Grow Log: Manifold/Mainline

Hey OG! I have been growing for about 18months and I’ve had some success and some failure but I’m progressing well.

I’m running 2 strains:
x1 - Raptors OG by Future Genetix (I know, I know…)
x2 - Cotton Candy Rock Candy by Predicative Breeding.

Last year I ran Unicorn Horn by Future Genetix and it actually turned out pretty well. No herms and the only problems I had were self inflicted. It was the best flower I’ve produced so far.

Overall I try to avoid the IG seed brands bcuz there are so many scammers out there BUT a good friend of mine has done a few runs by Predicative Breeding and they were really really nice and so I decided to give it a try.

I need to get my hands on some clones eventually because I don’t want to keep rolling the dice on overpriced seeds. There are a few breeders I will buy from but I wanted to dial in my grow technique before getting carried away buying seeds left and right. Peak Seeds and JOTI, Mephisto etc… :eyes::eyes:

My seedlings now are 13 days old. I will try and post weekly or bi-weekly photos during veg and once I get to flower I’ll stick to weekly updates.


Hi ImpaLa welcome to OG, theres a whole load of awesome growers here, they’ll guide you on your way.
Healthy looking seedlings, you’re off to a good start👍

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Looking good so far. If you thought you were into “weed” before growing, just wait. Plants are next level. Looking great so far :ok_hand:t3: Predicative seems like a good company. Heard them on a podcast interview once. Definitely legit. Not sure about the other one you mentioned.


You’re looking good there!
:green_heart: :seedling:


The picture in the last post was taken right after I potted up from my starter pots. I sprinkled some mycorrhizae directly on the roots right before and to my surprise the roots are already at the bottom of the new pots!

It’s only been 3 days. I’m blown away lol. I’m wondering if that’s normal or because of the myco??

Either way, these girls are off to a great start :slight_smile: :grin:


Edited my initial post because I realized the plants were only on day 13 in that picture.

This is a picture from today and it is day 16 since the seeds popped.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


This is a NL Auto I have in my yard. Not sure if it will finish before the weather turns but it’s really healthy and smells amazing.



I’m giving the Main-lining/manifold technique a go for the first time.

Topped all 3 plants once they reached 6 nodes and cleared out everything underneath. The 2 Cotton Candy responded really well but the Raptors OG is stressed. Overall everything is running smooth :slight_smile:


Potted up to my final pots today. I was debating waiting another week but they were ready (nearly rootbound).

From 2L pots to 5G. I’ll be topping these for the last time next week & then it’s basically water until harvest :slight_smile:

Raptors OG: This plant is so damn sensitive. Anytime I do anything it tends to need a day to recover.

CCRC: Strong, hardy plants. It’s still early but these are going strong


Decided to do the final top today. They bounced back really fast after potting up. Each plant now has 8 main bud sites.

I’ve never tried this method before but so far so good :+1:

Depending how the next few weeks go I might flip to flower in mid October. Initially I was aiming for Nov. 1 but they are going pretty strong. We’ll have to wait and see :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s been about 5 days since the final topping. A few more weeks and it might be time to switch over to flower. I made up some LAB during the week and I was thinking of adding it but I’ve never used it before. Can anyone shed some light on usage/results?

No problems with either strain so far. The Raptors OG isn’t quite as robust as the others but it’s getting there.

I normally adjust my water to about 6.5pH but I haven’t bothered doing that on these plants. I can’t say I see a difference. What do you guys think?


The structure looks textbook :+1:

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It can be fun training these plants :grin:. Just try to keep to the training schedule, and flip when there’s three nodes on the target branches. You don’t want to end up with one plant turning into a bush, or bunch of corn stalks like I did :joy:.


Hi ImpaLa604, thanks for posting your log, I want to try manifolding next grow so I’ll be interested to follow along.
It looks like you’re off to a good start, your plants look like the ones in the tutorials I’ve been reading, what medium are they in?


Thanks! I’m just in soil. I used organic pro-mix hp as the base, added a bunch of worm castings, and gaia green amendments :slight_smile:


lmao noo I don’t want corn stalks :joy: - I’ll keep that in mind.

Im going to clean up anything in shadow a few weeks into flower. My main concern is light penetration but usually I get about 12" of solid buds before anything turns larfy on my untrained plants

My first and only mainline/manifold were unintentionally over vegged, I they were deficient since they were part of the 16oz challenge
When I up pot

A bit before harvest. :sweat_smile:


Luckily I have the height for that… Hopefully I don’t need it lol

Look at the root in the first pic :eyes:

Lost track of which day I’m on but here’s today’s pics


Tent looking amazing. Nice training! I just realized that I have let them veg too long in the past while doing this type of training. Next time I do it I’m going to flip much earlier like you’ve done here… Looks like it’s really working out.

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