and plopped them into divots made in the top of the same medium I put in the cups prior. Cups have holes that I cut in the bottom corners with scissors, as well as 1-2 smaller ‘gouged’ holes in the bottom-center for efficient drainage.

All the other beans I planted are moving much slower but honestly at the pace I expected and they seem to be doing just fine, they are much smaller and shedding their seedheads and stuff now at p much the exact same pace despite all being different strains. I’m not really worried about them but if the damping off thing is what got to my crazy sprout then maybe they’ll die. That would really suck but if that happens I’ve got enough seeds and I’ll go get jiffy plugs or something.

I am looking into downsizing my final pots now after reviewing the given feedback - much appreciated btw! - my plan was egg carton > solo cup > 5 gal, but now I’m probably looking at getting some 2 gallons.

Since I’m doing that, I figured I’d plant more as well as pop down another one of the seeds for this one I unfortunately lost. I have two of the same lights I listed so I’m not concerned about coverage there, and since my last post my duct fans have arrived and I’ve got negative pressure and stable temps.

Humidity kind of fluctuates but it’s on the drier side right now, between 40-50% based on my hygrometer. I have means to increase it and lower it but I don’t know how important that is right now. I know higher humidity = mold and fungus so I’m trying to avoid that at all costs.

My adjusted plan moving forward is just to do solo cups into 2 gals, that way if I get another crazy seed I hopefully don’t run into the same problem again. Less movement is better of course too so I’ve read. I haven’t gotten the 2 gallon pots yet but I will next time I go to my local grow shop.

Today I started germing another Peyote Gorilla to replace the one I’m losing(?), and then a Bruce Banner, White Widow, Peyote Forum and Peyote WiFi…All Seedsman, since that’s where I got my seeds from. These are all just straight fem, no autos.
Fresh medium, completely different pallet than the last batch of cyco seamix I picked up at the local shop so I don’t think damping off or fungus will be an issue if that’s what got that fast one.
Left it in my car in the hot sun for a few hours and then brought it inside to put it into it’s cups and it seemed nice and warm and good for germing so I’m excited to see what’ll happen. This time it’s all underneath the light too so if I get a quick sprout it shouldn’t stretch out to the best of my knowledge.

I probably should get jiffy plugs or something moving forward like I mentioned above but I trust this seamix stuff for some dumb reason. We’ll see. Like I mentioned too the other seedlings are going about as I expected initially…I just didn’t want to lose one.

Giving everyone a few sprays every few hours or so with filtered water, PHd at 7. I just try not to let the top 1/2 inch or so of medium get dry. I haven’t really ever done any more than that, even with the egg carton. Just trying to be super careful.


That cyco seamix is good stuff from what I hear. (Read recently since you mentioned it)

Includes Peat? Hopefully not.
The cyco site description lists coco, perlite, and tasmanian kelp.

GH nutes spreadsheet. Lemme know if you want a copy.
You just have to enter your feed amounts in ML, across the top row.


You are correct - the bag says this though. I have no idea why.

Edit: I ended up finding it going through your grow diary actually. Very nice. Thanks for making that available.


Started giving them nutes this week. I had another batch of seeds come in and I lost about 3/5 of my first planting. I think I underwatered them or overwatered them. I’m not really sure. Either way I haven’t had any problems since these all popped. I haven’t been as thorough though.

I do have the strains I’m running with written down somewhere but this is pretty much what everyone looks like after week one. Water them every other day right now but will probably every 2-3 once they go into 2 gallons.


I had to do finals and shit. I kind of stopped caring about them for a week but not really. Basically though I haven’t been doing my journaling like a good Christian.

Here’s the skinny.
My water’s hard. Real hard. PH of 7.0 though through a PUR carbon filter each time.
Add the nutes on nute days but that article I read on GrowWeedEasy said every other day you take action is nutes so that’s what I’ve been doing. My schedule is SUNDAY WEDNESDAY SUNDAY and that seems to have been doing fine as far as I can tell.

I’m running the General Hydroponics flora trio (Gro, Bloom, Micro, with Micro first when mixing :wink: ) with a cal-mag sup by Botanicare for what it’s worth

For some godforsaken reason I ended up with 11 plants.

2 sativas and 9 indicas but I’m too lazy to dig out the book right now and list off all the strains.

I don’t know what to say. I get lots of brown nasty-ass runoff from this premix coco coir. Cyco Seamix says it’s pre-buffered and all this stuff and the shop lady swears by it and wants to get into PPMs and sh@t which I ain’t ready for, hell…When I do my nutes it turns out about 6.5 and as you can see I really don’t have any problems except the standard stuff (Salt residue on fabric pots gave me a f@cking heart attack, thought it was mold…)

Anyways uh, dude weed lmao. I don’t know. I haven’t had any problems. I didn’t really know a good place to put my hygrometer but it has a magnet on it so it’s on one of the two growlights I have and seems to be doing fine? When it was in the pouch on my tent before it gave high humidity readings always, but now humidity spikes on watering days and gradually goes down…nothing I’m worrying about. Dunno.


I currently have 2 peyote zkittlez growing and both are VERY different. The one plant looks like the description with bright orange pistils but the other has crazy long purple fan stems and very leafy.
After researching the genetics and looking at pics it looks exactly like the grapefruit in the genetics and definitely has a strong sour citrus smell. Its actually starting to get some nice purple leaf edges.
If you get one of those phenos be prepared…its likes the nitrogen and calmag. Very hungry plant that loves the nutes.